Games Like Undertale. In 2015, Undertale was definitely a big surprise for all gamers. A fully independent game developed by only a few individuals that would become one of Steam’s best-selling games for that year.

Amazing art that is very pixelated and unique, amazing jokes that can make almost everyone laugh, incredibly difficult gameplay, and unforgettable characters are highlights of Undertale. The whole Undertale series, because of all the incredible aspects that make it an amazing game, is one that I and many others can never forget.

Here are what I think are 15 Games Like Undertale, whether they share awesome pixel art, amazing gameplay, and plot, or some challenging gameplay.

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Games Like Undertale

The Stanley Parable

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Next Games Like Undertale is For Windows PC, OS X, and Linux computers, the game that began as an immersive storyteller and a mod to the legendary game ‘Half-Life’ is now a completely functioning standalone release. The game encourages you to walk across the whole map and communicate with certain items, but no fight is involved.

In order to advance through the game, you are only able to adjust switches and other small items. If you are a fan of games like Undertale, ‘The Stanley Parable’ is a game that you really should play on your own, so we’re not going to dig any more into the story-line.

Undertale fans will love The Stanley Parable because it smashes down the fourth wall entirely and encourages the player to think about the decisions they make. Much like Undertale, the game tells an interesting story and really makes players doubt all of their decisions and what it really means to play a game.

Rogue Legacy

Games Like Undertale

Next Games Like Undertale is Rogue Legacy. While many would consider this a totally different style of game, in my view, Rogue Legacy is a game that Undertale fans would enjoy.

The game is a rogue-like RPG game. The game revolves around the player accessing randomly generated regions without losing and destroying the bosses of those areas. With a simple weapon and collection of skills and development, the player can begin and get better and better weapons.

The time it takes to get through the game would be enjoyed by Undertale fans. If what got you into Undertale was the gaming, then Rogue Legacy is right for you. In terms of gameplay, the game features significant Bullet Hell elements and challenges the player to dodge several different bullets at once. The game has several distinct settings of difficulty that will test even the most seasoned players of Undertale.


Next Games Like Undertale‘Rakuen’ is a gorgeous adventure video game developed and released for the Windows, Linux and OS X systems by independent developer Laura Shigihara in the year 2017. In Japanese, Rakuen simply means paradise, and the game’s art style is a true reflection of the title.

A sick boy who is stuck in a hotel bed and his mother visits him every day to read bedtime stories follows the plot. Rakuen is the name of the book his mother holds, and hence the game title. In order to ask the Forest Guardian for one wish, the boy needs to visit the land of dreams described in the storybook; but before he is able to do so he must complete a series of tasks.

Papers, Please

Games Like Undertale

Papers, Please is also another indie game and it was all about the decisions you make and the implications of those choices. As an agent who works at the border, players play and it is up to you to decide who gets to come to the country.

To check and make sure that everything is consistent and looks in order, players must analyze their passports and other papers. The player will immediately see the effect of their actions that can affect their family and their country if one person is let in who should not be in.

Because of the cause and effect elements, Undertale fans will enjoy this game. The game depends heavily on the player making the correct decisions and they will see the results directly if they are lazy and do not check the papers.

Though Papers, Please is way more critical than Undertale, I imagine Undertale followers will benefit from the change of tempo and the seriousness this recreation has to supply. Games Like Undertale.

Tales from the Borderlands

Next Games Like Undertale is Tales from the Borderlands. Tales from the Borderlands, a Telltale adventure, is a game that relies heavily on its story-telling skills. The game plays much like a film and allows the player the ability to make choices that will effect the outcome of the game.

Fans will join numerous Vault Hunters in Tales from the Borderlands as they search for treasure on Pandora’s world. The match takes place in the realm of the Borderlands and is packed with the same kind of laughter.

I think Undertale fans would love Tales from the Borderlands because the game is highly based on its plot and characters, just like Undertale. The dark humor and quirkiness of the characters is really something that would be enjoyed by Undertale viewers. In Tales from the Borderlands, there are a lot of whacky scenarios that the characters get themselves into, and I just hope audiences would enjoy it.


Games Like Undertale

Earthbound, also known in Japan as Mother 2, is a turn-based strategic role-playing game that was released back in 1995, although a year earlier, the Japanese version was released. The game was generally considered to be one of the era’s finest role-playing games.

It is clear from the style of gameplay and mechanics that Earthbount was a major influence on the ‘Undertale’ game makers, so if you enjoyed ‘Undertale’ then you would certainly want to try out the game that inspired it heavily.

One Shot

Next Games Like Undertale is One-Shot. ‘One Shot’ is really another encounter in this list from other games where the game makes it clear that it is aware of your involvement. As the game is mindful of your existence, the decisions you make control the ‘higher intellect’ and your gameplay in return.

Niko, an entirely separate entity, is the protagonist of the story and is on a whimsical quest to replace the sun at the top of a tower. The story’s narration contributes to the atmosphere and the game has been appreciated by multiple reviewers for the same reason. The adventure continues to unfold from a device present at the location where you find yourself awakened in an unfamiliar setting.

The goal is to locate your location by solving puzzles and looking for and collecting objects that assist you to make further progress in the game. The game was designed by Little Cat Feet and released in 2016 by Degica for the Windows PC and macOS platforms.

To The Moon

Most of the best indie journeys out there is To The Stars’. The plot is incredibly well written, but lacking in gameplay elements, and relies on your puzzle solving abilities in order to advance effectively. The plot is to the point and encourages the player to immerse themselves in the game.

It does not have resource control systems or party systems, something that is a feature of role-playing games, but requires you to chat with other players in order to learn more about the environment. Even except for one correct, there is no fighting system that does not really count as a fight in the first place setting the tone for the rest of the session.

