Games like Stardew Valley have become a lifeline for those who have found themselves spending even more time at home this year when it comes to spending a few hours. Role-playing strategy games are a great way to put yourself at the center of the story.

It seems that every move you make leads to a different gaming avenue, and it can be very satisfying to progress from the recurring gameplay.

Stardew Valley is a video game whose core focus is farming. With over 50 hours of gameplay, this title enables players to explore the excitement of open-end agriculture by turning a dirty field into a beautiful farm.

Due to its massive success, Stardew Valley is accessible through multiple gaming platforms. Here are a few tips if you want to play games such as Stardew Valley on your Android smartphone. Here are the 10 Best Games Like Stardew Valley.

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Games Like Stardew Valley


Games Like Stardew Valley

The first Games Like Stardew Valley is Moonlighter. Moonlighter is a charming little title with more of an emphasis on combat if you want more of a fast-paced game than you’re used to in Stardew Valley. You will be playing Will’s job, a shopkeeper with an eye for adventure.

You’ll be tending to your shop throughout the day, setting rates, handling assistants, and your gold reserves. You’ll go out at night to fight and square off against multiple enemies and bosses.

You’ll have to be vigilant in your fight with a bit of a rogue twist, monitor your attacks, and be sure to pick up precious loot along the way. Some of the bosses are extremely difficult, but you’ll be advancing in no time once you’ve got used to their attack patterns.

During your downtime, there’s even a whole village to visit where you will be able to help create new companies and encounter a whole cast of fascinating characters. Moonlighter, which is fantastic news, isn’t that rough on the system either.

Harvest Town

Games Like Stardew Valley
Harvest Town

This is a pixel-style farming simulation game with over 1 million Google Play Store downloads. You can use different methods, such as the picture given above to revamp your cottage.

This game, like Stardew Valley, will also encourage you to lead a realistic farm life as well. By competing in multiplayer online racing, you can also connect with other players around the globe.

Doraemon Story Of Seasons

Games Like Stardew Valley
Doraemon Story Of Seasons

We’ve already said that when you first boot up Stardew Valley, those who have played Harvest Moon titles in the past will feel right at home. It’s actually the continuation of the original Harvest Moon games, if you haven’t heard of the Tale of Seasons before.

This title is a bit of a split, however from the standard formula. The Doraemon Tale of Seasons combines the Doraemon manga series with the Story of Seasons video games. Still alive and kicking here is the usual gameplay from the old Harvest Moon games, and the cast of characters and gadgets from the Doraemon series helps make things exciting.

In both Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon, the art style is very distinct from what you would be used to but the central gameplay stays the same. There are lots of possibilities for growing vegetables, looking after animals, fish, and even decorating your house.

The Farm : Sassy Princess

Games Like Stardew Valley
The Farm : Sassy Princess

Next Games Like Stardew Valley is The Farm. This game, similar to Stardew Valley, is also about indulging in farm life. You can communicate with your neighbors and assist them with their problems, aside from harvesting different types of crops.

Follow the tale of a lovely princess who continues to become a fantastic farmer. On the Google Play Store, with a rating of 4.3 stars, this title is valued for its simple yet entertaining gameplay.

Graveyard Keeper

Games Like Stardew Valley
Graveyard Keeper

In terms of aesthetics, Graveyard Keeper is definitely the game on this list that is most similar to Stardew Valley, but it takes a somewhat different approach. Just as you took over the old farm in Stardew Valley from your grandfather, here you take over and manage the old mediaeval cemetery.

While at first it sounds a little morbid, Graveyard Keeper is a fantastic bit of fun and shares a lot of Stardew Valley comparisons. You’re going to fend off demons, mingle with people, go fishing, cut down trees, develop your skills, and dig graves, of course.

This is a little bit of a grinding game than Stardew Valley, and it certainly relies on advancement. You’ll have to collect supplies for your graveyard and create new machines, as well as bury corpses.

You certainly won’t need to update your machine to play it, since this game looks and plays pretty close to Stardew Valley. The minimum requirements for the device clearly include 4 GB of RAM and a 1 GB dedicated video card.

Dream Farm : Harvest Moon

Games Like Stardew Valley
Dream Farm : Harvest Moon

Next Games Like Stardew Valley is Dream Farm. In this title, which comes with an exciting harvest story, you will have to create the best town. Like the characters in Stardew Valley, the characters in this game are cute.

You should go outside of the town and be part of fun experiences if you get sick of farm life. There are several things that you can take part in from raising cows to trading crops, in order to create a prosperous town.

Farming Simulator 19

Games Like Stardew Valley

How about trying a fully-fledged Farming Simulator if you found yourself neglecting the townsfolk in Stardew Valley and concentrating more on your crops? Although you can miss some of the appeal of top-down retro styling, if you enjoy the thought of running your own farm, there are plenty to see and do here.

This is one of the most open simulators out there too with a good tutorial and comprehensive support menu. A variety of crops, including maize, wheat, soybeans, potatoes, and oats, will be planted, grown, and harvested quickly.

There’s also the opportunity to play online with your friends if you lack the social element, as well as a massive in-game patch library to help keep the game fresh. To further change it up, you can even buy and tend to livestock.

