Games Like Monster Hunter: From its first iteration, the Monster Hunter series was outstanding. My only criticism is that getting into this series is very difficult, especially if you are a newbie.

There are too many variations to pick from, and with the same console, not all! Even so, in its new adaptation, called Monster Hunter: Universe, Capcom has sought to enhance the usability of this series.

It may take some time to get used to the gameplay, but you’ll enjoy every bit of the monster-slaying atmosphere the game provides until you’re acquainted.

Because between releases there is a long waiting period, let’s look at some games like Monster Hunter series to fulfill your cravings for some rewarding action.

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Games Like Monster Hunter

The Witcher 3

Starting list of Games Like Monster Hunter with The Witcher 3. It is both a blessing and a curse to get to walk into Geralt of Rivia’s shoes. It was a joy that you get to have supernatural powers, great sword abilities, and charm oodles. Yet it is also a curse since it seems like Geralt cannot avoid fighting monsters.

That’s the whole point of The Witcher, in fact. By profession, he’s a monster killer, which is certainly a rough and unforgiving life. But if you have hair like Geralt’s, you’re kind of cursed with an action star’s existence. Look at him. He’s like a Tom Cruise on Middle-Earth.

Dark Souls

Games Like Monster Hunter

Created by FromSoftware and released by Namco Bandai, this game’s first version soon became a worldwide sensation. Everyone on the internet was complaining about its gameplay elements that were difficult to understand and its high learning curve. Even, the whooping was enjoyed by people and kept coming back for more.

The series has produced two more masterpieces since its inception in 2011: Dark Souls 2 and 3, respectively. I suggest you check the entire series out but try not to frustrate your controller. Stick with it and the game gets so much more fun as you get better.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Games Like Monster Hunter

What more does this game need to say? It has a wonderful open world, an assortment of intense foes, a combat framework full of complexities and curves of learning, and it has introduced another installment to one of the world’s most beloved continuing stories.

And you’ve definitely played Breath Of The Wild, to be honest. If you’re not, you can stop doing what you’re doing completely, get a copy of it, and postpone your plans for the next three and a half weeks. You’ll be busy.


Games Like Monster Hunter

Next Games Like Monster Hunter is Bloodborne. The same minds that were behind the Dark Souls series created Bloodborne, and it shows in its rough yet fun battle mechanics. If you’ve played the series of Dark Souls, expect more of the same-blood, gore, and delightful disorder.

However, the opponent AI in this game is smarter. A slow-paced strategy can no longer be taken where you wait for the enemy to make mistakes. Only if you’re good on your feet would the shield come in handy. A granted is the occasional death, but if you play passively, you can only contribute to the mounting anger and inequality.

God Of War

To giant beasts, breathtaking boss battles, and killing, Kratos is no stranger. Currently, he’s definitely one of the most offensive characters in video games ever.

However, his most recent outing showed us a Kratos that was less concerned with killing, and more concerned with his wife’s burial. Which was a positive sign as a person of his future development.

That much anger does not fill anyone; it’s just not safe. But even after his development as a human, there are still a few brutes who need to be taught a lesson along the way. This is the ultimate glory of the God of War.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Next Games Like Monster Hunter is Dragon Dogma. Dark Arisen, developed and released by Capcom, brings you to a world of high fantasy where monsters and dragons are not mere myths. Against hordes of these supernatural beings, including witches, wizards, and sorceresses, you will fight along with your two AI companions.

Your conception of the character will impact your gaming experience. For eg, if you start with a shorter character, he would not be able to hold a lot of weight around. In the other side, with their reflexes, they would be rapid.

Likewise, constructing a broad character has its own range of benefits, but chose carefully. I appreciated that my hours spent making a character had some impact on the game, something about which absolutely no other game ever pays attention.


These days, the world cannot get tired of samurai games. It seems that everybody and their grandma, like they did back in the good ole feudal days, are taking up a katana and slicing baddies. Yet the complexity is what sets Nioh apart from all the other swordsmanship selections on the market.

There are several weapons to practice, stances to learn, powers, and combos to unlock, and everything that does not help. This game is just plain difficult, and you just have to worry about going past some of its obstacles.

Slaying demons is a brutal profession, and several times the game takes the argument over. If you like zombies, menus, and men of honor, though, then this game ought to be your jam.


