Games Like The Forest. Computer games started in the late 1960s. Games have a decent share of haters and fans, but it should not be argued that they are enjoyable.

Games may not be a cup of tea for everybody, however, there are about 2.5 billion active video gamers throughout the world today.

There are many millions of games for all styles and for various consoles as well. The Forest is one of these ones. You go around battling animals, cannibals, aliens, and what doesn’t make it gaming that is gripping.

But the game stops at one point, much like anything else, and you will not continue to play it indefinitely.

And there’s nothing to think about because if you enjoy The Forest, there are various Games Like The Forest you can enjoy.

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Games Like The Forest

7 Days To Die

Games Like The Forest

The first Games Like The Forest is 7 Days to Die. 7 Days To Die is also another amazing horror game created by The Fun Pimps for survivors.

Originally, the game had a small release back in 2013 for only Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It was released on Linux one year later. On both the Xbox One and Playstation 4, 7 Days To Die was made available in 2016.

The game’s plot is set in the wake of a planet destroyed after the catastrophic Third World War. Much of the planet is devastated by radioactive fallout and is hurting.

The radioactive fallout that has led to extreme mutations in humans converting them into zombie-like beings does not affect humans any less.

In a fictional city based in Arizona called Navezgane, you play the part of a war survivor.

The gamer’s main purpose is to survive by fending off the terrible monsters and ensuring that you do not die because of starvation, thirst, and injuries. You can make your own guns, clothing, armor, instruments, cars, and so on.

Left 4 Dead

Games Like The Forest

Next Games Like The Forest is Left 4 Dead. Left 4 Dead is a collection of two first person shooting games focused on survival generated by Valve games.

The game, Left 4 Dead, was published back in 2008, but being old does not make it less good than any new game.

In a global zombie invasion, the games are focused on survival. This offers the lovers of the zombie plotlines in the film much more thrilling gameplay.

“As you and the other members go through levels of insanity trying to keep yourself alive in a dangerous global pandemic, the first game puts you in the shoes of one of the members of a group called the “Survivors.

The second game follows the effects of the disease outbreak set in the world whereas zombies mutate towards more dangerous and hostile forms, the epidemic has taken a much worse turn.

Dead Space

Games Like The Forest

Dead Space is a combination of two or the best genres of video games that are decided upon by many.

Dead Space is a franchise of three science fiction and survival horror games produced by Visceral Games and released by EA.

Basically, the games merge the terror of monsters and zombies with one to create a frightening world that will make life challenging for the players.

In 2008, the first game was released. In the year 2508, the game is set in the hypothetical universe of the 26th century. Planet is more evolved than ever since having only visited a huge part of the universe, seeking to find more.

Engineer Issac Clarke, a member of a search party looking for a lost space-mining spacecraft, plays the role of the player.

They also discover different horrors dating back to events of the 23rd century when they find the boats.

The game occurs 3 years after the first game and features Issac Clarke, the same protagonist. The Planet itself is being attacked by alien beings this time around.


Next Games Like The Forest is Rust. Rust, developed by FacePunch Studios, is a multiplayer survival horror game. The game saw an early access release back in 2013, but only in 2018, a complete 5 years later, did it come to see its full release.

Rust gives a lot of rivals and challenges and lets you struggle for life. The players playing along with you as Rust can only be played as multiplayer are one of the most apparent rivals.

For their clans, players can build clans and bases where they can hide. Clans will from time to time, raid the player you need to be ready for.

And that’s not where the danger stops. Non-player characters are still abusive to you and while you don’t anticipate it they will attack you.

If that wasn’t enough, Rust’s open-world atmosphere throws wolves, lions, and other rival animals at you. Different customizable arms, weapons, and bows may be used to ward off these nemeses.

Planes drop various amounts of airdrops that drop several accessories that will keep you alive.

Outlast 1 & 2

The Outlast series is something new from the games that have been listed on the list so far.

Although those games were mostly thrillers, the Outlast series is one of the most praised horror games of recent times, simply horror.

You need to keep yourself safe from distinct forms of entities instead of monsters or aliens. But the purpose remains the same to live.

Originally, the first game was released in 2013 on only Microsoft Windows and later extended to PS4 and Xbox One in 2014. It was published in 2015 on Linux and eventually in 2018 on Nintendo Switch.

