Nintendo Switch Racing Games. One doesn’t need a whole sim rig worth hundreds of euros or dollars in order to enjoy some racing action. You can even only plug your Nintendo Switch in and sit in the immersive cockpit on your TV. On top of that, everywhere you go, you can also play your favorite games on the road.

The Turn features a plethora of exciting titles, from an immersive experience to enjoy games to enjoy with mates. Let’s take a look at five of the best racing games on the popular Nintendo platform. Here’s the list of 15 Best Nintendo Switch Racing Games.

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Nintendo Switch Racing Games


Nintendo Switch Racing Games

The first Nintendo Switch Racing Games is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Without Mario Kart, no list of famous racing games will ever be complete. But not only is the Move edition beloved by racing enthusiasts.

Over 24 million players have bought the game since its release in April 2017, and Mario Kart has cemented its position on the Switch as the best-selling title.

Both DLCs are included in the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe edition for Transfer and all content from its predecessors Wii and Nintendo DS is included. The game also requires drivers to bring up to two items and Double Object Boxes features at once. Mario Kart is, of course, a party game and the best title for your buddies to compete against.

GRID Autosport

Nintendo Switch Racing Games

Next Best Nintendo Switch Racing Games is GRID Autosports. On Move, one of the best last-gen racing games has landed, being the best that the genre has to bring.

On Turn, GRID Autosport looks fantastic, and it also works well, helping you to take in some brilliant views without being interrupted by terrible framerate drops and such.

There is also a high res texture pack that can be downloaded free of charge, which is perfect if you intend to play it only in docked mode. It’s not a game that you’re going to enjoy in a matter of hours, either.

His profession covers numerous disciplines, including Touring, Stamina, and Tuner, offering plenty of diversity.

GRID Autosport has plenty of difficulty settings, whether you’re a driving novice or a seasoned pro, so you can tailor the game to your taste, and it’s not also too pricey at just £ 29.99/$ 34.99. The only caveat is that it doesn’t have multiplayer, although in the coming future it will be included.


Nintendo Switch Racing Games

Activision’s Crash Squad Racing Nitro-Fueled, launched in June 2019, is another franchise kart racer that features an iconic video game mascot. Originally developed for PlayStation in 1999, the game soon established itself as a console fan favourite.

Basically a remake of the iconic original, the current Switch edition is set in the same realm, with the same characters, tracks and game modes. On top of that it features material from other Crash racing series games and comes with multiple modes for multi and single players.

“Nitro-Fueled” is however not merely a catchy tagline. Nitro-Fueled comes with everything from Crash Nitro Kart, in addition to the base tracks and karts, too. While Nitro-Fueled does very little to advance the kart-racing genre focused on mascots, it does everything it can do well. Like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the Crash Racing series’ definitive entry is Nitro-Fueled.


Nintendo Switch Racing Games

Next Nintendo Switch Racing Games is WRC 8. If you’re after a serious Turn rally racing game, WRC 8 is basically your only option. It’s a nice job, so it’s reasonably decent, isn’t it?

It doesn’t look as pretty as it does on other consoles elsewhere, and the absence of analog triggers means it’s much tougher to enjoy, so if you want to indulge in some rally driving on the go, you’ve covered WRC 8.

Sadly, however, all its multiplayer functions have been disabled, so you’ll be spending nearly all your time in career mode outside of making a short race. Fortunately, it’s a good one.

There are few sacrifices, but WRC 8 is probably worth picking up if you’re after the best racing games on Switch.


Nintendo Switch Racing Games

In March 2017, Quick RMX was released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The game featuring advanced anti-gravity spacecraft was developed by Indie studio Shin’en Multimedia. It’s a reworked sequel to the Hard Driving Neo Wii U racer, which is strongly reminiscent of classic F-Zero titles.

At ridiculously high speeds, the cars dash into futuristic worlds. The highlight of the game is its special boost system: to romp away from your opponents, you have to turn your car between orange and blue states, according to the corresponding color of special boost zones and energy orbs.


Nobody is more exciting than GRIP when it comes to racing games on Switch.

GRIP has you speeding through a varied variety of chaotic tracks at incredibly high speeds, always defying gravity. With that in mind, if you ever find yourself driving upside down, don’t be surprised. In the mix, too, there’s fight, helping you to try to take down your rivals while you race for first place.

GRIP has its challenges, as do most driving games on Move. But there’s already so much material there and the atmosphere is so different from anything in the genre that it’s absolutely worth your time and resources.


The next Nintendo Switch Racing Games is BURNOUT PARADISE REMASTERED. Electronic Arts’ Burnout Heaven Remastered is a brand new title that was only released in June 2020. The title is the first and only open-world Nintendo Switch racing game so far.

The remastered version has its roots in the 2008 original but comes with a professionally finished look with all eight existing DLCs that were released for their predecessors over the past years.

The game runs at its 60fps classic, so you can ride around Paradise City effortlessly, travel over ramps, crash through billboards, do stunts and challenge other drivers. In the game, you can literally do whatever you want and get prizes and collectibles on the way!

Rise: Race The Future

You may never have heard of Rise: Race The Future, but you should surely add it to your Turn library if you enjoy arcade racers.