Next Games Like Monster Hunter is Dauntless. I’m a little biased, and for a good cause, against this game. Back when Monster Hunter Universe was just released on consoles and a definite release window wasn’t really open to the PC crowd? For a lot of PC players, including me, this free-to-play game was sort of a consolation prize.

I wasn’t expecting anything to go into this. To my delight, it turned out to be a very addictive game indeed. To even the most hardcore Monster Hunter fans, the vast scale of this game can be intimidating.

Most of the players are just searching for adventure out there, all the discovery and prizes aside. The guide is minimalistic, which means that certain aspects are going to have to be worked out on your own.

God Eater 3

Perhaps God Eater 3 doesn’t have the best writing. Honestly, they may not even make sense of their story. But it’s all right when you have a fighting system that’s nuanced, ever-changing, and layered. Yeah, sometimes button mashing may prevail, but it’s worth learning the system if you really want to get the most out of your time hunting for Aragami.

This game is so full of giant monsters, heavy weapons, combo attacks, and menu screens that it can be difficult to differentiate it from Monster Hunter: Universe. After all, before about ten percent of you get into the plot, when the nonsense really begins to flow, and this trip is obviously becoming an anime game.

Toukiden 2

Next Games Like Monster Hunter is Toukiden 2. Toukiden 2 is an action RPG developed by Omega Force and released by Koei Tecmo that looks and plays much like the Monster Hunter series. The source of inspiration for this game is easy to discern as soon as you play the first few minutes.

This game doesn’t get in the way if you just want to skip the plot and start fighting monsters pretty much right outside the entrance. Whilst basic, the fighting method is still enjoyable to play with.

Although the learning curve is not as steep as games like Monster Hunter and Dark Souls, before you can fully consider yourself to be an expert, there is still a lot to learn.

Shadow Of The Colossus

Any of the coolest video game beasts in the zeitgeist are the Colossi in Shadow Of The Colossus. They present their own special challenges, all exemplify their own individual art style, and they were the most mind-bending behemoths the gaming community had seen when the game was first released on the PlayStation 2.

The game itself has a lot of calm, reflective, and moody walks around lonely environments, but as the big boys lumber into the scene, the vibes shift considerably. As technology has advanced, gaming has since dialed up the scale of bosses, but SOTC was the first time most players encountered a monster greater than the computer.

Hunt Showdown

Next Game Like Monster Hunter is Hunt Showdown. A first-person shooter developed and released by Crytek is Chase Showdown. You are dumped on a swampy island full of creatures eager to make mincemeat for you.

Eating the beast, locating the loot and getting out of the zone is the challenge. There is a twist, of course. Every player on the map can get your place as soon as you destroy the monster and they might try to track you down. In a couple of seconds, the script turns. You should even carry along your mates.

Moments earlier, you were a hunter, but now you must survive against the predators. They’ll get your hard-earned loot for themselves if they kill you.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

One of the most beloved video game tales ever told is Cloud’s initial adventure to rid the world of the darkness of Shinra Co. Players create a group of some of the most memorable characters in games, arm their warriors with enchanted guns and resources, and discover a setting that could be the best take on steampunk since The Valley Of The Wind’s Nausicaa.

None of the aspects people enjoyed in the original have been altered by the sequel. The old turn-based battle structure was basically converted into a colorful and entertaining action RPG and included a lot of extra content. Hence why the first 5% of the original game took place and converted it into a 40-hour drive.

Black Desert Online

Just because of its smooth, sensitive battle mechanics alone is Black Desert Online worth playing. With its fast-paced action, you’ll fall in love and get addicted to it in no time.

This game, created by Pearl Abyss, has long been in progress. They are still busy releasing regular patches and corrections, even though it has been released now. Only recently, for example, this game was graphically overhauled by developers, giving it a new lease on life.

In some parts of the world, it follows a free-to-play format and purchase-to-play in others. Travel over to their website to read more about their different methods for monetization.

Horizon Zero Dawn

If you have ever tried to see what happens when you use a bow and arrow to kill a robot dinosaur? Have you ever tried to walk across the scarred surface of the scorched, fractured Earth? If the answer is yes to all of the above, then you could be the dream game for Horizon Zero Dawn.

It’s a daunting experience that can not be tried on the hardest challenge most certainly, it features a powerful female lead, and encourages a vast open-world map. And if you haven’t seen it for the first time, there are lots of robot dinosaurs, so it’s certainly worth trying.

So that’s the list of Best Games Like Monster Hunter if you play any other Games Like Monster Hunter so let us know in the comments.