Games Like Path of Exile. Action role-playing computer games have gone a long way. Simply smashing talent buttons have by no way been this fun from the delivery of the style to incredibly complex and open-ended video games such as Road of Exile.

But with its absolute breadth, ambiguity, and usability, PoE distinguishes itself. While we have several choices inside the theme, Path of Exile is now the undisputed king in motion RPGs, created by Grinding Gear Games.

It also has the biggest and most complex talent tree in video video games so far, along with its usual top output, with an imaginative gem scheme, and it’s totally open.

But we’re going to take a look at the most popular games like Path of Exile, all of which you can buy on Steam.

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Games Like Path of Exile

Mage and Minions

Games Like Path of Exile

The first Games Like Path of Exile is Mega and Minions. Mage and Minions is a video game published by Making Fun for Handheld Devices for action role-playing, single-player and multiplayer.

It occurs in a breathtaking setting full of vicious monsters and dangerous animals looking to destroy you.

Since the game uses the concept of free-to-play, you can buy extra items, similar to other MMORPGs, using real-world currency. There are many classes of characters, and one of them can be selected to leap into the world of fantasy.

To draw the strong spells on the ground, the game uses touch controls, giving you a fast-paced fighting environment that you can experience throughout the Diablo series.

You will use the forging system to build your armor, hire your mighty legions of warriors, and travel the globe to fend off evil.

Diablo 3

Games Like Path of Exile

Diablo Three, the most up-to-date reconstruction of the legendary hack-and-slash series that even your neighbor is most definitely aware of.

However as a result of its casual gameplay, it turned the middle of critique, it’s nevertheless a terrific motion RPG like Road of Exile. Quick motion, never-ending replayability.

This is the dilemma that emerges when learning about Diablo 3: without looking like you have a major problem or have picked up the world’s most dull habit, it’s difficult to do it. Both are the two extremes, and both of them are not only true, but both can be true at the same time.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Games Like Path of Exile

Next Games Like Path of Exile is Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Marvel: Avengers Alliance by Offbeat Development and Disney Interactive is a fantastic game. It is a video game focused on Marvel Comics that is action, strategy, turn-based, role-playing, and single-player.

The game can only be played on Facebook and Microsoft Windows on the Social Site.

The game is set in the world of fantasy and requires the player to take on the role of the S.H.I.E.L.D. It consists of twelve separate chapters, each with six difficult tasks.

To explore numerous locations, including San Francisco, Wakanda, Great Britain, and Savage Territory, the player has to pick his character class and dive into the world.

The hero must interrogate the Circle of Eight in the game, which is a mysterious organisation that murders heroes and enemies for unexplained purposes.

The game provides similar gameplay to the previous one, in which the player builds a squad of heroes to battle monsters and complete missions, and access new costumes for the characters.

Torchlight 2

Games Like Path of Exile

Torchlight 2 could be just for you if you don’t want a critical, long tale and merely need to get gratification from a high quality, brief motion role-playing experience.

You will be occupied for a very long time with its options equal to the replayable plot, vibrant graphics, and four entirely different lessons with separate builds. It usually goes on sale on Steam as well.

The World of Magic

The World of Magic, created for mobile devices by Com2us, is a role-playing and multiplayer video game with a focus on action elements. The game takes place in a 2D world and features a set of characters that can be played.

The player must select his playable character from the available before starting to play the game and then jump to a world full of other players, enemies, and dangerous monsters.

The player waits for an exciting PvP mode, and the game comes with multiple playable factions, each offering unique characters and goals.

From an isometric point of view, the player explores the world, and the primary goal is to raid other players, gain resources, and increase the level. It provides gaming in the MMORPG format like never before, and the game has three distinct types of characters such as Ranger, Fighter, and Magician.

Grim Dawn

Next Games Like Path of Exile is Grim Dawn. Grim Dawn, the recreation that came out of Steam Early Access with the intention of doing what Diablo Three couldn’t achieve. Like Road of Exile, it is another ARPG and it has key professionals going for it: fantastic lessons and diversity with secondary lessons, a large talent system and, eventually, once again, a dark universe and story like PoE.


Evoland, offered by Shiro Games, is an adventure, role-playing, and single-player video game that introduces retro graphics. As you progress through the game, the game encourages you to embark on an epic adventure through a series of stages, allowing you to unlock new technology, visual upgrades, and gameplay systems.

The combat is influenced by a variety of societies that have made their imprint in the video game role-playing industry, bringing you from monochrome to 3D graphics and from active to actual wars.

From an isometric viewpoint, you can explore the world, battle against vicious giants, and beat them to obtain the necessary in-game currency to unlock additional money.

Lots of collectibles will be available to collect when playing the game and provide you with special skills that are required to improve performance. The field specially made in 3D can be re-explored or the airship can fly the world over.


