Games like Krunker. We all enjoy playing video games, and on the Internet, there are several rare games that do not need a separate download, such as So we’ll tell you some of the best games today in this post, including

There are several multiplayer games that do not need a special installation, and these games are only available for a period of time. These kinds of games never go from the trend, and they don’t have amazing graphics, but people like these kinds of games anyway. is a popular game that can be played by users on their machines. This is a single-player or multiplayer game that our mates will enjoy. Here are some Games like Krunker.

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Games like Krunker

Counter-Strike: Source

Games like Krunker

The first Games like Krunker is Counter-Strike: Source. Counter-Strike: Source is a computer game developed and released by Valve Corporation focused on Military, First-Person Shooter, and Multiplayer. In a sequence of stages, the game revolves around the battle against counter-terrorist teams and terrorists.

By destroying all soldiers of the opponent’s squad to complete a goal, each level is won. You will take the part of the protagonist and build your squad with other actual players around the world, and the ultimate mission is to accomplish the goals of saving all prisoners, defusing the bomb, and killing all enemy team members.

Vertix Online

Games like Krunker

Vertix Online is the best choice for you if you want to play a game like This is a game focused on shooting where you have to make a team or group of your mates and you can fully enjoy the game.

A player has to kill other players in this game to gain more points in the game. For the entire team, you have to win and earn points. You shouldn’t need to make any special effort to download this game.

MiniRoyale 2

Games like Krunker

MiniRoyale is indeed a game focused on shooting, and is somewhat similar to This is a war mode game that you and your friends have to play.

There’s a team of 10 players in this game where you’ve got to defeat enemies by killing them. You’ll have lime shotguns and assault rifles, too. With the help of these guns, you have to defeat the opponents and the team can win who can stand till the end of the game.

Urban Terror

Games like Krunker

Next Games like Krunker is Urban Terror. Urban Terror is an action, RPG, and MMO-FPS video game by Silicon Ice Production and Frozen Sand, LLC. The game is a perfect combination of games such as Unreal Tournament, Counter Strike and Far Cry 4 and has a similar game-play and mechanics and a profound effect on the plot.

The main elements of Urban Terror that give endless entertainment to all casual FPS game fans are old school environments, a range of fantastic weapons and powers, state of the art graphical info, various forms of enemies, and an open environment.

Assault Cube

A popular shooting game that is based on a cube engine is Assault Cube. As a single-player and multiplayer, the game can be played so that you can meet your friends.

You can get the Arcade mode with the robot bots in a single-player and you can play with your friends in multiplayer. In this game, you can also play various modes, such as Capture The Flag, Hunt The Flag, Deathmatch, etc.


Warface is a military-themed video game developed by Crytek using the most advanced CryEngine 3 gaming engine, dubbed Tactical First-person Shooter and Co-Op Multiplayer.

The game provides you with four distinct types of operators to choose from and allows you to play the game in any of the game modes chosen. Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Plant The Grenade, Storm, Catch and Destruction Mode are the game modes. A separate map and atmosphere and multiple enemies are provided in each game mode.

When playing, you can be part of a squad or you can play as a player and take on your enemies with all your strength and technical and strategic skills.

Through competing in fights and defeating your opponents and meeting the game goals, you can gain XP (Experience Points) and later on you can use these points to purchase new weapons and ammo.

Warface delivers graphics that are believable, with plenty of enhancements and advantages, and an action-packed game-play to enjoy.


Next Games like Krunker is PKing. This game can also be played without any added work to install it. This game is a little different from, because in order to be at the top of the list, you have to defeat enemies here.

Like other Browser games, this game is also where you have to battle enemies to gain full points. You will also gain money in this game to keep ahead of other players.

Counter Strike

Counter Strike, or CS for short, is a video game called Fast-paced and Action-filled Tactical FPS (First Person Shooter). It’s also part of the Counter Strike super series that contains some of the greatest hits of all time, such as Counter Strike: Condition Zero and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

The game provides a gameplay packed with war-based action and suspense and features a competitive and demanding world without any great or appealing plot and steadily improved visuals.

Counter Strike introduces a player-controlled protagonist who, in a war-based setting, works alone or may lead character teams like himself and fight in battles with the hostiles.


