If you board of playing Slay The Spire or you need some other Games Like Slay The Spire so you’re at the right place in this post I will cover 15 Best Games Like Slay The Spire so stay tune.

The most fun card game on the market right now is Slay the Spire. Slay The Spire has had everything from a new title running out of early access to being the most beloved card game out there.

For a neon-bright V1.0 debut, many video games tangle with skepticism, participant suggestions, and excessive expectations earlier than, however, Slay the Spire is likely one of the rarest, fully realized, mesmerizing creations that in its preliminary stage totally received its renown and participant base, providing a deck-building-roguelike-RPG hybrid that kicks virtually every sport in its area.

You try to mount a spire of different floors, constructed by ritual generation, fighting over enemies and bosses in Slay the Spire, in one of four functions. The fight comes by way of a collectible card-based scheme, with the participant incomes new playing cards as battle prizes and different strategies, difficult the participant to make use of deck-building methods to construct a robust deck to perform the climb.

Already nominated for a number of accolades in 2019, Slay the Spire has been much-appreciated and is remembered as the sport that began a number of rogue-like deck-building video games.

For someone who adores tactics-based card games, it’s a hell of fun. I quickly began searching for other games as soon as I hammered Slay the Spire with all three characters to satisfy the hole that Slay The Spire had just left.

Here the list of some Best Games Like Slay The Spire which you can play right now.

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Games Like Slay The Spire

Card Quest

Card Quest

The first entry on our list of Games Like Slay The Spire is Card Quest. Instead, you get machinery that comes with fractions of cards that are then shuffled into your deck. You can’t add individual cards to your deck.

The defensive process of a turn where players can conserve their “steam” they use to play cards to use for defensive cards while the enemy attacks are the greatest mechanical Card Search added. There are many more enemies that may spawn per battle than Slay the Spire, and weapons/armour choices are essential provided that packs of playing cards are connected to those issues and cannot be separated individually.

This provides the game with a lot of replay material. The title itself is very complicated, but the logical analysis can certainly be put to the extreme. Card Quest is a fabulous title for card gamers, puzzles, and rogue-like dungeon crawlers, fans, and don’t toggle off the old graphics.

Invisible, Inc.

Invisible, Inc.

The only game on this list that has no cards, but promises incredible turn-by-turn rogue-based strategy gameplay. Invisible, Inc. is a game in which a number of various characters are used to perform missions set in highly guarded corporations.

All are spawned at random, and the game is connected to modification possibilities, different game types, and tonnes of gadgets that allow you to run the game your way. While the main game is well worth the costing, mod support is also available and contributes significantly to the grandeur of this cyberpunk game. If you happen to’re a diehard fan of roguelikes like me, however even of stealth titles targeted on turn-by-turn, then this can be a good selection that simply does not disappoint.

One Step From Eden

One Step From Eden

For those that like Slay the Spire, there are a lot of games to recommend, but a game series that just doesn’t have anything quite like it is the Megaman: Combat Network franchise, well, before it came out with One Move From Eden. One Move from Eden is Fight Network on a budget, combined with some anime aesthetic and a lot of Rogue-lite flare, from the craft-paper style back to a pixel-based one.

This game is very difficult and allows the player to learn from over 200 predetermined spells on the deck where only two can be used at a time to learn the iconography. There are various playable characters, a very similar position map to StS, just horizontal rather than vertical, and a lot of complexity of what seems to be unpredictable processes.

Has Been Heroes

Has Been Heroes

The ideal mix of Rogue-like, Strategy, and Action variables, developed by Frozenbyte and distributed for different platforms by Game Trust, is Has Been Heroes. A mixture of Real-time Strategy (RTS) and Turn-based Strategy Elements starts with the game.

This involves the set of characters on a monumental journey to attend their school for the King’s twin princess. Within the game, by the unbelievable path, the participant instructions one of many three characters and should maintain the core on melee assaults, jumbling lots of spells to create the explosive combos to destroy the zombie enemies.

