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Morbius Movie Details

Directed byDaniel Espinosa
Produced byMatt TolmachAvi AradLucas Foster
Screenplay byMatt SazamaBurk SharplessArt MarcumMatt Holloway
Story byMatt Sazama Burk Sharpless
Based onMorbius, the Living Vampire
by Roy Thomas Gil Kane
StarringJared LetoMatt SmithAdria ArjonaJared HarrisAl MadrigalTyrese Gibson
Music byJon Ekstrand
CinematographyOliver Wood
Columbia PicturesMarvel EntertainmentArad ProductionsMatt Tolmach Productions
Distributed bySony Pictures Releasing
Release dateJuly 31, 2020 (United States)
CountryUnited States

Who is Morbius? Morbius Movie

Morbius was first introduced in the amazing spider-man issue number 101 and 102. where we learn about his origin. Michael Morbius wasn’t acclaimed biologist whose work was so well regarded it earned him a Nobel Prize. Despite his ugly appearance which is the result of a rare blood condition he’s had his entire life he’s engaged to the beautiful Martine Bancroft however this disease causes further complications when he discovers he’ll soon die from it. In the secrets he and his lab assistant and best friend Niko’s research to cure which relies upon vampire bats and electric shock therapy.

As he’s close to dying the two don’t have time to test their theories for possible side effects and have to act fast they obtain a yacht to perform the experiments on Morbius and secrets. With Martina insisting she tags along to be with her fiance despite his protests. When Martinez asleep Morbius and Nikos performed the procedure on Morbius which cures him from dying but has the unintended result of giving him vampire-like abilities and cravings and essentially turning him into a vampire.

His blood loss causes Morbius to immediately kill Niko’s for his blood but he immediately regrets it and realizes he is a doomed existence. so he essentially becomes a conscientious vampire who hates what he’s become. Morbius soon craves the blood of his own fiance so he decides it’s better to kill himself and jumps off the yacht. However, his will to live overpowers him and he resurfaces before drowning and from there he starts off mostly as an antagonist. Morbius feasts on the men who eventually come and rescue him from the water then he heads out to Manhattan to find others to feed on it’s here that he happens upon spider-man whose undergone his own transformation and accidentally given himself six arms. Apparently this was an era of many science experiments to battle along with the lizard and eventually, the lizard reverted as dr. Connors is able to concoct a cure for Spider-Man utilizing more abuse blood. In their battle of Morbius nearly drowns again before returning and duking it out with spider-man this time with the help of the x-men and losing again the vampire Morbius retreats to sunny Los Angeles.

In what’s kind of a weird comic series by Marvel’s sister company Curtis magazines. He’s one of many stories in anthology magazine called vampire tales which is filled with horror and occult comics. It’s here where he truly transforms from antagonist the antihero as he realizes he does have a conscience and wants to use his powers to help people. He ends up fighting against members of the cult and saving the lives of innocents while at the same time occasionally succumbing to his own bloodlust and killing innocent people himself. All this is incredibly traumatic for him and he suffers constant nightmares of all the horrible things he’s done eventually he ends up back in Marvel Comics usually attempting to find a cure for himself or trying to help his fiancee out of trouble while avoiding killing her himself. In a 90’s comics series featuring Morbius, Ghost Rider convinces Morbius that if he’s gonna kill someone he should do it to someone deserving.

Morbius Powers

While Morbius is called a vampire his abilities vary in some significant ways. The experiments have given Morbius a lust for blood just like a vampire and whenever he’s on the attack for blood his powers and strength seem to significantly increase and unlike a vampire whose abilities are supernatural as Morbius abilities come from the side effects of his scientific experiments he’s still alive and thus dubbed the living vampire. Morbius Movie.