Top 10 Free Apps for Android you should try this month on your Android device.

1.Dash Lane

The first app, we have in our list of Free Apps for Android is the – Dashlane – Dashlane is a password manager which safely store your passwords you can save an organized password in vaults which you can protect with your fingerprint or pin and the app is super secure and the data is fully encrypted adding a password is really easy and it can manually add in the app itself or whenever you’re on the login page of any website you will see this – tin bubble and from there you can add the account you can also import your passwords which are already saved in your browsers such as Google Chrome in the free version you can save up to 50 passwords which are really good apart from the password you have the option to save notes info payments and your IDs. They also provide a VPN so you can browse without being tracked.


2. Adobe Rush

Next app we have in our list is the Adobe Rush. Adobe Rush is a new video editing app for your phone you can shoot edit and share videos online from the app itself Adobe rush is an all-in-one app for editing and sharing videos online there are a lot of powerful tools which let you edit videos professionally editing part is really easy and you can use preset colours transitions and effects there are built-in title templates where you can change colours size and font according to your requirement overall Adobe Dash is one of the best video editing app I have used on a smartphone but unfortunately, it’s not free and you get trial which allows you to export only three videos and then it’s based on subscription.



Free Apps for Android | Top 10 Free Apps for Android

Next, we have on our list of Free Apps for Android is the scribble. scribble is an animation maker app which allows you to draw animations on your images to achieve scribble animation effect the process is really simple just open the image and then you can create awesome looking effects by just drawing over the image there are a lot of free animations to choose from and the app is really easy to use you can also customize your art brush and play around with different sizes and style on the home page of the app you can also see the feature designs created by other scribble users some of them look really good and you will get the idea where you can use this app the app also allows you to share your design.

on social media and in the free version there will be a watermark and in the pro version you will get feature set as at free experience more animation effects and it can also hide the watermark.


4.Sphaera Map Wallpapers

Free Apps for Android | Top 10 Free Apps for Android

Next app we have in our list is these Sphaera Map Wallpapers. Sphaera allows you to apply beautiful map wallpapers on your phone you choose a location select style from the collection and apply it as a wallpaper initially I thought it’s not that useful but apart from being useful the map

wallpaper also look unique the style is minimalistic and you get this high-quality wallpaper which fits perfectly on any HD full HD and even 4k screen.



Next up we have on our list of Free Apps for Android is the skit. the skit is a simple app which helps you to manage applications on your phone you can share and extract any user or system application in Apk format you can use the extracted Apk to install it back again or send it to your friend via Bluetooth so basically this app is really useful how do you reset your phone and the first thing which bothers

me a lot in installing the apps back again but with this app, I can take a peek a backup in the SD card and reset my phone and install them back again without downloading the apps again overall I find its app useful especially for sharing apps and games with your friends to save your mobile data and use skit and share apps are free.


6. Abstract

Next app is one more wallpaper app and is the Abstract. Abstract is designed by Hampus Olson who is the award-winning one plus wallpaper artist they are over 200 exclusive wallpapers that are only available through this app all wallpapers in the app are available in 4k resolution and the app automatically applies the wallpaper for your device you can get official one plus wallpaper made by Hampus from one plus 2 – the latest one +7 apart from the one plus wallpapers there are other wallpapers available in the app this wallpaper looks colourful and vibrant this looks pretty good on the phone overall if you want to try some high quality stunning abstract and colourful wallpapers then

definitely download this app.


7.Tor Browser

Next app we have in our list of Free Apps for Android is the tor browser. tor browser for Android is the official mobile browser supported by tor project tor browser isolates each website you visit so third-party trackers and ads can follow you any cookies of the website automatically gets cleared when you are done browsing and with this browser, you can prevent someone from watching your connection or monitoring your browsing habits the browser offers multi-layer encryption which relays traffic and encrypted three times as it passes over the Tor network, the network is comprised of thousands of servers known as Tor relays it can also access the website through this browser which is blocked by your ISP overall tor browser is a perfect way to browse the internet which will increase your privacy and reduce online footprint.


8. Firefox Screenshot Go

Next, we have in our list is the firefox screen go if you like me who takes a screenshot then you can understand the pain of finding the right screenshot at right time but now thanks for this app from Firefox you can simply organize and find all her screenshots faster once you set up the app you get the shortcut grab and go button on your screen and when you press it takes a screenshot of your screen but the best part is that you can choose the category right after taking the screenshot or create a new one and in the app, you can sort out you’re already taken screenshots or browse through the folders which you have created an overall screenshot go will definitely make your life easy when it comes to organizing your screenshots.


9.Download Navi

Next, we have on our list of Free Apps for Android is the download Navy. download Navy is a download manager for your phone, I have tried a lot of download manager for Android and most of them either don’t work properly or they don’t support pause and resume download option but download Navy offers a lot of features which allows you to download files easily you can pause and resume downloads or download multiple files at one go you just need to copy the URL or download link and once you open the app ought to recognize that you have a download link copied and then you just need to choose the location and start downloading I find this app useful especially downloading big files and games and if you’re on a daily data limit then you can download some part of the file today and pause the download and then once the data limit is reset you can download the rest of the part overall after the wonderful app language Navy download Devi is one more wonderful app which we really light from this relabel so definitely give it a try.


10. Easy DND

The last app we have in our list of Free Apps for Android is the easy DND easy the nd offers best DND features for your Android phone you can change different options without going through different system settings you can enable full DND or priority which only allows calls from priority or prefer contacts you can also allow calls from repeated and start callers apart from that, you can turn off media message and touch sounds easy DND is definitely a new way of managing your DND options and once you want to turn off the DND simply select the turn off folder and the options and exit the app.


so that’s it, guys, these were the top 10 Free Apps for Android


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