Games Like Zelda. I’m bring some games like Zelda to you here. The Legend of Zelda fits the idea of the genre of action and adventure that places you in the realm of fantasy.

The key motive of the game is to defend Princess Zelda from Ganon, the enemy. The defense also comes from the Hyrule kingdom that the protagonist gives.

Gameplay presents you with a range of fun problem-solving features, battles, exploring rather than action and adventure. In each Zelda series, these aspects remain, and only the plot goes on with some other enhancements.

Every new series gives you some bonus modes in the gameplay, such as Stealth, so that you can hide from the enemy and strike. Here’s the list of some Best Games Like Zelda.

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Games Like Zelda

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King

Games Like Zelda

The first Games Like Zelda is Blossom Tales. The Blossom Tales The Sleeping King makes no effort to disguise its appreciation for Zelda games, with a visual design that bears a startling similarity to A Connection to the Past and a protagonist who uses a sword, shield, and boomerang to fight enemies and solve puzzles.

From the viewpoint of a grandfather telling his two grandchildren a bedtime story about a wonderful knight called Lily, the game’s tale is shared.

When it turns to the game, players find themselves controlling Lily as she embarks on a journey to rescue her king after his wicked brother throws him into a deep sleep.

Dragon Quest Builders

Games Like Zelda

The game looks like a combination of the genre of sandbox and RPG that gives you a thrilling journey through the greenery-filled rural area. The game places you in a world that is full of creatures, known as Alefgard.

Today, the gameplay involves you to battle to make the town there or restore it to a living place against all these creatures and bad things. Then you are the hero who is able to build buildings with the material collection and eliminate obstructions.

You need to discover the earth and harvest from trees, mountains, creatures, and other sources that will increase your life and successfully settle the planet in order to collect the material.

Ittle Dew 2

Games Like Zelda

Next Games Like Zelda is Ittle Dew 2. Ittle Dew was indeed a fun and visually stimulating experience that was eventually set down by a few flaws that the sequel tried to correct.

Without losing the surreal humor and vivid art style that lovers of the original loved, Ittle Dew 2 brings the independent top-down action game to greater heights.

After their raft is sunk, the game sees title hero Ittle and her magical fox friend Tippsie trapped on an island. Ittle is tasked with retrieving eight pieces of her raft found in separate dungeons on the island, which players can complete in any order, in a set-up that feels similar to Link’s Awakening.

Portal Knights

The next game on the series, which gives you a lot of survival genre adventure. In multiplayer mode, there is also adventure and action that you can experience.

In this, you enjoy things such as crafting, collecting materials, battling against these animals, constructing buildings, and much more.

Gameplay looks much like the Minecraft you play right after Fighter, Mage, and Ranger have been selected. Each one of these has its strengths, so you can take a close look at the abilities and select them.

There seems to be a third-person camera, so you can control all the actions with your mouse and keyboard.

Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter is an awesome 16-bit pixel art action-adventure RPG in which players rule a hero, known as a Drifter, cursed by forgotten intelligence and afflicted by a deadly disease. The protagonist agrees, fearing that death may draw closer, to travel into the mystical lands of Buried Time in search of a cure.

A grand-scale, atmospheric trip through dangerous worlds packed with branching routes and clues to discover is what follows. Standing in the way of the player, though, is a legion of vicious enemies whose attacks require fast reflexes and mastery over dodge, deflect, and hack n ‘slash tactics.

Moon Hunters

Next Games Like Zelda is Moon Hunters. You can sense the Greek age that contains myths in the Moon Hunters, and as a result, players are set to locate the lost Moon on the quest. The creation of the Moon is important, as per the tale, because without it, the world seems to be a place of monsters and other evil forces.

Gameplay has many mechanics to give you so that you can bring an end to it. You get new activities to be in, discovered secrets, and a lot of discovery when you start walking the route. It also sounds like an action RPG where you are taken close to the main target by your completed missions.


To offer a fun puzzle-based adventure game brimming with personality and enjoyable gameplay, Supraland combines the best parts of Zelda, Metroid, and Portal.

Although Zelda games have a reputation for gripping the hand of the player for way too long, Supraland believes that you are both clever and well-versed in video game mechanics, promising a tale of barebones in return for absolute freedom at the outset.

Plays navigate a dense, interactive sandbox containing certain areas that can be reached only after new skills have been learned.

Even so, new abilities that you learn are not meant to fulfill a single function, since most of the talents of the game have secret purposes and can also be mixed in interesting ways with other ones.

