Hello everyone in this article I will show you my picks for the Best Games Like Pokemon For Android. Likes there’s a lot of drama with you know the new pokemon announcements and things and I think a lot of us are starting to peel away just a little bit for the mainlines series to look at some competitors and for a while, this has been the case a lot of us have been playing ROM hacks and you know like that Pokemon MMO stop and of course literal other full Pokemon styles games such as Monster Hunter stories and a few other lights RPGs and half-hearted attempts. Games Like Pokemon For PC.

Fanta, we’ve really given shots spore but I think that these are the games that are definitely worth keeping an eyeball on seeing how they come out some of them are really far away we don’t know too much so I’m gonna quickly run through this list of Games Like Pokemon For PC.

Games Like Pokemon For PC

Which is only a top 5 and there are like a dozen or so games upcoming because oh my gosh pokemon people who grew up with Pokemon starting to get older starting to make some games and we’re seeing some really cool things.

Games Like Pokemon For PC. I’m showing some of them put a lot of them I don’t know it just it’s such a dominated genre and speaking of that these games um have some big twists and turns.

So don’t worry about just being pure clones or half-hearted attempts I think that’s these Pokemon likes are not just like Pokemon either they focus on the lifestyle aspects or maybe it’s totally focused on competitive or maybe it’s completely like adding in or mixing with a different genre they’re gonna have fun. Pokemon like games on pc.

Best Games Like Pokemon For PC


Games Like Pokemon For PC

Alright, guys so we’re gonna start off the list of Games Like Pokemon For PC by a Game called Kindred. This is a very little-known game that was just recently announced here and essentially what it looks like is it’s like open-world almost like days meets Pokemon at least that’s the vibe I’m getting from the trailer and if I had to guess what the end game is going to real results in and it’s probably going to look a lot like a lot of the experimental like Unreal and unity. Pokemon like games on pc.

Sort of open world style Pokemon games that we saw like the fan games like you can just look up like Pokemon open-world combat game and this game looks just like that.

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Pokemon like games on pc. In fact, I wouldn’t doubt if some people who made with some of those experimental demos actually went on to like you know to make their as we’ll just make our own let’s make our own monsters let’s make our own game obviously we’re gonna do it cuz Game Freak ain’t gonna do it Skyrim II you know running around with Vulpix ease kind of experience. Games Like Pokemon For PC.

I don’t know if if you want this sort of experience to any sort of quality really you get you got a plate-like some Minecraft mods’ or I went is there a Skyrim money mod that’d be kind of cool there’s really very few games that have anything on this style of gameplay and so it’s really cool at kindred is gonna make the attempt will it succeed who knows it’s freaking ambitious and the trailer is really weird but hey we’ll give it a shot. This was the best Games Like Pokemon For PC.

Monster Sanctuary

Games Like Pokemon For PC

The next game of this list of Games Like Pokemon For PC that I’m most excited about is the Monster Sanctuary. Which is basically Pokemon mixed with Metroid even though there’s been like crazy action shooting mechanics.

What you do have is collecting monsters raising monsters all the RPG paper-doll that’s gonna go with that and then also platforming which is pretty crazy.

Games Like Pokemon For PC. I know it’s definitely like a very weird perspective shift but just to kind of get you in the mindset you know if you think about it the baseline Pokemon games are kind of Metroidvania I mean they’re not action games at all which would be cool which is why we’re excited for kindred but monster sanctuary you know it’s similar.

Games Like Pokemon For PC. Because you know you’re gonna be unlocking different parts of the map by getting different items but in Pokemon, you kind of do the same you had different items that unlock different parts of the map you had different abilities hmm mainly that unlock different parts of the map and of course the badges and such so really is it that big of a departure.

It’s gonna look like it but I think in the end a lot of people who enjoy Pokemon are gonna like this fresh twist face of the Pokemon genre. Games Like Pokemon For PC.

Re Legend

Games Like Pokemon For PC

The next game of this list of Games Like Pokemon For PC is Re legend. Re legend in terms of quality with its graphics looks super pretty good.