It also emphasises a story-driven experience, so if you are looking for a chilled-out game that is laid back, then maybe To The Moon’ is the one for you. The game was developed and released for the Windows, Linux, Apple, iOS and Nintendo Switch gaming systems by Freebird Games in 2011.

West of Loathing

‘West of Loathing’ is a funny role-playing game developed and distributed for Linux, macOS, Windows PC and Nintendo Switch by Asymmetric Publications in 2017, with an update for the iOS arriving shortly. The game is a ‘Kingdom of Loathing’ spinoff, a multiplayer role-playing game based on a browser and is set in a whacky western world.

With Rolling Stones magazine naming it one of the best games of the year the game received several favorable reviews for its art style. The gameplay involves real-time experimentation of turn-based combat with a focus on role-playing elements, complemented by graphics in the stick style that allow for more intense control over the abilities of your characters. This character seeks his way into another town named Frisco, where he meets numerous curious entities.


Inspired by the likes of George Orwell, Ray Bradbury and Alduos Huxley, in a totalitarian society, ‘Beholder’ is a chilling storey of human disappointment. You carry on the identity of Carl, a reckless landlord paid by the state to inflict risk on its people.

You have a range of choices open to you, such as listening to calls, hacking their home phone lines, as well as getting into their apartments, and looking for suspicious items that could be recorded to the authorities.

The curious point is that you have every right to do so when you are recruited by the government and their word is the gospel. It was produced by Warm Lamp Games and released to largely favorable reviews by Alawar Entertainment in the year 2016.


Next Games Like Undertale is Oxenfree. ‘Oxenfree’ is a gorgeous adventure platformer set around a group of friends who inadvertently unleashed a paranormal force on an island and now have to communicate with different characters around the whole land to find a way to curb the power.

What this game is all about is engaging with the other characters and picking the proper dialogues, but if you are familiar with the ‘Undertale’ gaming style, then this game will be right up your sleeve. The world’s architecture is enchanted by vivid colors that beg for long play sessions and long sessions are guaranteed due to the diversity of conversations.

In a 2.5D platformer where 3D players connect and fly in a 2D environment, think of this as ‘Undertale.’ Created and released in 2016 by Night School Studio, the game has been widely appreciated by reviewers for its compelling gameplay and interesting plot.


‘Superhot’ is a game stemming originally from the 7 Day FPS Challenge where developers are tasked with making a game in 7 Days from scratch. Superhot Team built the game, which became a browser game and then extended with VR support to new consoles.

For its imaginative gameplay style and for its innovative approach to FPS shooters, it has been highly acclaimed by game reviewers. The game operates in a way where time only moves as the player tries to shift his character, leading to strategic options that most FPS shooters do not take.

‘Superhot’ begins by sending you an email containing ‘superhot.exe’ and an invitation to play the game with your mate. You face another conscious being inside the game when you start playing who refuses to encourage you to play the game and does everything in his power to make you stop to the extent that he pressures you to absolutely leave a superhot.

Westerado: Double Barreled

Whenever I see games set around the Wild West, I still get a sense of hurry, but hey, that’s just me! If you feel like taking a trip to the wild lands and wreaking havoc on the locals, however, then maybe Westerado is your best bet. The game features a lengthy campaign where an outlaw has killed your family and revenge is what you are after.

To find out more about the desperate, you need to ride around the cities to connect with the people over there to bring him in his place. There is still the trusty old rotator where words won’t work. Created and published by Adult Swim Games by Ostrich Banditos, it has managed to produce a number of fair ratings. At one go, we personally played through the whole campaign and we hope you would have the same desire.


‘Alicemare’ is a fun little adventure put together for the Microsoft Windows platform by the indie developers Miwashiba and released by AGM PLAYISM. The game has managed to gain a very cult status among gamers with only a tiny little bit of horror elements bundled together with fairytale elements.

With this indie title, you will find yourself right at home if you like Undertale’s gaming style and the fairytale environment will guarantee that you remain hooked for the better part of the gameplay. You play Allen’s character, a child who has lost his memories and who now has to wander the world to recall his feelings and to find his identity.

Devastated by the death of his parents, Allen manages to find himself a sanctuary where a mystery is uncovered. If we don’t ruin the plot, we just don’t want to tell more, so feel free to check out the game at the Steam playstore if you want to know more.

Angels of Death

‘Angels of Death’ is an adventure video game developed by Japanese game maker Hoshikuzu KRNKRN and released for Windows PC systems in the year 2015 by Den Fami Nico Game Magazine and adapted in the following years for other currencies.

However, don’t let the dark names fool you as this is one of the best titles for horror adventures on portable devices. It is currently available for gamers on the Nintendo Switch, Mac, iOS, and Steam.

The game has been adapted for two separate series of manga and an anime version has also been received. This is one title you certainly do not want to miss out on with mainly positive reviews on all playstores.

Always Sometimes Monsters

A fun little role playing game known as Always Sometimes Monsters, developed by Vagabond Dog and released by Devolver Digital in 2014, was produced by Canadian independent developers Justin Amirkhani and Jake Reardon.

The game begins with the option of your character and then their interest in love, at which stage the narration continues. Via dialogues and narrative, it is a pretty decent tale that involves you making decisions that impact the overall gameplay. You are free to wander around the world and communicate with other non-playable characters who by the completion of different tasks, encourage you to earn money.

These may be tedious jobs for poor salaries or a job that pays high but tests your values. A sequel to the game called Often Always Monsters has been announced, but no release date has been reported as of yet.

So that’s the list of Games Like Undertale if you play any other Games Like Undertale so let us know in the comments.