Nowadays every one plays Pubg mobile and they wanted to play like a pro by killing more enemies. So they are about Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks that should help you on your way to becoming an incredible player of PUBG Mobile. Use these tricks to get better booty, find perfect PUBG places, and survive to the end.

Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks

Tip 1: Bag Kills

Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks

You guys should have known, Bag kills. Let’s assume, Your bag is being watched by an enemy. He can easily give you damage by shooting on your bag. As you can see here, He is getting damaged whenever I shoot on his bag. You should either use level 1 bag or you find a good cover in the last zone. Because Bag kills you. Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks.

Tip 2: Water Damage Trick

Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks

Suppose, You are escaping like a noob by water and suddenly enemies spot you. Most people make mistake by diving into the water for a long time and it makes their lung health too low. To complete that health, You need to come into the air for 5-7 seconds. And this much time is enough for the enemy to kill you. You should rather come on the water surface just for 1 sec when your lung HP gets half. This trick helps to get instant HP health so You can swim under the water for another 5-7 seconds. So, it is better than the way in which you get above the water for 5-7 because of 0 hp in the lungs. Make sure to come above the water for 1 second whenever your lungs go half. This trick will help you to escape without making enemies kill you. Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks.

Tip 3: Peek

Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks

Most people peek while sticking to the wall It makes hard to spot enemy because the wall blocks your sight and Enemy kills you before you try to peek scope on them. So you better go a bit backward spot the enemy and then peek. By this peek trick, You can easily open your scope to kill the enemies. So next time, Make sure you don’t do any peek mistakes to get easy kills.

Tip 4: Internal Sound

Internal Sound without the app, pc or root. It was one of the most requested tips We all know, the Android system has the most number of PUBG MOBILE users. But most Android phones don’t allow Internal Sound record Only a few brands like Xiaomi(MiUi 10 BETA)HuaweiSamsung and etc

Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks

Brands have allowed it. Excluding these devices, you don’t get to record internal sound. So, It used to be an issue but not now! By applying my trick which I am gonna tell you now! You will be able to record internal sound without using, root, pc or doing another method. You need to do! Get an earphone which has a call button. Now, plug the earphone into the phone and press the button by using this kind of clip etc. By doing so, you will get a Google now pop up. It means you might record internal sound now. After this, Use DU record to record the game and see the magic. But make sure you don’t use in-game mic else you might lose the access. Best Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks.

Tip 5: Adjust the quality of the graphics.

Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks

Adjust the quality of the graphics according to the capabilities of your phone. PUBG Mobile does this automatically, but if you feel that your game is lagging or deleting frames, you can download it even more, and vice versa. A higher graphics quality setting will definitely make it easier to detect other enemies.

Tip 6: Activate Peek and Fire.

Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks

Number six Pubg Mobile Tips is Activate Peek and Fire. Under Configuration (Open Game Setting), go to Basic. Here, activate ‘Peek & Fire’. This allows you to look from behind, allowing you to take pictures without exposing yourself too much. Keep in mind that you will still expose your head, so use it with caution.

Tip 7: Activate target assistance.

Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks

Verify that ‘Aim Assist’ is activated to facilitate pointing. Targeting assistance is required on a touch screen phone (usually) because pointing to a touch screen is not as accurate as pointing with a mouse. A punctual objective will help you to eliminate enemies faster and also help you in short distance shooting. Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks.

Tip 8: Adjust the size and position of the controls.

Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks

Go to Settings > Controls > Customize, and adjust the size and position of the controls according to your needs. For example, I have made the button on the grenade a little larger to make it easier to play, and I have moved the firing button on the left side to the place where my left thumb drops naturally, so I can shoot even faster.

Tip 9: Activate automatic adjustment charts.

Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks

In Settings -> Graphics, you can also activate «Automatically adjust graphics» to ensure a constant frame rate. This basically means that if your phone starts to overheat, or if the battery goes down, PUBG Mobile will automatically adjust the quality of the graphics to compensate.

Tip 10: Play on the edge.

If you have a 4x or 8x range, place yourself at the edge of the play area where the blue circle is closest to the target. This will give you a complete view of the playing area, while greatly reducing the chances of a player being behind you.

Tip 11: Shoot to kill.

If you see someone and they have not seen you, just shoot if death is guaranteed, otherwise, you will end up giving away your position. As you have seen, you have enough time to take the perfect shot: point to the head and shoot in bursts until the player dies. Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks.

Tip 12: Do not go with guns.

If only two other people are left alive, stay hidden and let them fight, and then kill the only player left and Take Chicken Dinner.

Tip 13: Look around without moving.

Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks

You can hide behind the corners and use the “eye button” to look around the corner without exposing yourself. This is a useful trick that can help you detect enemies without letting them see you.

Tip 14: Do not stand still, always Keep Moving.

Staying too long will easily earn you a sniper; Always keep moving and cover yourself whenever you need to stop. The battlefield in PUBG always has a group of players with snipers, and many of these players are good enough to take you out with a single blow of the head. So keep moving. These are some Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks follow these tips to become a pro player.

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