Games Like RimWorld. Personally, I am a big fan of simulators, so I try them out at any price anytime I can get my hands on one. RimWorld is a type of video game that I have been ready for a very long time, and it was all the pieces I used to be in search of when the sport was introduced. Colony builders and leadership sims can be highly addictive, and we managed to find a lot of hidden secrets as we dug into the genre even more.

There may be other titles on this page now that are better than some of the games, but we have tried to bring a lot more diversity here. So with all that said now, here is the list of RimWorld-like video games that are our ideas. On PS4 , Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, iPhone, Android, Mac or even online, you can play these games like RimWorld.

The key gameplay mechanic of RimWorld is the story-telling AI that drives the storyline and setting of the game and creates events and storeys for the colonists that involve battle, environment, diplomacy, atmosphere, human psychology, commerce, and much more.

The AI delivers different events and scenarios depending on the type of AI you select and allows the playthrough of each player special and exciting. Players looking for a comparable game to amuse themselves should read on and check out a game that offers the same fun and difficulty that RimWorld offers.

In the following article, I will cover 15 Games Like RimWorld which you can play if you boor of playing RimWorld.

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Games Like RimWorld

Prison Architect

Games Like RimWorld

The first game on over list of Games Like RimWorld is Prison Architect. The main gameplay mechanic of RimWorld is the story-telling AI that drives the storyline and setting of the game and creates events and storeys for the colonists that involve battle, environment, diplomacy, atmosphere, human psychology, commerce, and much more.

The AI delivers different events and scenarios depending on the type of AI you select and allows the playthrough of each player special and exciting. Players looking for a comparable game to amuse themselves should read on and check out a game that offers the same fun and difficulty that RimWorld offers.

In the management sim industry,’ Jail Architect’ has its own image and it’s a game you can certainly check out if you enjoyed ‘RimWorld’. In the game, there is an escape mode where you are charged with fleeing from a high-security jail, which is one of the best single-player game modes we have seen so far in a management sim.

Dwarf Fortress

Games Like RimWorld

Next Games Like RimWorld is Dwarf Fortress. Since the original 2006 release of Dwarf Fortress, a must-have on this list has been what spurred developers to start working on RimWorld and create such an engaging and detailed game as a DF imitation.

Although the original game is already a classic for players in this type, Bay 12 Games has begun working to tweak the game for another release with an official skin pack that upgrades the game’s visuals and overall look to accommodate the countless predecessors that this game gives birth to.

The developers are also planning to add premium features based on creating a game version that appeals to the mainstream audience and takes a step back from the losing-is-fun design and obsolete UI that puts off some players who start playing the game.

As is evident from its hardcore and specialized playing style, Dwarf Fortress was made for specialists and not casual gamers, where your entire game can be ruined by a single mistake.


Games Like RimWorld

Banished is a game that we highly recommend for individuals who want to play RimWorld. There’s a lot in common with both of these titles, but we’re sure fans of each title would enjoy the other one. Banished follows in the footsteps of a character who was banished from his homeland and now lives in another piece of land on his own. With sufficient money, you are granted a free patch of land and you need to get a colony going.

There will be many other guests during the course of the game who may visit your colony and you will choose to recognise them as your own. Resource farming and mining is incredibly necessary and you best get a party going or your first winter won’t even last. Personally, this is one of my favourite games, and I would encourage everyone reading this list to play this game.

Oxygen Not Included

Games Like RimWorld

Next Games Like RimWorld is Oxygen not Included. Oxygen Not Included, another major name on the list and one of the better options for players searching for a RimWorld-like simulation experience, swaps the top-down perspective for a side one and places you in control of a base on a lonely asteroid full of clones and minimal resources for the only way to live to be your abilities and skills to keep your base afloat.

The game is fundamentally a space-colony sim which has the player controlling the physical health and emotional condition of the colonist, but with additional difficulties in preserving the colonists’ temperature, water quality, and waste. The participant should fastidiously design and set up the inspiration for optimum survival and should help the colonists to study science and area applied sciences to overcome alien life types and attempt to stay on a barren rock floating in space.

