Games Like Wizard101. If you’re looking for computer games like Wizard101, then this is the right spot for you. But before that, let’s just take a look at Wizard101. The recreation offers a recreation of multiplayer online role-playing that was first created on September 2nd, 2008.

Kingsisle leisure was the company that unveiled the sport. Here, you play the role of a scholar who plays with witchcraft and wizardry as a participant. You get a set of powers and spells that you just use to rescue a lot of the Spiral-like world.

Wizard101 is among the many thousands and thousands of players who enjoy playing with spells and mystical energies in this way. The characters are fairly straightforward and intuitive, and the visuals are also entertaining. Expertise problems are similar to exploring, accumulating origins, entering into quests and finishing the mission, etc. In this post, I will cover 20 Games Like Wizard101.

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Games Like Wizard101

Guild Wars 2

Games Like Wizard101

The first Games Like Wizard101 is Guild wars 2. When you log in for the first time, Guild Wars 2 might feel like just another MMORPG, but once you go further into the plot, you know that the game is unlike any other MMO out there. The world vs world gameplay that requires several clans to compete against each other in an all-out battle is the best thing about Guild Wars 2.

The dungeons in Guild Wars 2 are level capped to ensure you can’t just skip through all the content, unlike other games where you can get to one-shot any opponent that emerges if you have the right gear. In order to access unique items, there is a range of secret tasks that you can encounter during your playthrough.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

Games Like Wizard101

Next Games Like Wizard101 is Marvel Super Hero Squad Online. The gameplay shows you the gaming of the MMO that also combines social possibilities. So you should try the sport as a teenager or so and rejoice in only being about social plus action to get going.

The heroes are a perfect fit for children or adolescents because the sport is mostly dedicated to them. The characters come from the place you will take a job with Hulk, Spiderman, and all Marvel superheroes within the Marvel franchise.

The gameplay allows for two forms of manipulation, both using the mouse or the arrow keys. You handle the hero this way and move it to avoid all the enemies you face on the way to fight the enemy of the boss. There is no end to exploring, and by collecting materials and creating useful tools, you are also able to craft.

Final Fantasy XIV

Games Like Wizard101

Next Games Like Wizard101 is Final Fantasy XIV. Although it has been almost a decade since the release of Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix has actively carried out the game’s patches to keep the player base involved. So far there have been two big expansions, and more are expected to follow in the near future.

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most played games currently with over 600,000 subscribers and its success does not seem to be going to wane anytime soon. For its convincing storytelling, and enjoyable gameplay, the Final Fantasy genre has always been recognised and FFXIV is no different.

Although it may not be the most stunning MMORPG out there or even the most complex, even after you drop in hundreds of hours, it has the perfect amount of polish to make the gameplay enjoyable.


Of the many Wizard101 choices, MilMo deserves to be right here. There’s a very cute feel to the recreation, and the characters seem really lovable. A fun level that makes the trip easily available is the option to play inside the browser.

MilMo is entirely built for young players, as the world of total leisure suits young audiences. The location your trip starts on an island, and you even cross a variety of islands, you would probably enjoy this recreation. Both of these lands are full of treasure, places to be explored, and a lot of travel.

Rather than exploration, the gameplay involves merely accepting missions and confronting enemy wars. There are lots of monsters and boss monsters too so that you play with this recreation with the presence of thoughts. Several friends also make it easy to pick the way you like to finish them. Games Like Wizard101.


Next Games Like Wizard101 is RIFT. With its complex battle structure and stellar narrative, RIFT is one of the best free to play games out there. In RIFT, there are six elemental planes that act as the fantasy MMO’s primary setting. From the user interface, AI and level architecture, all looks well fleshed out.

There are a limited range of starting class systems, but the Ascended Soul class system can be used, and the talent trees allow you to customise your own buildings in any way you choose. One of the best things about rift is that in the larger maps there are events that are created dynamically that add a lot of spice to the gameplay.

To overcome many monsters that come from rifts dispersed throughout the world map, players need to work together. It’s one of the better looking MMOs out there, aesthetically, and we surely recommend it over many of the older titles on the list that might look a little too dated for your tastes.

Villagers and Heroes

Next Games Like Wizard101 is Villagers and Heroes. If you’ve used the title Magical Land before then it’s the same as Peasants and Heroes, with a brand new title. The location where the content material is reasonably deep is a free MMORPG, and there might be a lot to explore and revel in. In a multitude of ways, there are enemies that you can destroy to earn your trophies. Take them and use them in your inventory anytime you need to.

You need to complete a variety of quests to get extra land and prizes for leisure. Once you have selected the category of a knight, a priest, a sorcerer or a hunter, you begin to participate. But the peasants and heroes shouldn’t be all about battle alone.

You may conduct some fun tasks here such as crafting, collecting, creating your private home, or simply trade problems. As an MMORPG, it ensures that you can jointly observe multiple gamers and take advantage of the actions.