Next Games like Krunker is RoboFight. Here you have to destroy the enemies and have to gain the highest points. We will understand this game by its name. This is also a game focused on shooting, which has some good graphics.

By destroying enemies and firing headshots, you can gain points. In this game, you can learn more for as long as you can live. Because of its graphics quality, it is one of the most popular browser games.

Combat Arms

Combat Arms is Doobic Studios’s Hardcore Action-Packed, Fast-Paced Co-op MMOFPS video game. With a clear similarities and influence from the biggest names such as Call of Duty, Counter Attack, Ghost Racon 2 and Mission Against Fear, etc. in the FPS genre.

Combat Arms provides similar gameplay, mechanics and fun action-oriented environments in a multiplayer environment. Combat Arms offers a range of extremely entertaining game modes such as One Man Squad, Elimination Pro, Capture the Flag, Search and Conquer, Grab and Dominate, Spy Chase, Hired Guns, Bombing Sprint, VIP Escort, Quarantine Area, etc.


Homefront, developed in collaboration with Digital Extremes by Kaos Studios and released by THQ and Spike Japan, is an action, RPG and video game for first-person shooters. The game centers on the story of a resistance movement battling in the United States against illegal military rule.

Korea occupies the U.S. and disables any U.S. military elements, catches up the protagonist with his companions and attempts to settle them in a re-education camp until their bus is unexpectedly ambushed by the resistance and Connor and Rianna release the protagonist, gets to Oasis, joins the resistance and continues battling against the Korean armies.

Sudden Attack

Next Games like Krunker is Sudden Attack. Sudden Attack is a video game developed by Nexon GT to play online on Microsoft Windows, freemium Multiplayer Online and Tactical First-person Shooter. By being part of the Red or Blue side, you will play the game. The Red team is named Tranzirilo, and the United Great Power is dubbed the Blue team.

There are numerous game-play competitions of various maps, such as Deathmatch, Devastation and Capture the Flag, Gunman, Gun Only, etc. You can enter any mode of the game and start battling against the other team and complete the goals of the game.


A perfect addition to the genres of Action, FPS and RPG is Insurgency. The game provides brilliant MMO visuals and allows you to compete with opponents in epic team-based encounters.

Use your amazing leadership skills to lead your forces, use state-of-the-art and modern weapons to destroy your opponents and achieve the thrilling goals of the game.

You will pick your teams (U.S. Marines or Insurgents). Insurgency requires you to be part of a 16-member squad in which from a variety of options (Rifleman, Support, Gunner, Engineer, Marksman, etc.), you can select a player class, get into the play and drop some opponents.

Piercing Blow

Piercing Blow is a beautiful contribution to the Free-to-Play MMO and Sniper genre of FPS. In reality, with a large group of players from around the world, the remake of the Project Blackout of 2010.

The game provides similar features to its predecessor and allows a number of high-class FPS games to have a similar gameplay experience.

With a variety of cool and entertaining game modes such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Flag grab, etc., Penetrating Blow enables you to go on epic quests to fulfill the goals, use advanced weaponry against the enemies and outrun them with every turn, eventually eradicate the goals and win skill points.


Electronic Arts’ Battlefield Game Series, co-developed by EA Visual Illusions CE and Visceral Games, is a First Person Shooter (FPS) war-based video game series produced for PCs (Microsoft Windows), Mac OS X, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The entire game series is a combination between broader world maps, squad and vehicular combat and first person shooter gameplay that is super entertaining and action packed.

More than 50 million players around the world have played the Battlefield game series and are still on their way to the endless direction of progress. With 11 key games and 12 expansion packs, this game series is an amazing one to experience and enjoy.

Arma II

A single and multiplayer military warfare and first-person tactical shooter simulation and a direct sequel to the famous Operation Flashpoint, Arma II, produced by Bohemia Interactive. The game is developed using the most advanced gaming engine, Real Virtuality 3, and can only be played on Microsoft Windows.

Arma II offers gameplay filled with hardcore action and allows you the ability to demonstrate your advanced tactical and shooting abilities in a war-based environment. You can play from a first-person viewpoint as a soldier in the game and enjoy the impressive and very fun aspect of the game.

So that’s the list of Games like Krunker if you play any other Games like Krunker so let us know in the comments.