I think nothing’s gonna appeal to a crowd that is far thrown away from the other half side of Pokemon which is generally you have the super casual crowd the cute collecting crowd. Yeah, you know who really enjoys the cuteness factor of Pokemon and then you have the super hyper-competitive.

Games Like Pokemon For PC. So games generally tear on one or the other in re legend seems like it’s gonna be for that you know the actual collecting and that lifestyle sort of feel which is great because this is truly a life style life simulated JRPG that’s cooperative monster raising that’s freakin sweet especially because a lot of these games aren’t cooperative.

online pokemon like games. Even some of you know from the casual to the competitive a lot of them just kind of fall away with the online aspects so this one I’m definitely looking forward to you especially seeing the polish and it’s coming to all platforms pretty much switch Xbox ps4 steam that’s super freaky crazy now how this is all gonna play out I don’t know is it going to truly be engrossing or is it gonna be a chore simulator does that even matter. Pokemon like games on pc.


Games Like Pokemon For PC

Games Like Pokemon For PC. Coming off of that note we have a game that is far-flung away from the competitive scene totally in the direction of completely casual collecting and farming and that is Ooblets.

I just want to say that these little freaking Ooblets are gosh dang adorable and I think this game is gonna be very very popular I’m absolutely jumping into this one I mean you’ve got little creatures named like Biddle bristle bud jiggy ding-dong what the clicky clause clump or really it’s just so it’s just so freaking adorable oh my god there’s an ooblet called dumb bird.

online pokemon like games. Anyways so the overall design is semi seems very Japanese very like spirited away in some ways just very Ghibli a very SuperDuper cute and adorable so you don’t have like any sort of feeling of competition or testosterone-filled dragon knights or anything like that Ooblets is definitely more focused on a world of maybe like this is the silly sort of casual experience focus on farming and life simulation.

Games Like Pokemon For PC. With Ooblets that happen to enrich the world versus you know all of your gameplay being totally tied into raising and battling monsters. So whether you consider that a Pokemon like or not it’s still about collecting creatures the game is still called Ooblets about these little creatures that are so freaking adorable called Ooblets.

I think but this is a game yes while very deemed very differently I think a lot of you guys who enjoy the collecting aspect of Pokemon will have fun with some Ooblets. Games Like Pokemon For PC.


Games Like Pokemon For PC

Best Games Like Pokemon For PC. Finally friends and family the game that you probably knew how it’s gonna be on the list that’s gonna be Temtem so this one is pretty well known and when I covered it it got some decent views.

online pokemon like games. I’m putting this at number one but this gives me some room to kind of critique it a little bit is that I don’t really think it’s really an MMO I’ve played a lot of Pokemon MMO you know bunny ears MMO and most often they don’t actually include MMO mechanics just because you see a lot of people in the old doesn’t mean you’re really interacting with them.

Games Like Pokemon For PC. And Temtem I don’t know what mechanics they’re really gonna focus on because it seems like they’re missing a lot of the life sim features that could make this a very social title really tem tem is going to be the opposite of re legend and Ooblets and it’s gonna be totally focused on competitive fights.

Pokemon like games on pc. So all of the mechanic little tiny twists and turns like obviously the game looks just like Pokemon it seems like it’s gonna play just like Pokemon there’s a lot of little twists and turns that make it totally focused on being an eSport essentially.

Pokemon like games on pc. Which I think would be really fantastic ice and especially with the fact that the newest Pokemon game is apparently gutting the decks yeah I think a lot of people are looking to bring their competitiveness to a different game maybe or maybe we’ll just play the ROM hacks like a lot of people already do anyways I don’t know but temtem also has a cooperative like a storyline that you can run through. online pokemon like games.

But we still have to see what those online features really evolve into they can say one thing they can have the bullet points on the Kickstarter But how it actually plays out I need to see because this being claimed as an MMO is a game as a service.

Online pokemon like games. So how often are they updating the Pokemon how often are they holding tournaments things like that what is the reward for playing I need to know that but anyways in terms of Polish and in terms of being a pure Pokemon like basically you know it is essentially a pokemon clone then this was the Best Games Like Pokemon For PC.

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