The show offers investigative reporter Miles Upshur who is being sent to asylum only to find the asylum abandoned and full of corpses of doctors to dig at the reports of human experimentation being carried out there.

You ought to get out of there in the expectation that the groups identified as variants won’t meet.

You don’t have weapons, you have no abilities, and you can’t fight for your life. Playing this game is definitely a frightening confrontation.

SCP : Containment Breach

Next Games Like The Forest is SCP. Safe, Contain and Protect Foundation, or sometimes shortened to just SCP Foundation, is an internet phenomenon for those who do not know, which has been widely common on the internet for years.

In order to keep the human population safe from them, the SCP is a fictitious foundation that discusses the containment of supernatural and unnatural beings, objects, and abominations.

The separate individuals included are referred to by their names in the language i.e. SCP 401.

SCP Containment Breach is an open-source indie game based on Joonas Rikkonen’s own creation. The game is set at a moment when, as all the contained anomalies have gone rogue, the SCP foundation faces a violation.

In the middle of the breach, you assume the part of D-9341, a human test subject attempting to avoid imprisonment.

Several other SCP test subjects such as SCP 106, SCP 096, SCP 682, SCP 079 must be met by the player along with the base soldiers attempting to keep the subjects confined.

Deadstorm Pirates

When it comes down to survival games, Deadstorm Pirates is something new.

It’s all about pirates and one of the very few survival games based on them as the name implies. That makes it pretty clear to have it on this list.

Back in 2009, Deadstorm Pirates was first released for arcade gamers. It was then moved to Playstation 3.

The story of the game revolves around Eric and Leah, two Aborad pirate crew members on a pirate ship sailing to locate a treasure called Poseidon’s Breath.

You face a variety of inhumane challenges while traveling that makes you fight for your life. Giant crabs, krakens, other pirates, skeletons, and several more zombie creatures are among the enemies.

Fortunately, you have ample firearms capable of defending or battling them, including rare arms and swords.

There are numerous boss stages that are much harder to fend off. There are no thrilling graphics in the game, but it makes for a fun survival and combat game for pirate fanatics in particular.

Cry Of Fear

Next Games Like The Forest is Cry of Fear. Cry Of Fear is a survival horror game developed by Team Psykskallar, an independent Swedish studio.

It first appeared in 2012 as a mod of the popular game Half-Life. In 2013, it was then turned into a fully-fledged standalone title.

The plot of the game is broken into chapters. The amount of chapters relies on the player’s behavior and preferences, which can affect how the game plays out.

You play the part of Simon, a man who has experienced an accident and wakes up in an alley struggling to recall what happened while facing a lot of catastrophic circumstances and terrible monsters.

From time to time, the plot offers you options that determine how the story will advance. Based on the choices taken in the game, the game has multiple endings.

The game features a brilliant way of selling realism. When you race for so long, you get tired.

You can use opioid syringes to restore fitness, but overuse can lead to blurred vision that can obstruct the gameplay.

Games Like The Forest For Android

This War of Mine

This War of Mine is a wonderful new video game for Side-Scrolling, Combat, Survival and Stealth that brings you to an awesome war torn world where instead of becoming a soldier, you will have to act as a victim.

In a world where nearly anything is too unusual, the simple job is to live. Faced with the worst lack of fuel, medical supplies and the high chance of snipers and hostile scavengers, you will have to live.

Because as the game is set in a war-torn world, and as the key game-play periods are day and night cycles, you can stop going out of the shelter during the day so the snipers won’t let you out,

but you have to get out using your sly and stealth skills in the night, join one of your trusted men, and head out on food and other provisions scavenging tasks.

Your main job is to remain alive, gather the objects, return to your hideout, build and exchange various items for various goods, etc.

Town of Salem

Next Games Like The Forest is town of salem. Town of Salem is a video game developed and released by BlackMediaGames Group, Role-playing and Strategy.

The game presents the Mafia with similar gameplay with similar functions. It plays a role in the fantasy world of criminals, gangsters, rivals, among others.

It comprises of between seven and fifteen players and is split into multiple alignments, like Serial Murderers, Town Mafia, Neutrals, and Arsonists.

If the player takes on a good guy’s job, then his ultimate mission is to take down bad guys, the villains, the evils, before they kill him. In the video, the player has no idea who the villain and the city member is.