EVE Online

Next Games Like Wizard101 is EVE Online. EVE Online is easily one of the most interesting science fiction games ever made, and very few have succeeded in getting the MMO formula right in such a setting. How large-scale alliances with huge fleets will strike each other is one of the best things about the famous game. It is not necessary to undermine EVE Online’s technological accomplishments.

In relation to the setting, together with quite a lot of different impartial nations, you may see a replica of the brand new world political alliances, together with American, European, and Russian powers. EVE is definitely not a simple recreation to get into and even after tons of hours of gameplay, there are gamers who wrestle with the mechanics.

There’s a steep studying curve, and to make the perfect of your time, you have to put money into the time to grasp how the combating construction of the sport works. If you’re looking for a web-based MMO that may act as a long-term passion, you possibly can definitely get into EVE online as a strong tag.

Dungeon Blitz

In the MMO mode, leisure provides you with a side-scrolling control mechanism. Even with a variety of different gamers, you can get the sport in your browser and profit from the strong gaming. In the sport, you’re in a land called Elyria, a spot where a ship has lost you.

Here on this island, you hope to discover this fashion in the full land and degree up. The game gives you primary tutorials so you can begin your adventure quest, escape monsters, collect problems, and encounter various gamers. There are three lessons you can pick from such as paladin, rogue, and wizard.

As a woman and a man, each of them even has gender choices. The gameplay combines dungeon discovery and the outside world. It enables the gathering of skills and gadgets that you only need for crafting. Loot declines can also be detected. Games Like Wizard101.


Korean MMORPGs may not be as common in the West, and a major explanation for holding English-speaking users away may be the language barrier in the culture. Some of the offerings from the region, however are too good to disregard. Aion: One of the finest Korean fantasy MMORPGs out there is the Tower of Infinity and it has a lot of PVP and PVE content on sale.

To keep it exciting, the lore, world creation and well fleshed out NPCs are all well linked together. While most players are from South Korea, there are also a large amount of non-Korean players, so it is not too hard at all to request assistance from the group in English.

At one point in time, in terms of the successful subscription list, Aion managed to exceed WoW. Much of it has to do with its rich backstory and the continually changing world that even after hundreds of hours, keeps players involved with the game.

Epic Duel

Next Games Like Wizard101 is Epic Duel. Epic Duel is a complex environment with additional robotic characters that are so vivid in themselves. One of the Wizard101 choices is certainly due to the same concept of the combat system and collecting the sport. Customization for firearms, not just for the character, is on the market here.

In any browser, you can play the sport and really feel the futuristic problems. You can really feel every PvP and PvE here and that’s making an attempt at a positive price. The same because the title, the sport, helps you to fight 1v1 or 2v2 or not and set up the accomplishments. The same because the sport has courses, skills, ranges, and so on the wizard101.

The battle system right here is turn-based, and the win or defeat depends on the position gamers select their corresponding attacks. The extra stats you have the extra lucrative possibilities you have. Steer the character properly and build the skills to succeed.


One of the oldest MMORPGs, RuneScape also dominates an unprecedented amount of simultaneous players. With its old-school dynamics and less than optimal gameplay almost two decades ago, many of us were introduced to Runescape. Over the years, the popular MMORPG has grown a lot, and we have seen a range of dramatic improvements to the gameplay mechanics. While the world of Runescape is rather daunting, for new players, it is certainly not too jarring.

You begin with easy quests, such as talking to NPCs and killing a bunch of monsters. You start taking on bigger challenges until you start getting the hang of how things work in the game. You have the luxury of playing Runescape for absolutely free, unlike many other premium MMOs. For players who want to get into the gameplay for free, Ironman accounts are open, with the only limit being that you can not share with other players.

Puzzle Pirates

A game created specifically for young gamers who need to understand the lives of pirates in the world of MMO. Because of the crafters and the combination of pirate supplies, the sport has been developing since 2003. In the browser, you can both pay or get on the phone.

There are a variety of characters to pick from, and they are all similarly lovable to wear the full stuff of the pirates. Being the MMO the sport also helps you to make certain associates and there could be anyone you would share a convo with all the time.

Gameplay takes you through a variety of mini-games, and as a second mode of recreation, you can even take delight in puzzles. In the puzzles, you can distinguish between single and multiplayer and begin to battle or work together against others. With your crew, the plan is to take over new islands and buy gadgets. And you’re cruising all over the ocean, handling your crew, finding treasures and discovering a range of towns and islands. Games Like Wizard101.

Elder Scrolls Online

Although some of the top MMORPGs are limited to PCs, Elder Scrolls Online is one of the best PS4 and Xbox One games you can find. With the release of Skyrim, the Elder Scrolls series broke all benchmarks, and while games like Morrowind were enjoyed by gamers, TESV is what distinguishes modern day RPGs.

