Everything has been written about games like Terraria recently, and the fact is that what this original and exciting game is about is worth learning. If you’ve played it before, you’ll know you’re going to discover an authentic underworld inside, where you’re going to spend several hours battling and creating all sorts of gadgets to live.

Are you looking for games like Terraria? Don’t go anymore! Here is a compilation of Terraria-like games in either gameplay or visual design. If you like Terraria, make sure that you also try out any of these titles.

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Games like Terraria


Games like Terraria

A game that you can’t forget, like Terraria, is Starbound. It takes place in two dimensions of house and you’ll examine as a participant to get weapons, armour and different related objects to start this journey.

But what is Starbound’s storey? The game starts with the awakening of the character, preparing to go to her graduation to earn the role of guardian, waking up at her home on earth. But there are several tentacles that attack him, and he’s gotta escape in a spaceship. He hits a quiet world after flying without any clear path.

This spacecraft has a number of jobs, so it’s used always by the participant to find the world and have enjoyment. It additionally has a teleporter that lets you fly to every planet you go to. What are you ready to be performed?


Games like Terraria

Next Games like Terraria is Minecraft. Some of the names in this series are better known than others and the fact that Minecraft belongs to the former rather than the latter is not unexpected. The first and most noticeable solution to all games like Terraria is this cultural movement.

Although Minecraft was officially launched in 2011, with the public alpha releasing in 2009, the game is actually older than Terraria. It’s no secret that while designing its own project, the studio Re-Logic was deeply inspired by this game.

In some way, even though there are main variations, Terraria might be called a 2D version of Minecraft. Minecraft players discover and attempt to live in a huge, procedurally generated environment, much as in Terraria, with the main difference being that Minecraft is three-dimensional.

The game can be played from the viewpoint of both first-person and third-person, a major role is played by crafting, resource gathering. Battle with mobs is present in Minecraft, but the forthcoming Minecraft Dungeons rogue-style spin-off is more reminiscent of Terraria’s combat structure than the main game when it comes to games like Terraria.


Games like Terraria

The player can fight against the numerous powers of the sea in the Raft. The elements look a lot style Terraria-like games, but not in the graphics.

In the middle of the ocean, you will wake up in a small raft and it turns out that you will only have the aid of a hook to accumulate resources and to survive. The premise here is that you progressively patch this raft and learn to create various artifacts. A very easy adventure to discover the ocean for hours.

Cube World

Next Games like Terraria is Cube World. Though Cube World may look like a simple replica of Minecraft at first sight, the entire landscape is made entirely out of cubes. Even so, considering the very familiar looking graphics, the game capitalizes on exploration, combat, and action RPG elements even more than Minecraft, in turn giving it a unique identity.

Another procedurally generated 3D world loaded with dungeons, secret mystical objects, a fairyland populated by gangs, and NPC quests will be explored here.

Cube World does not have a fixed plot, compared to most other titles, such as Terraria. To allow the player the ultimate freedom to live their own fantasy stories, everything stays open-ended.

Although the game’s characters look blocky, they are far more reminiscent of anything that might be represented as character sprites converted to 3D in the early Legend of Zelda or Mana game series, rather than the boxy Minecraft avatars.

The effect of JRPGs on both the aesthetic presentation and gameplay of the Cube World is now difficult to note while playing the game.

Don’t Starve Together

It is an adventure game that will encourage you to learn several abilities and to gain experience for sure. It has several phases where you can explore numerous ecosystems. You are still going to face enemies that are very hard to beat…

Don’t Starve Together’s objective is to accumulate a lot of money, to build elements later, and establish alliances with other players. Survival here is the secret, dare you start!

Don’t Starve takes place in a procedurally generated universe, similar to other games such as Terraria, which has a strong emphasis on survival, but the gameplay here is viewed from the top-to-bottom viewpoint rather than the side-scroller atmosphere that made the game of Re-Logic so recognisable.

Don’t Starve has its own distinctive visual style that is reflected in the hand-drawn characters and ambient items found in the game, both of which add up in their own way to the game’s unpleasant, creepy atmosphere.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is renowned for mixing farm simulation components and RPG games. Like Terraria, this title is set through cute, pixelated 16-bit period graphics on a 2D open-world brought to life with the key difference from Terraria is that the player sees the game from a bird-view viewpoint, very much like Don’t Starve in the previous example.