Rise: Race The Future holds alive the atmosphere of old-fashioned arcade racers. It’s fast, it looks totally awesome, and it lets you drift and boost your way to victory. You cover gravel, soil and water, keeping you on your toes, by driving brilliantly crafted futuristic cars. And though it takes some getting used to handling, it’s reactive and efficient.

Rise: Race The Future has a lot of material with its humble price of £16/$16.49 for its 84 obstacle races and eight championships to conquer. Multiplayer is the one thing it’s missing.

Mantis Burn Racing

Next Nintendo Switch Racing Games is Mantis Burn Racing. Mantis Burn Racing on the Nintendo Switch is a bit of a steal actually, with all the DLC published to date for the game, which is quite a number.

The action that Mantis Burn Racing offers is drifted heavily with a side-order of lift, seen from an isometric viewpoint. It is as such very enjoyable.

You can take part in both local and online multiplayer races or try to make your place on the regular challenge if you are not finding your way through your career mode, completing a range of activities to buy and customize cars.

It is likely to be thoroughly entertaining, however, you prefer to waste your time playing Mantis Burn Racing. It’s a damn good arcade racer, and it looks and plays nicely on the Nintendo Switch as well.

Fast RMX

If you’re a fan of anti-gravity racing games like Wipeout, Quick RMX on Nintendo Switch is the nearest thing you’ll get to it. At least before there comes a new F-Zero game anyway.

It has stunning graphics, a blasting soundtrack, and its blistering sense of velocity keeps you glued to the console of your Nintendo Switch as you finish race after race, still hoping you’ll finish ahead of the competition.

The number one spot will always elude you due to its punishing difficulty level, but you’ll keep coming there again and again until you emerge victoriously. Quick RMX is so addictive.

Updated to include new features after launch, Quick RMX is one of the best racing games for the Nintendo Switch and is definitely deserving of your hard-earned cash. Has this attached, pronto, to your collection?

Gotcha Racing 2nd

Next Nintendo Switch Racing Games is Gotcha Racing 2nd. Literally, time for a new viewpoint. For a driver, Gotcha Racing 2nd is not an easy option, but it’s a fantastic one. It actually comes from Arc Machine Works, the same studio behind the Double Dragon and Guilty Gear series, as well as games like Dragon Ball FighterZ, while the game seems like nothing more than an easy, enjoyable top-down racer.

Gotcha Racing 2nd is a top-down racer with some fascinating courses and tight mechanics. The pleasure comes from your car customization, though.

The game has a gacha scheme, fittingly, where you invest in-game money to buy new things. However unlike free-to-play smartphone games, you don’t need to steer your credit card to Gotcha Racing 2nd. In the game, there are almost 700 pieces, and you can win them simply by playing, without any microtransactions.

Gotcha Racing 2nd reveals how successful gacha games are at keeping players involved without the challenge of an overdrawn bank, and with a bargain-bin price tag, there is no excuse not to give it a try.

MotoGP 20

Milestone really upped the game with MotoGP 19. Thankfully, with MotoGP 20, the pattern persists.

The AI, handling and graphics are better than ever, making MotoGP 20 one of the best possible serious racing games especially on Turn, where there is not a lot of competition. Needless to mention, it’s a perfect game to add to your set whether you enjoy the sport or just motorbikes.

With MotoGP 20 on Switch, there’s just one problem: it lacks the multiplayer modes found in other formats, including last year’s version. But if it is your thing to race online, you may want to give it a miss.

Team Sonic Racing

The next Nintendo Switch Racing Games is Team Sonic Racing. In the form of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the Turn may already have a fantastic kart racer, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for another one.

For the fact that it already has a campaign, Team Sonic Racing is noteworthy. It’ll take you quite a while to play around, packed with straight-up races and a variety of challenges. To unlock a decent race of performance enhancements and decorative objects, you can use the credits you receive while playing.

However, what really separates Team Sonic Racing from the other games on this list is its emphasis on teamwork. You may need to support the other members of your squad to ensure victory, whether you are playing alone or with those in the co-op. It really adds to the gameplay and gives it more complex than the average kart racer.


Next Nintendo Switch Racing Games is Redout. For those who enjoy futuristic racing, Redout is an absolute treat.

Arriving on Switch, Redout is a big game that will get you zooming around trippy worlds with all the DLC published to date. At every turn, you will find yourself challenged, however you will be mesmerised, and return to the game time and time again until you have perfected it.

Redout doesn’t look or work just as well on Turn as it has done elsewhere. But that’s just to be planned. It’s always an absolute blast to enjoy, and it has so much material that for quite a while it will keep you satisfied. It’s probably the biggest racing game on Switch available.

Monster Energy Supercross 3

Monster Energy Supercross 3 is a demanding driving game that lets you care of more than just brake points and racing lines, encouraging you to take part in both the 250SX and 450SX championships.

You will need to watch your intensity and handle your movement successfully during jumps to excel on something other than the toughest challenges, and use scrubs to minimize the time you spent in the air.

Although the career of Monster Energy Supercross 3 will be the key attraction for many, even though it does not deliver anything noteworthy, its track editor is what really makes it great.

You can build your own very difficult track in just a few minutes and compete with others along with it. Genuinely, anytime you want a new driving experience, give Monster Energy Supercross 3 a try.

So that’s the list of some Best Nintendo Switch Racing Games I hope this list helps you If you play any other Nintendo Switch Racing Games so let us know in the comments sections.