Here the list of 5 Innovative Tech Gadgets that you should try in 2019. I hope these Gadgets are useful to you.

List of Innovative Tech Gadgets.

  1. Sound desk
  2. Anthro Desk
  3. Avatar controls
  4. Kwilt 2
  5. Brain wavz truss

1.Sound desk

5 Innovative Tech Gadgets that you should try in 2019

Sound desk is a perfect combination of art audio and utility it’s a modern coffee table with Bluetooth connectivity that provides surround sound in any room to elevate the music listening experience sound desk seamlessly plays music anywhere in the home using a super stable Bluetooth connection it also has a long runtime and an incredible standby time of three months the table is also sturdy and makes for a great piece of furniture and art you can use it as a table playing music and show off the design it’s composed of world-class glass a CNC finished aluminium surface and an acoustically designed speaker array and talking about the speakers it produces great sounds.

2.Anthro Desk

Now this is a table that you absolutely need first let’s talk about build quality the frame is made entirely out of metal and it is sturdy the frame can also lift the table with the help of two mortars which operate smoothly and quietly plus it can withstand up to 120 kilograms of weight you can easily adjust the height and width of the table to your liking and even set a sweet spot for height so you can get the height you want with the press of a button the assembly is also pretty easy to do it can be assembled in about 10 or 15 minutes and for the tabletop I got the IKEA all-in-one which is pretty cheap and sturdy too the table looks neat although working on your computer while standing might seem weird at first it really grows on you and you can also get a little exercise while working – all in all, this is a really helpful and stylish desk that you will absolutely need.

3.Avatar controls

5 Innovative Tech Gadgets that you should try in 2019

Next up we have in over list of Innovative Tech Gadgets is avatar controls free cube free cube stackable modular design gives you the ultimate flexibility to power whichever features you want whenever you want them each individual module snaps together with secure magnetic connectors to form a robust Universal hub for all the devices when you want a new module just add it to the stack the ones I have are the wireless charging pad LED dynamic light Bluetooth speaker and the USB power strip the power strip comes with four surge-protected outlets and three USB ports the speaker has a built-in 2200 mAh battery and can act as a standalone speaker with decent sound quality plus the motion-activated light that has 16 million different colour combination acts as a great lamp and mood light all I have to say is that this is an innovative product and it has a lot of uses.

4.Kwilt 2

5 Innovative Tech Gadgets that you should try in 2019

Kwilt 2 allows you to transfer and back up your photos and videos from your phone or tablet and to have access to them and any other media attached to the shoebox from anywhere in the world and at any time as long as you have internet access now let’s talk about ports on one side from left to right the ports are USB s/pdif AV HDMI Ethernet and power and on the other side there is an SD port and a USB port that our inputs and two storage USB ports this kwilt – is so easy to set up plus you also get a pen drive with it as well all in all this is a great device to store your photos and videos and have more space on your phone plus you have access to it from wherever you are so it’s very handy.

5.Brain wavz truss

5 Innovative Tech Gadgets that you should try in 2019

On number five in over list of Innovative Tech Gadgets is brain truss. Unlike most cheaply made headphone hangers which are made out of plastic the truss is solidly built with aluminium metal plus the matte finishing adds on the sturdy feel of the headphone hanger a 3m tape is provided at the top of the hanger for mounting on surfaces and this provides amazing grip on almost any surface the hanger is shaped like an anchor and can hang to headphone simultaneously additionally the hooked end prevents the headphone from slipping away all in all at less than $20 the truss offers great value by allowing you to hand to headphones.

so this is the list of 5 Innovative Tech Gadgets that you should try in 2019.