Elder Scrolls Online is certainly a must-play title when you can’t get enough of the high fantasy action that Skyrim has to deliver and want to take the experience online. Similar to World of Warcraft, to keep your account running, you must pay a monthly subscription fee.


Next Games Like Wizard101 is Pirate 101. Another pirate-themed MMORPG dedicated to grown-up fellas and teens. This one also comes as one of several Wizard101 like computer games because of the same concepts and reasons to be done. Really, KingsIsle Entertainment did an excellent job that in 2012 first got here to be soft.

The game has definitely been a favorite of thousands upon thousands since then. All that makes it demanding and generates the temptation to play is the pirate theme.

As gameplay gamers ride and explore the world, though, crushing should not be the way to tour, and for that you use skyways. However, there is also the sweetness danger, and in that situation, you need to use windlanes that fly you faster than average. You can also take pets and upgrade your home as additional behaviour.


Warframe is not a genuine MMORPG, but it has a lot in common with the genre’s other titles. The third person fight is the main differentiator. Unlike other games where you have to grind all the time for new gear, in Warframe, you can pick up a decent weapon and mod it to the content of your heart.

In reality, to upgrade all your favorite gear, it is the mods that you can rank up for particular weapon classes. You are limited to only 4 players at a time in any given mission, unlike other MMORPGs that have living spaces, with a few social hubs being exceptions to the norm.

In online gaming, the Warframe culture is one of the greatest we have ever seen, where players are still eager to support each other with missions, boss battles, and limited-time quests.

Spiral Knights

An extra modern leisure that makes itself completely awe-inspiring and worthy of offering the same knowledge. It can actually sound a lot more like the Zelda collection, except with superior advanced sciences and futuristic challenges, recreation introduces MMO mode.

Within the browser, users can both play it or get into the gadgets. Your character is known here as the knight that the participant originally prefers. And the discovery of this fashion starts and players are exposed to all the mechanics with tutorials.

Gameplay requires you to compete in fights where monsters and boss enemies confront you. To discover that features dungeons, missions, collecting, and so on, there is broad content stuff. The extra you fight to go on the more updates of your weapons you get. You should take them here.

World of Warcraft

Owing to its faithful fan base, there are very few games that can boast of the durability World of Warcraft has had and the amazing work Blizzard has done over the years. In 2004, the announcement of World of Warcraft made history and more than 100 million players have signed up to date. The rich lore presented by the Warcraft world is incomparable and is nothing like any other MMORPG you might have attempted.

The two big alliances to pick from are Alliance and Horde, and you have a lot of different classes when it comes to character development, including new additions like Demon Hunter. You would never run out of material with a large number of constructions to work for. There are gamers who have clocked tens of thousands of hours over the years, and the player base is triggered by regular updates and expansions.


It encourages a novice world in a recreation that makes MMORPG and for the visuals. Nice and appealing visuals of sharp, trying characters are the motive behind its performance.

The plot starts in the universe of Dofus, which opts for a variety of planets to be explored. There are also lessons that you just pick from fighters, invocators, healers, treasure hunters, and so on.

You can find character customizations so that you can make a vast amount of changes to your avatar. The combat offers an entirely different turn-based battle system than other MMO video games. So even though you lack experience, you can win over. Only arrange the sensible flip, perform it and succeed.

Hero Smash

Another one that comes as one of several computer games like Wizard101 that are equivalent. It’s browser-based gaming in which you experience the environment of the MMO, and so it becomes very pleasurable. Artix Entertainment is the gameplay maker that makes heroic performances possible and the graphics are still reasonably decent.

The game means that you can pick superpowers before your tour, and you just find very exciting. Looks can also be personalised, so you can truly see the superhero. The combat system is considerably fast-paced as all villains or heroes may be picked to assume their shape.

Gamers take a variety of questions from the nonplayer characters who come with an exclamation mark for the gameplay. You then go on quests to destroy a gaggle of enemies. This allows discovery inside and you graduate with each mission you complete as well.

Twin Saga

Another one that comes as one of several computer games like Wizard101 that are equivalent. It’s browser-based gaming in which you experience the environment of the MMO, and so it becomes very pleasurable. Artix Entertainment is the gameplay maker that makes heroic performances possible and the graphics are still reasonably decent.

The game means that you can pick superpowers before your tour, and you just find very exciting. Looks can also be personalised, so you can truly see the superhero. The combat system is considerably fast-paced as all villains or heroes may be picked to assume their shape.

Gamers take a variety of questions from the nonplayer characters who come with an exclamation mark for the gameplay. You then go on quests to destroy a gaggle of enemies. This allows discovery inside and you graduate with each mission you complete as well.

So that’s the list of Games Like Wizard101 I hope you like this list if you play any other Games Like Wizard101 so let us know in the comments.