Apps Like Google Play Store. In the Google PlayStore, you have millions of applications and games ready to download on your mobile. However, when downloading, there are usually some obstacles that prevent us from enjoying the application or game on our Android device.

Obstacles as restrictions for our country, for the version of Android, installed on our mobile or for money. If because some applications are paid and we do not have the resources or means to pay the developer. Google Play Store Alternatives

However, with the alternatives I present below, you will find applications and games that can be downloaded for free, download the APK file (installer) to avoid restrictions and much more.

Amazon Appstore.

It is mainly aimed at its line of tablets and smartphones created by Amazon. Although it has fewer applications and games, its main advantage is the daily promotions of payment applications to download for free. In truth, you have free Premium applications. Download

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It is the second Google Play Store Alternatives preferred by many users. Mainly by offering all free and even some paid Google Play applications, you can download for free through the APK file. To date, it has more than 600,000 Apps uploaded by users, developers, and partners. The apps are downloaded through its Official App, App Line and App for TV (For SmartTV). Download.


When you google the Apk file of any application, Uptodown appears in the first results, this is because it is top of the most popular websites to download applications safely and legally. Recently the Uptodown app was updated offering the possibility that the Apks downloads are updated automatically. This is really a gem because you can download apps regardless of the restrictions or blocking of your country. Download.


It is not an application to have the mobile, but an online repository of the most recent versions of your favorite apps. It is a community created by Android Police where APK files upload so you can update or download an app at any time without relying on google play. Download.

AC Market.

AC Market is the best Google Play Store Alternatives. If you want to Download mods of any app or Games AC Market app is best for you. In this Market, you can download lots of apps and Games Mods and also simple Apps. Download.

I hope you like the list of Google Play Store Alternatives.

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