Oxygen Not Included features excellent game design and mechanics and is packed with personalities and the curse of being alone to the brim (as depicted by clones moaning and huddling to sleep). In addition, the atmosphere around the base and its danger, apart from the apparent lack of oxygen, make this an extremely difficult and frustrating game that sometimes takes the player to the verge of madness and exasperation.

Starship Theory

Games Like RimWorld

Starship Theory is a sim of survival that helps you to construct and live in outer space on your own starship. The game helps you to upgrade your spacecraft and then obtain resources according to your wishes. Resources are critical because they allow you to buy weapons that you can dock on your spacecraft to repel enemy invaders. You need to mine fields with asteroids that will supply you with more energy. As you may tell, the most significant part of this game is resource control.

The special thing is that it helps you to reach outer space and build your own spacecraft. We’re not saying that this is the best game ever made or that it includes the most addictive elements of gaming, but it manages to fulfil your alien dreams, so it finds a place on this list. People who performed ‘RimWorld’ are going to search out lots in frequent with this title, so if that is what you are on the lookout for, then you definitely may have the ability to do this one out.

Surviving Mars

Games Like RimWorld

Next Games Like RimWorld is Surviving Mars. Surviving Mars is a well-developed title and acts as a combination between a city-builder and colony simulation with outstanding survival qualities on the Red Planet from the same developers who brought us the Tropico game. You are charged with colonising Mars (one of the most popular concepts of humanity since NASA offered information and real hypotheses for it) and establishing the planet’s first working human base, a role that is far from simple and comes with different obstacles and difficulties.

The challenges are real to try to survive on a world not made for human survival, and it is the duty of the player to handle supplies, oxygen, sandstorm risks, individual colonists and unknown alien technologies discovered all over the planet. The game does a fine job of combining suspense with stressful risks to colony life, and it is an arduous mission that comes with many obstacles to cope with them and survive the world.

First Feudal

First Feudal allows you to take the role of a feudal lord who is tasked with bringing glory to his little one. If you think a feudal lord ‘s life was simple in some way, be prepared to chuck the idea out of the window. This game allows you to control your people’s different occupations so that you can successfully accumulate money and ensure that your people do not suffer from starvation.

One occupation out of a total of nine can be given to one of these ‘sims,’ and the sim will continue to work for that profession until he is told otherwise. You are also expected to prepare and sustain a seasoned army during the later stages of the game, which helps you to fend off enemy attacks. You can also set traps for your opponent and strategically draw them into them, leaving them confused. You can already presume that, much like RimWorld, the gameplay is very in-depth, so feel free to try out the game at your own moment.


Next Games Like RimWorld is Frostpunk. Frostpunk presents a steampunk-themed survival setting with an dystopian world and a brutal ice age that has killed and ruined nearly all large human settlements, a comparatively recent foray into the survival and strategy genre. The player is charged with being the leader of the last human city to exist and must manage the city ‘s resources and the well-being of its inhabitants.

It comes from the developers of the famous game “This War is Mine” and is considered an amazing base-building game that takes place in an alternative world of the 19th century where humans have been wiped nearly to the verge of extinction by a catastrophic ice age. In hopes of escaping the winter, the last of the human race is sheltered around a steam heat engine, and the main goal of the player is to take care of these individuals and keep them safe.


You all tried to direct humans with your hand and we all know how that worked out. So how about heading a gnome colony instead? These little fuzzy animals are incredibly hard-working, and to get what they want, they will stop at nothing. In such a way that you can tear down and reorganise everything you see on television, the universe is set up. There’s nothing keeping you from your imaginative best, so go out and send them a representative they’ve been looking for, gnomes.

If you get the gameplay fundamentals down, you’re free to do about whatever you want, and without even noticing it, it’s incredibly possible for one to spend hours and hours in this game. Whatever you send to the game, you are praised for it by the game, making it very difficult for you to put it down. You will still feel like digging that one more tunnel as that will make it easy for the gnomes to access those resources and you will have the desire to rebuild that more house until that’s completed.