If you mostly play Stardew Valley, you’ll have to note that when it comes to machine specifications, Farming Simulator 19 is a little more challenging. However it’s not the toughest game to run, and if desired, you can turn down several of the settings to improve your FPS. To get you up and going, the minimum specifications indicate an Nvidia Geforce GTX 650.

Town Village

Next Games Like Stardew Valley is Town Village. You will have a nice time trading and leading your life in the small town this game provides, from developing to selling your crops. On the Google Play Store, Town Village has a strong rating of 4.4 stars.

As you must have done when playing Stardew Valley, you will make money by selling your crops on the market. With your mates, you can also enjoy this title, or make new ones in the gaming world.

My Time At Portia

Games Like Stardew Valley

My Time at Portia puts players in a post-apocalyptic land in what originally seems like a combination of Stardew Valley, Minecraft, and Animal Crossing, where they can try to restore a neglected workshop back to its former glory.

If you get down to farming and adventure, you’ll immediately see parallels with Stardew Valley, but My Time At Portia is a lot more than that. You will accumulate and refine tools located in the island and complete local contracts and assignments.

The war is more akin to something like Zelda’s Legend, where instead of button mashing, you can roll in and out of risk. Based on your playstyle, you can even upgrade your abilities. You may opt to pour points into your fighting ability rather than culinary abilities if you want to concentrate on exploring dungeons.

Harvest Master

Games Like Stardew Valley

Last Games Like Stardew Valley is Harvest Master. Like Stardew Valley, this game’s main theme is farming. This game revolves around a thrilling plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you gain more.

You may opt to be a male or a female character, who would also have an influence on the plot, which is one of the positive things about this title. You will opt to be one of the three characters, each of whom has a distinct personality, both male and female.

Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is among the best PC management games right now, however for Stardew Valley fans, it is also a fantastic title. You’re rearing sweet, bouncing slimes, instead of rising vegetables and milking cows.

Here and there is a bit of carrot sowing involved, but the aim here is to fatten up your raucous army of gelatinous blobs and sell their ‘plants’ (yes, poop) to enlarge your farm and feed more plants into the money-making system for as much money as possible.

It’s a little faster-paced than Stardew since you spend much of your time scavenging for resources and more exotic slimes away from your farm. This is a farming game with a gooey, defiant heart, whether it’s bouncing out of their respective pens and fleeing, or unintentionally eating the plants of other slimes and evolving into all-consuming tar monsters.


Next Games Like Stardew Valley is Kynseed. At the moment, Kynseed is only in early access, but this RPG farming adventure from a few former Lionhead devs who worked on the Fable series has a nice Stardew-like make-up.

Your farm is a little smaller than you’re usually used to in Stardew Valley, but that’s partially because you’re going to spend much of your time wandering the ancient woodlands of the village and immersing yourself in the mysterious stories of the faery. Evidently, it’s got a wonderful Fable-esque Albion vibe, and that’s actually a very positive thing.

However, what will essentially set Kynseed apart from other farming life sims is the opportunity to grow up, have kids, and then take on the role of said offspring in a very similar way to the current Children of Morta indie hack and slasher.

Every step you take and every choice you make will contribute to every new generation, and the theory is that it will eventually establish a permanent family legacy that will carry you thru the game.


Forager is a little bit easier than any of the other farming games on this list, but if Stardew Valley’s main draw is to relax into its gathering, constructing and crafting rhythms, then Forager can scratch some of those pixelated itches.

It’s a 2D, lo-fi mix of idle game mechanics and aggressive discovery, whereas you create more and more stuff to extend your foraging kingdom, you’ll be constantly to-ing and fro-ing between its different landmasses hoovering up trees, cows, money, and more.

Country Life: Harvest Day

Next Games Like Stardew Valley is Country Life. One of the games like Stardew Valley to feature 3D graphics is Country Life Harvest Day. Farming, fishing and mining are all part of Country Life’s core activities, but you don’t have to wait for crops to grow.

In Country Life, the love tale is fixed. When his partner Tida attends university in Bangkok, you play as Derek, who is charged with handling the farm to prove his love.

In addition, the game helps you to socialize not only offline with your village friends but also on Facebook with real-life friends. It’s possible to give presents and invite more neighbors.

Built by ProGaming, Harvest Day is free to download from the Google Play Store and App Store. It gives in-game buys.

Zombie Castaways

The last Games Like Stardew Valley is Zombie Castways. Let’s switch over to zombies from the graveyard. You’re a zombie in Zombie Castaways that has fallen in love with a woman.

A human-zombie love tale can’t, of course, happen. That’s why, by unlocking different islands, your goal is to become human again using the potion you will find.

The game allows you to communicate with zombie neighbours, plant crops, and create popular structures, like the Eiffel Tower, for your island. In this game, there are lots of things to get.

On Android and iOS, Zombie Castaways by Vizor Apps Ltd. is free to enjoy. This requires in-game transactions.

So that’s the list of Games Like Stardew Valley if you play any other Games Like Stardew Valley let us know in the comments.