Well-designed, imaginative puzzles allow you to play with multiple solutions before one that works is found.


Next Games Like Zelda is Trove. The adventure of Your Trove starts only after selecting one of the lessons. Each of these features its own abilities and attack modes. After a simple tutorial, the game places you in the area, and here you begin your adventurous journey by looting and hunting down monsters.

Gameplay gives equipment to you so that you can successfully execute the loots. There are also several gears that can be very useful, and you also end up having some new abilities with the development. There are a variety of quests, and each one of them rewards you with a precious object.


RiME is a visually stunning 3D adventure-puzzle game that has players playing a young boy who, after a strong storm, awakens on a mysterious island.

Driven by an adorable fox, in search of answers, players start investigating the island’s long-forgotten ruins while being stalked by a flying beast.

There is a huge tower at the end of the island whose foreboding appearance instills a sense of both apprehension and interest.

Even so, players will first have to go through a series of ancient puzzles that exploit the notion of shadows, perspective, and the rhythm of time in order to enter the tower and access its many mysteries.


Next Games Like Zelda is Okami. You can quickly recognise the settings of the game to be in the Japanese style when playing Okami.

The main character is known here as Amaterasu, a wolf-goddess, and you’re working to get the hex off the planet. So here is the enemy, the eight-headed demon Orochi, who places a spell on him, and now you’ve got to fight back.

Similarly to Zelda, gameplay can be felt as you experience puzzle solving, fights, quests, and overall action. There are side quests as well, and each of them has pretty decent depth. There are also dungeons, and the battle system is fairly fast-paced.


Like simplistic black-and-white pixel graphics based around a peculiar mechanic, Minit is a funky 2D Zelda. The entire game is played sixty seconds at a time. Although it can be hard to get your mind around the premise at first, the game does a fantastic job of keeping you up to speed.

Players will find themselves helping out the locals after moving beyond the safety of their home with a range of activities ranging from fetch quests to fighting enemies, all while discovering mysteries about the game’s universe and the curse that triggers the one-minute day loop.

3D Dot Game Heroes

The game places you as a hero who is aiming at saving the Dotnia Kingdom from darkness, another one on the list of The Legends of Zelda like games. It was all fine, and then, like your grandfather, the dark force that you have to take back comes.

In the 3D worlds, the action looks magnificent even though there is nothing special about the adventure and all its facets. There are games in which you can participate, such as discovering caves, hunting monsters, looting items, solving puzzles, etc. As you level up and learn things, you can even make customizations of your blade, the progression of weapons happens.


Next Games Like Zelda is Forager. Forager is a 2D Zelda-inspired survival adventure game set in a vibrant open-setting world. Inside it, gamers are tasked with the acquisition of resources to create an ever-expanding base capable of hosting a multitude of different stations for crafting/cultivation.

They will be able to unlock and fly to different biomes brimming with challenges to overcome, dungeons to raid, and clues to unlock as players continue to explore.

The game provides players with 64 different abilities to learn and uses a free-form upgrade system that adapts gameplay to suit your favorite style of play.

The Binding of Isaac

This is Isaac’s story, and you play a part in it. When the other one receives a letter from Heaven, the story begins from the basement. When you explore the basement and discover odd things all around, things go on; from here, you can face serial enemies and boss enemies beyond your imagination.

A fine number of battles and mystery unveiling elements are encoded by gameplay. It gives you 2D graphics, but it makes it worth playing with all the mechanics and plot. You can also customize it to be multiplayer where dungeons can also be explored.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

At any turn, Dragon Quest Builders 2 strives to be more ambitious than the original while featuring more gameplay focused on discovery that feels like Zelda. In a world where almost every human has lost the ability to craft even the simplest of things, the game has you restoring civilisations.

You can learn how to use practical new instruments, like a BOTW-inspired paraglider, along the way, and gain allies to help handle the day-to-day activities of your village.

Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale

The primary character in the game is Recette Lemongrass, and you play as the protagonist. After he dies one day, you start taking care of your father’s store. In doing so, you are also responsible for handling the shop’s debts.

Gameplay shows you day-to-day tasks where the player takes control of the store and carries out important activities. So the activities remain enjoyable as well as running the shop, shopping for goods, paying debts, visiting sites, and there is also dungeons adventure.

You set up stuff to sell and even hire someone to help you out. Overall, along with the discovery, this consumer and shop leadership remains very interesting.

So that’s the list of 15 Best Games Like Zelda if you play any other Games Like Zelda so let us know in the comments.