The game is much more peaceful, but for those who want to see the action, it still has everything. What you need to do is explore the complex structures of dungeons populated by monsters that you will face off against.

The game begins with your personalized character inheriting the abandoned farm of his or her grandparents. Your aim, inevitably, is to make it succeed.

You are free to wander around the open-world and find several non-farming events and mini-games, considering the primary concept of Stardew Valley. Like Terraria, Stardew Valley continues to see free updates from ConcernedApe, the developer and publisher.

Planet Centauri

Next Games like Terraria is Planet Centauri. You will know that it is really close to Terraria when you get to explore the adventure of Planet Centauri. You will of course, even chase dinosaurs in this video. In the adventure, by collecting various elements and creating weapons, you can also amuse yourself.


Despite depending on the same formula as most other games like Terraria, it is so entertaining and addictive: digging, exploration, crafting, levelling up, learning abilities, and raiding dungeons. The art style is again rather minimalist and pixelated, as in numerous previous examples, but that is precisely what makes these titles so adorable at the same time.

You’ll find yourself right from the get-go on a little island characterised by square shorelines. The game spends no time teaching you the mechanics and you find yourself accumulating environmental resources and constructing a settlement fast enough.

It doesn’t take long for the crowded map to expand in size, allowing you to discover new segments of this open-world, each of which leads to engaging with new NPCs and battling a number of enemies.


Are you fond of robots? Goliath, then is the ideal game for a fun time. Touch monsters and form a robot of your own. In tough stages, you will even have to struggle for life in search of various resources. They will help you create shelters after making them. How cool huh?

Welcome to a strange universe of perverse humans, giant beasts, and warring factions. On your own, you won’t survive long here. Luckily, you know how to make giant robots! Find the plans, accumulate the money, climb your giant robotic construct inside and proceed to punch monsters in the face.

uCraft Free

UCraft is a game of block-building that definitely reminds you of Terraria. In this tag, you can breed livestock and participate in farming practises to survive.

There are regular updates it receives, meaning you get the new skins. This game has a ranking of 4.1 stars on the Google Play Store with over five million downloads.


ADOM is the one named for you if you prefer role-playing games. In order to fight, you will have to test all your tactics. In this game, you will be able to see a great world from which, after collecting everything you need, you will create different elements.

With its retro specifics sticking out, ADOM’s graphics are very original. We’re asking you to find out about it and tell us what you think.

The Blockheads

This is a 2D, side-scrolling sandbox game that in some places can remind you of Terraria. You can download it even if you do not have enough space on your laptop, since it is just 100 MB in size.

All about exploring and living in this title. One of the best features of The Blockheads is that along with mates, it gives you the opportunity to play offline in single-player mode or online.

King Arthur’s Gold

Next Games like Terraria is King Arthur’s GoldThis is a fighting game where you can find that the visual style is close to that of games such as Terraria. To battle against the opposing side, you will have to create castles and play the roles of architect, archer or knight.

In 2D mode, King Arthur’s Gold is available and is very immersive, so you can enjoy a few hours of fun.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells has been developed by Motion Twin, Playdigious and Plug In Digital as an indie, action, RPG and platformer title. On 07-08-2018, it came out. The game was published by Playdigious.

Dead Cells has a score of 88 on review aggregator Metacritic. On RAWG, the game is graded as’ Recommended.’ On iOS, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, Dead Cells is available. The game is distributed through the App Store, Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, and itch.io.

Double Dragon: Neon

Abstraction Gaming, Majesco Entertainment Company and WayForward Technology have created Double Dragon: Neon as an indie, action, adventure and arcade game. Originally, it was released in 2012. The game was published by Midnight City.

The game was ranked by most rawgers as “Recommended”. On your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, you will play Double Dragon: Neon. The game is available for purchase on the PlayStation Website, Xbox 360 Store, and Steam. Jeff Pomegranate created it. The game was directed by Sean Velasco. Jake Kaufman scored it.

We hope you enjoyed our list of Terraria-like games. The fact is that each one has its own unique beauty, so we recommend that you try all of them before you decide your pick.