If the player takes on the role of evil as a serial murderer, his objective is to assassinate the members of the community secretly at night and fight to escape arrest.

Prominent features such as Day/Night Period, Verdict, Security, Achievements, Customization, and more are available in the town of Salem. Give it a try, and you’ll love it.

The Survivor: Rusty Forest

The Rusty Forest Survivor is an Adventure, Horror-Survival, First-Person Viewpoint and Single-Player video game created for Android and iOS by Starship Studio.

The game is set in a gorgeous universe and centers around a plot in which much of the world’s population is killed by an unknown virus.

The plague transformed the populace into monsters like zombies. You are one of the only people who survived, and now you have to fight against what is left of you for your survival.

The role of the protagonist, who is a survivor, may be presumed and his primary aim is to live as long as possible in an unforgivable world.

From a first-person viewpoint, you can control the world, communicate with the environment, and gather raw materials to build weapons, fortifications, instruments, shelters, etc.

To advance through the game, you must face hunger, thirst, radiation, and cold and have to conquer them.

Last Day on Earth Survival

Next Games Like The Forest is Last day on earth. Last Day on Earth Survival is a computer game developed and released by Kefir for smartphone devices for free-to-play, massively multiplayer online role-playing, survival, and strategy.

The game provides the zombie-apocalyptic where it takes place and places the player in the role of the survivors who have to struggle as long as possible to survive.

From a top-down viewpoint, the player can explore the world, find other survivors (real players), face infected individuals, and hunt for weapons, artifacts, items, and equipment.

In order to survive together, he will work with other players and teams. There seem to be a variety of levels, and each level comes with a series of goals that must be completed by the player to advance through the game.

The player can build weapons, assemble a vehicle, and useful items to destroy enemies using the crafting function. The world and level become difficult as the game progresses.

Dead Rivals: Zombie MMO

Dead Rivals: Zombie MMO is a video game developed and released by Gameloft for action role-playing, open world, exploring, and crafting.

The game introduces both single-player and multiplayer modes and takes place in a zombie-populated post-apocalyptic world.

Throughout the start, using accessories and objects, you have to pick or build your character and set it up for an epic journey to save the innocent people in the brutal setting.

For mobile devices, it combines the fast-paced, MMORPG, and ARPG features.

To compete in PvP Arenas, explore the vast world, develop your character and build your arsenal of weapons.

The ultimate challenge is to live as long as possible when navigating the world by engaging with NPCs and actual players.

To destroy zombie-like monsters to survive, craft useful items, weapons, and tools.

Dead Rivals: Zombie MMO contains main features such as Three Levels of Characters, Post-Apocalyptic World, Zombie Infested Maps, Quest System, and more.

Last Dead

Next Games Like The Forest is Last Dead. Last Dead is an Android video game for Action, Horror-Survival, and Single-player by 5 FPS Playing.

The game introduces the player to a terrible world overrun by monsters that are dangerous and bloodthirsty.

As the survivor, the player must fight for his life in the spectacular zombie apocalypse world.

At the beginning of the game, the player can choose his special weapon to combat the dead in the awful spots of the dark night.

The player can learn new skills throughout the gameplay, find fresh locations and slaughter zombies with specialized weapons.

Fifteen waves of zombies are available and all must be killed by the player to earn awesome rewards.

The game focuses on the genre of FPS, where the player encounters real-time fights and loves them. To live in the harsh world, hordes of zombies can come to the player like a hurricane and the player must destroy them.

Day R Survival

Day R Survival is a video game developed by TLT Geims, OOO for Android and iOS, called Action, Role-playing, Survival, Single-player and Multiplayer.

The game provides you with four fun modes, including Real Life, Sandbox, Online, and Medium. In the great land, it takes place and incorporates the aspect of crafting.

It features a thrilling tale in which, throughout the gameplay, you assume the role of the protagonist, who is a survivor and must face third, famine, risk, and lots of brutal enemies.

You can build guns, objects, tools, and other recipes using the cart option to advance through the plot. Your ultimate purpose is to survive, and you must escape the radiation, in the post-apocalyptic world demolished by nuclear war.

To preserve your fitness, live for as long as possible, build shelter, craft objects, and collect food.

So that’s the list of 15 Best Games Like The Forest if you play any other Games Like The Forest so let us know in the comments.