Life is Feudal: Forest Village

Life is Feudal: Forest Village is a game with high hopes, but it seems like the developers have lost their way somehow. The promise in this game is out of the charts and features some of the most in-depth mechanics of testing and progress we’ve seen so far. The main objective of the game is to push a tribe of feudal people to their destiny by helping them over the centuries to build up their settlement and progress.

You have a top-down perspective of the settlement, but after completing those activities, the game switches to the first person view, adding to the immersive experience. Looking down on your busy town is always enjoyable, but being able to fly around the streets in first-person perspective is a totally different experience. We also hope that the developers show some respect for the game and don’t leave it because lately there were no patches and the game is filled with bugs.


Next Games Like RimWorld is Civitatem. In a wild and violent world, Civitatem is a base construction and civilian management sim where you are expected to build your colony from scratch. Through supplying them with the required objects, the key objective of the game is to handle the needs and demands of the civilians present in your settlement. This will control their levels of satisfaction and encourage them to work for you.

Every character has its personal strengths and limitations within the metropolis, so you might be anticipated to analyse them and assign them duties accordingly. It will be sure that provides don’t run out of the colony and every civilian has fulfilled their very own wants.

The sport additionally rewards the participant for navigating the map and, as we’ve got found out, that is fairly an vital facet. Exploring the map will enable you find different factions and arrange buying and selling routes that can assist you collect and commerce sources and make earnings.

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival

Jugdment: Apocalypse Survival in a post-apocalyptic world is exactly as the label says: survival. You managed to flee the clutches of a devil threatening the end of the entire planet. Along with you, there are two other survivors and the three of you must start a base camp and then enlarge it to protect themselves from the devil.

The game, where you are required to collect and mine resources that will help you build your base, has different economic aspects. You will appoint your characters to occupations and this will encourage them to take up and complete assignments.

A farm is a must since it provides for a constant supply of food and, thus, one of the most important occupations in the game is agriculture. You have the choice of studying different rituals as you build up your foundations, which will help you to eventually close the demon portal and end the invasion.

King under the Mountain

King under the Mountain is a simulation of city construction that helps you to create and run your own small town right from the ground up. The game has a lot of complexity and helps its players to mimic the behaviours of the settlers by controlling their traits and knowing their strengths.

As no two maps are created in the same manner as the other, it has a lot of rogue-like elements to its gameplay. If, however, you choose to play the same map twice, you want to copy the seed of the game, i.e. the randomly generated number, and then paste it when you start a new map. That way, the game creates the same map for you.

As trees and surrounding plants will constantly behave according to it, weather and seasons also impact the gameplay, so make sure to conserve your energy. In the game, there are different factions that you can select that have their own skills.

Rise to Ruins

Next Games Like RimWorld is Rise to Ruins. ‘Rose to Rubble’ is now in Early Access, a city-building simulation with a release date to be released shortly. In the year 2014, the game was placed into early access and still gets occasional patches from the developer, so you can expect a reasonably consistent gaming experience. It has created a lot of excitement and its gameplay mechanics and survival elements have been praised by players who have played the game.

It takes a lot of inspiration from games such as ‘RimWorld’,’ Banished’ and ‘Warcraft’ if you can anticipate a very varied experience of base construction, so you can certainly rely on this one. The graphics are pixilated and would cater to collectors of old school computer games, and the game’s infrastructure really holds up pretty well. From this word, we have a lot of hopes and we hope it will be able to live up to the amount of excitement it is already creating.

The Escapists 2

The last Best Games Like RimWorld is The Escapists 2. Mouldy Toof Studios and Team17 Digital have developed The Escapists 2 as an independent strategy-simulation title. Originally, it was released in 2017. The game was published by Team17 Interactive. The Escapists 2, based on expert ratings, has a Metascore of 74. The game was ranked by most rawgers as “Recommended”. On PC, macOS, Linux, and PlayStation 4, you can play The Escapists 2. The game is sold through the Epic Games Store, GOG, Nintendo eShop, and the Xbox Store.

That’s the list of 15 Best Games Like RimWorld. If you are playing any other games so let us know in the comments.