Next Games Like Path of Exile is Warframe. Warframe is not exactly like Road of Exile because it’s not a motion RPG, but it’s also free on Steam, practically an MMO, and aside from its digital camera perspective, it behaves pretty much the same.

You’re in for free time with hundreds of entirely new attacks, missions, and constructions combined with fluid combat. In the event you are, we also have an article on games like Warframe.

Kings Road

Kings Road, developed and released by Rumble Entertainment, is an action, massively multiplayer online, role-playing, browser-based video game. The plot of the game is very similar to that of a fairy tale.

Throughout the story, the kingdom was seized in the absence of the king by certain vicious evil rivals. You are a hero and you must fight against evil enemies, along with other online gamers, to free the princess. 3D type graphics that use Flash Player are used in the video.

You will unlock the dungeon mode; you have to complete the game’s main quest before that. Three separate character groups of brave warriors appear in Kings Road. Four key classes, such as The Sorcerer, The Archer, The Warrior, and The Admar, are available.

Avernum: Escape from the Pit

Avernum: Escape from the Pit is a video game developed by Spiderweb Software that is action-adventure, role-playing, turn-based, strategy, fantasy-based, open world, and single-player.

A party of four explorers can be controlled in the game, who can use melee weapons and melee attacks to defeat enemies.

The game features a skill-based system that at the beginning of the game requires you to select a character type. The game takes place in a world full of rogues, misfits, and brigands in Avernum. You have to fight for life when playing the game and destroy creatures or enemies to save the environment.

You need to solve hundreds of quests offered by NPCs throughout the game to make points. This makes the gameplay easy to enjoy, but hard to learn. Along with the stunning plot, Avernum Escape from the Pit offers the finest physics, graphics, and immersive gameplay.


Next Games Like Path of Exile is Zenonia. With intense action, fighting, and single-player mechanics, Zenonia is the best smartphone role-playing game. It is accessible on platforms developed by Gameevil for Android, iOS, and PlayStation.

It provides fast-paced and action-packed gameplay, including Paladin, Assassin, Knight, and Druid, which could have multiple character types. It lets the player pick one of them and plunge into the world of the game. – character has its own special powers, talents and style of combat.

The player will get into the role of the protagonist called Regret in the game, and his primary purpose is to find the cause for the death of his father named Pardon. For each character level, there are a hundred types of weapons and skill trees.

Discover the game world to fight against enemies, take revenge on evil, and use weapons to kill them. The game incorporates thrilling worlds and encourages the player to discover them and expose the mysteries behind the portal.


Oceanhorn is a computer game developed and released by FDG Entertainment GmbH for Action-Adventure, Role-playing, Fighting, and Single-player. In the fantasy Uncharted Waters, which is full of numerous puzzles, powerful monsters, and mysteries, the game takes place.

This encourages the player to discover the environment, connect with NPCs to take missions, and attempt to finish them all. The player can fight against the mighty monster using his abilities and weapons during the target.

The game provides a perfect mix of amazing music, a captivating plot, and visual Ultra-HD specifics that make the game more fun and thrilling.

Wartune: Hall of Heroes

Gaea Mobile Limited’s Wartune Hall of Heroes, is an action-adventure and MMORPG video game. As most RPGs, using infinite possibilities to leap into the fantasy world and complete goals, the player can create his character.

The game allows players to communicate with other players to build up a squad in a tuarn-based battle system to launch his journey against the evil monsters or other online players.

The player will explore various areas throughout the gameplay to collect objects, craft powerful equipment, and use guns against enemies.

Pocket Legends

Next Games Like Path of Exile is Pocket Legends. Pocket Legends is a video game developed and released by Spacetime Games for Fantasy, Fighting and MMORPG. It provides cooperative level-based gameplay that offers similar gameplay to Diablo II.

The game takes place in Alterra’s dream world, where the player can assume the part of a hero and embark on a quest full of goals. There are multiple types of characters, and the game encourages the player to select his preferred one for the world to access.

The player has an option to either play the game alone or in a team of other players after choosing the character. The player plays alongside another player in the Co-op Story Mode, and the ultimate objective is to rid the field of all forms of monsters.

Taichi Panda

Taichi Panda is designed to do what very few cell phone video games do. It offers a remarkable adventure of hack and slash that seems sensitive and has a list of influential characteristics. In a magical land full of vicious ghosts, robbers, and goblins, the game takes place.

A panda, who is a martial-art professional, guides the player and embarks on an epic quest to combat all evil forces. There are multiple characters that are available, and each has a specific personality, talents, and ability.

The game allows the player to select a hero and to leap into the game to combat monsters. From an isometric view, the player can navigate the area.

So that’s the list of 15 Best Games Like Path of Exile if you play any other Games Like Path of Exile so let us know in the comments.