The odd strategy game offers profane humor, difficulty creating the level, and expanding the maps’ scale. The vast range of spells and procedures and specifics of unlockable characters make for lots of new adventures, enabling the player to change his playstyle any time the new game starts.

Guild Of Dungeoneering

Guild Of Dungeoneering

The next game on our list of Games Like Slay The Spire is Guild Of Dungeoneering. The Guild of Gungeoneering is a blast of a game to play with one of the greatest pieces of menu music of all time, which completely does not diminish its consistency or authenticity.

It’s now back to board games, but the cards in this are used to create the Dungeon itself around the Dungeoneers exploring it instead of playing cards to cast spells or call monsters.

This may think of the sight of individuals wearing armor and weapons delving right into a well-rendered set of dungeon rooms, however, the artwork type is actually much more … craftsmanship than one may think. All in all, there may be much more to this title than some would assume.

Dream Quest

Dream Quest

Next Game Like Slay The Spire is Dream Quest. This game is enjoyed by a lot of fans, and most even think it’s better than Destroy the Spire, but not me. I will get over that though the artwork is outrageous. It is the gameplay itself that brings something to be desired.

You don’t have a limit to how many cards you can draw each game, unlike in Slay the Spire. You can’t look at what the opponent will be doing, either. And what closes the event is that you just pull all the cards in your hands and pray that your luck works!

Some beasts and managers are utter pushovers, whereas others are formidable, evidently. To open different types of playing cards, you may must play a quantity, which is not the most enjoyable factor to do.

There is also a decent amount of RNG included that can uselessly execute all the decisions you made earlier. You’re destined to lose any points because even though you play right, you won’t be prepared to do something dependent solely on the freaks you confront.

The Binding Of Isaac

The Binding Of Isaac

Next up we have The Binding Of Isaac. The Binding of Isaac is the game that really pushed Rogue-lites and Rogue-likes into the spotlight (alongside Nuclear Throne).

It has thousands of synergies of various objects, an adorably gruesome style of painting, and an incredible amount of material to climb through. We’re speaking about bosses, over 20 distinct endings, obstacles, characters, and unlockables. This is potentially the one on the list that would provide teams with the highest ratio of money to time invested.



The next game on our list of Games Like Slay The Spire is Griftlands. Griftlands is a science fiction game of role-playing variables and digital card video games. The participant begins the sport by choosing one of many predefined characters, each a soldier in search of glory and riches in a planetary system that’s house to an enemy physique, criminals, and lethal creatures of a peacekeeper.

Whereas the structure of the surroundings is similar for every sport, firstly of a brand new sport, the occasions, missions, and different variables inside it are procedurally generated.

Griftlands is a kind of Rogue-lite, but it is more aptly defined as having randomly generated elements with different character campaigns. In its gameplay, Griftlands attempts a lot of new stuff, awarding characters in cards to complete missions, asking them to bargain through card combat and plenty more that would be disrespectful to ruin.

Dicey Dungeons

Dicey Dungeons

Dicey Dungeons incorporates features of deck-building games and roguelike games. The game places on a game-like backdrop, each turned into a dice, to complete a dungeon with a very unlikely probability of gaining their independence. One of six characters is selected by the player, which determines the sort of stuff they can start with.

The participant then rolls their character over a map of the dungeon, the place goblins, wealth chests, well-being objects, shops, and improve crops, together with doorways to the following stage, have quite a few conflicts.

The aim of each run is to reach the dungeon’s lowest level and defeat the boss. Doing so opens up the progress of the metagame, such as opening alternate characters, or opening new activities for existing characters that advance new rulesets that make it more challenging for the courses.

A number of characters are transformed into living dice and “grades” are given depending on their overall construction and context. Characters like the Warrior, The Robber, and even an Inventor are there.

Hand Of Fate 2

Hand Of Fate 2

The role-playing, rogue-like, and battle variables developed and released by Defiant Development are combined with Hand of Fate 2. The game only retains the single-player mode and basically focuses on games based on cards. The game is set in the dungeon ‘s dark fantasy world and proposes a number of levels with a separate adventure each.

