Games Like Pokemon Go. Niantic’s Pokemon Go was a massive hit and, when it first debuted, became a worldwide sensation.

Although the fun continued for the first few months when the buzz faded, many stopped playing the game completely and only the actual fans left.

Read on if you enjoy Augmented Reality (AR) games such as Pokemon Go.

Here are some of the games you can try out today, games like Pokemon Go.

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Games Like Pokemon Go

Field Trip

Games Like Pokemon Go

The first Games Like Pokemon Go is Field Trip. Field Trip plays in the background on your phone and pings you with a warning as you get close to a point of interest, much like getting an ever-present and all-knowing tour guide in your back pocket at all times.

It draws from an extremely diverse database, from oddly interesting historical places and super-cool bars to overlooked drinking and dining spots, all in an attempt to help you discover the secret secrets without doing much work in your own hood and all over the globe.

Walking Dead: Our World

Games Like Pokemon Go

Next Games Like Pokemon Go is Walking Dead. Walking Dead is a popular TV series and is also popular due to Telltale’s series as a video. Walking Dead: Our World is potentially the first smartphone game in the Walking Dead series of virtual reality.

Based on your place, you should battle walkers as they will load these zombies on your screen as you walk. It’s the same as how Pokemon Go works, i.e., when driving, you see Pokemon.

You will leave your mark after destroying these walkers for other players to discover. Multiplayer modes are also available so you can collaborate and get bigger prizes with other teams.

Even, Walking Dead: Our World helps you to gather iconic characters and objects after the original TV series if you enjoy collecting items.


Games Like Pokemon Go

The first well-made AR game which subsequently led to Pokemon Go was possibly Ingress. Niantic created all of these titles. At the 2015 Japanese Media Arts Festival, Ingress also won the grand prize.

This game is all about mystical energies and it is still unclear about its sources. Scientists agree that energy must be regulated or you would be controlled by it otherwise.

Two sides or factions exist, i.e. The Opposition and The Enlightened. One aims to use the energy that is proposed and the other counters.

You have to wander around as Pokemon Go to find and tap the origins of this energy.

You will use artifacts and technologies in your party to win territories and make friends with others (either Enlightened or Resistance). It’s a fairly in-depth game, so learning how to play takes time.


Next Games Like Pokemon Go is Geocaching. Geocaching is a practise in which individuals use GPS to find tiny “caches” concealed all over the planet by other individuals.

Chill: a traditional “cache” is nothing more than a waterproof jar containing a piece of paper signed by the people who have discovered it before you, and maybe some useless trinkets they left behind before you get too crazy imagining there are capsules loaded with gold bullion hidden all over the world.

Also, after you’ve seen what’s inside, you can put the cache back where you find it (so, catch’em all, and put’em all back ‘).

Also, it’s a sport that many adore, and this official app is basically a universal treasure map that will help you hunt down caches anywhere you are.

Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive is another simulation like Pokemon Go. It’s pretty much a smartphone version of Jurassic World with augmented reality and your job is to be a dinosaur collector and hybrid designer.

To level up, you can get epic dinosaur DNA and even use the laboratory to create all sorts of hybrid dinosaurs.

You can go into PvP matches with other players in the world until you have a powerful army or party of dinosaurs. You get some cool prizes if you win.

You have to walk around to discover and catch fossils, since it is location-based. On the map, there are also Supply Declines, which I assume are close to the Pokestop in Pokemon Go.

Although the game will usually be free to play, there would be a lot of perks for those who pay for the subscription, kind of like most mobile games these days.

Zombies, Run!

Next Games Like Pokemon Go is Zombie, Run. Zombies, Run! As the name suggests, that means you have to keep going.

This game may not necessarily be an AR game, but when you need to walk to gather supplies, it is a perfect incentive for those who dislike jogging or running.

This game comes with an immersive audio drama and you get the impression that you’re avoiding zombies when you’re moving. You have four challenges to play if you’re an F2P player and every new week you get one bonus mission.

You unlock 300 missions from the outset for those who upgrade to their pro membership. It’s certainly one of the most popular games in this genre (health and fitness) with a 4.9 / 5 rating on the Apple App Store!


Next Games Like Pokemon Go is Mobbles. Mobbles are another option to Pokemon Go on this page.

Except that they are a lot of various species, this game is very similar to Pokemon Go. In this mode, there are over 250 mobs to capture.

You should take care of them, swap your mates for Mobbles, or even join in fights with others.

You need to keep searching the area for fresh Mobbles because only until you’re in the near range can you grab them.

Sadly, it does not seem to have a method where you walk around and grab Mobbles as you walk, however in a certain place, you search for them.

This suggests that you need to travel from place to area.

Clandestine: Anomaly

If you want more of a virtual reality shoot-’em-up, this game is right up your alley.

In order to defend your neighborhood—and the planet—from any catastrophic zombie virus, it turns the world surrounding you into an epic battlefield with incessant alien assaults, which you must fight off with all sorts of mad arms.

Star Walk

Next Game Like Pokemon Go is Star Walk. This app is your go-to astronomical atlas, harnessing detailed positioning knowledge to help you remember all the cool overhead celestial bodies, and also helping you to easily forward or rewind to find out where and wherein the night sky you will be able to see otherworldly things.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is if you enjoy AR gaming, one of the best alternatives to Pokemon GO.

It is made in collaboration with Warner Bros Games by the developers of Pokemon GO, Niantic Studios.

The core premise of the game is that to find objects, cast spells, and encounter mythical beasts and famous characters from the Harry Potter series’ much-loved fantasy world, players must visit real-life locations.

You will fight your Pokemon with others in Pokemon GO. Players will fight against the supernatural beasts they find in the world in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

From Lecturer, Auror, or Magizoologist, you have the chance to select your occupation. Inns serve the same function as Pokestops, allowing you to replenish the strength of the spell.

Also, there are greenhouses where potion ingredients can be acquired and new ones can be grown, and fortresses where it is possible to battle more animals.

Run an Empire

Next Games Like Pokemon Go is Run an Empire. You catch the territory around which you race, so the longer the running loop is the better.

The logistics of Run an Empire allow you to fight for the contested territories with another player.

For a lover of walking and hiking of all ages, a bright experience. Conquer lands and when doing cardio, extend the kingdom.


The settings place you in a spacecraft with the exploration of alien galaxies and planets floating across the world.

Walkr uses a pedometer, but the game does not have any actual virtual reality.

There is a talking dog, though who says what to do some might suggest that this is more enhanced. For at least 30 minutes, you walk to explore a new world.

So that’s the list of some Best Games Like Pokemon Go if you play any other Games Like Pokemon Go so let us know in the comments.