How to Get Verified on Instagram for Free?

Well nowadays I guess every smartphone user uses Instagram for sure and I know you all always wonder that is it possible for us to get the blue verification batch or the blue tick on your Instagram account well the reality is that getting a Verified on your Instagram account is actually possible but you’ll have to work a little hard for that. Many of you all the thing that the blue tick is given to only those account which has more than a million followers but the reality is that even an occurrence that 1000 followers can get a verification batch here you can see that this account jane lee 16 it has only 5,000 followers and she has blue tick on her account she got the blue tick.

How to Get Verified on Instagram for Free

When she was having around 1400 followers on Instagram and. She gets around 250 likes on one post just like a normal Instagram. Also there is an account named Shopify stockroom on Instagram having around 3.5 k followers they also got the blue tick and you will be surprised after reading this that this account got the blue tick when they were having only 450 followers there are many accounts in the world which has less than 5,000 followers and have the blue ticks on the account so now this is clear that millions of followers are not mandatory for getting the blue tick.

How to Get Verified on Instagram?

So now what I got to know is that Instagram gives the blue tick to those accounts which are popular is that they have a good reach or post average life average two reviews number of profiles with its etc so the first thing you have to do is to download this app tech paradise Instagram stats by using this application you can check your Instagram profile statistics after installing the application do login with your Instagram account it’s 100% safe to log in after that go to menu and go to user statistics and here you can see all the stats total likes total comments average likes and average comment per post and for becoming eligible for the blue take all of your stats must be green in colour. How to Get Verified on Instagram for Free.

How to Get Verified on Instagram for Free

You can also check our Instagram account performance device activity and all the statistics. One more important thing what I got to know is that you have to make your Instagram account a business account so it is a mandatory step if you want a blue verified batch on your account you have to make your account a business account making your Instagram account a business account is a very easy and 100% free process just go to Instagram settings and enabled business account so for making ourselves eligible just work on your Instagram post content and total number of profile visits is a very major thing and the main thing which will give you the blue tick as your popularity reach to your audience engagement level etc and you know we can’t apply for the blue tick either we can purchase it so make your account a business account share at maximum level work on your content and ask your followers to share your post and monthly growth is a very important factor and if you are lucky enough whenever Instagram algorithm will find your account growing luckily you will get a mail regarding this and you will get a blue tick on your account even I am working very hard for getting the blue tick I am trying to make all the buttons green in colour just download the application and check your stats whether you are eligible or not a brand a community or an organization can get the blue tick more easily than public figure account with low followers and lorries even if you check the Instagram official website you will see there that only some public figures popular individuals and brand have verified batches right now it is not currently possible to send a request or fault of a verified batch or to buy it so just work hard and try your luck whether you are lucky enough that you can get the blue tick on your account. Follow these steps to get free verified on Instagram.