In the beginning, by selecting among the strong cards, the player needs to build his r deck and submit them to accomplish the goals of looting treasure and removing the opponents.

The game has much more than 22 challenges available that will bring the player’s deck-building skills to their height. Via the gameplay, the player can meet new friends, team up, and can strike back against overload to bring them down to secure the day.

As the game continues, it gets harder to play and a number of thrilling activities to undertake are unbarred. Hand of Fate 2 includes main components such as New Characters, Imperial Troops, Wars Team Up, New Card Suits, and a lot more.


Next game on our list of Games Like Slay The Spire is Heartstone. Hearthstone, now on to the King of All Deck Builder games. Created by Blizzard with playing cards based mostly on World of Warcraft universe characters, monsters, and objects, Hearthstone is the titan of all card video games and has been since 2014.

We recommended a number of games for those who liked the style of play and structures in Slay the Spire, especially for those who enjoyed the deck-building and synergies in StS, there is no game people can try faster than Hearthstone. Brand new modes such as Battlegrounds with 3 + expansions a year, and over 15 overall, this game is one of the largest suggestions anyone can offer.

Hand Of Fate

Hand of Fate is an action-role-playing (ARPG) game produced and sold for Windows, Linux , macOS, PS4, and Xbox One by Australian studio Defiant Growth, released through early access in 2014, and then released in full in 2015. Due to production difficulties, a PlayStation Vita version was also released but ultimately cancelled.

In-game players in Hand of Fate proceed through randomised dungeons, built from cards picked from customised sets, to try to reach each dungeon ‘s final boss. For an in-game tabletop scene, much of the game is played, with the player’s movements narrated and executed by the strange dealer, at points that enable the player to make choices to continue.

When a battle happens, the game moves to a brawler-style third-person perspective (TPP) game, forcing the player to beat enemies without wasting all their power in time strikes, charges, dodges, and other powers.

Into The Breach

Through The Breach is rendered by Subset Gaming, a company most notable for its title FTL and masters of difficult pixel-based puzzle Rouge-lites, moving from playing as monsters to battling monsters. FTL was all about travelling throughout the celebrities to create as robust a crew and ship as doable to fight the extraordinarily advanced closing boss.

Into the Breach, meanwhile, is more puzzle-like in that it’s all about battling enormous insects to defend the Planet with similarly massive mechs (think Starship Troopers X Pacific Rim).

There’s a lot to give in this game, and it’s incredibly unique how players will see where precisely the monsters can move/attack and re-locate them accordingly.


Caspian Prince, Director & Head of Dev of Puppy Games, remained in Basingstoke for a year in 2008, moving towards using the name as a title in the games he created. The game has some precise places in the true metropolis of Basingstoke.

Basingstoke also uses the Unity engine, like most other titles, which was formerly expected to be released in 2015. Nonetheless, by way of improvement, the number of the game advanced, going to a big 3-year wait, and increasing the sport itself.

As you begin the Omni Labs framework to undergo some kind of trial, Basingstoke starts off. You transfer the reception counter forward and a visitor’s permit and instructions are granted.

On the way in which, you face a sort of gents serving some genetically mutated creatures with sandwiches and the first mechanics of the sport are revealed to you. You start your way to the escalator when you’re ready to move on, which puts you in an unsettling lab. Basingstoke is also the best Games Like Slay The Spire.

Monster Train

For people who just want more of Slay the Spire or as near as they can come, Monster Train, here’s something great. Similar to Slay The Spire, this game is staggering, so much so that it has earned a bit of community flack. But, the creators were seen chatting on live streams with each other, so apparently there’s no bad blood, and there’s something the Monster Train does that alone is special to it.

Monster Train has a wonderful method for individuals who play Magic the Gathering and want something more (and have already tested out these recommendations), where players merge the decks to form two separate colours or (types) instead of choosing a single character for their own individual deck. Even, this is quite an interesting title, and it’s worth checking out, beneath all the staggering comparisons to other titles.

So that’s the list of 15 Best Games Like Slay The Spire. I hope you like these games if you are playing any other Games Like Slay The Spire so let us know in the comment section.