Games Like Kenshi. Kenshi’s up there with titles like RimWorld and Dwarf Fortress when it comes to genre-bending computer games.

Provided as an open-world RPG for survival, it has you navigating a rugged landscape full of limitless obstacles and possibilities.

Although the steep learning curve can be difficult for new players, Kenshi’s unique structures and the unpredictability of its sandbox usually end up being hooked by those who persevere.

It’s the kind of game you can dive into without ever knowing for hundreds of hours.

In this article, we will suggest the best games to play in 2020, such as Kenshi.

We will concentrate primarily on PC releases, but a couple of games like Kenshi on console & Android have also been added.

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Games Like Kenshi

Medieval Dynasty

The first Games Like Kenshi is Medieval Dynasty. Medieval Dynasty is an open-world survival game that leans into the gameplay of Kenshi’s squad management aspect.

Based in Europe during the Early Middle Ages, in the hopes of making it into a wealthy dynasty that will survive for centuries, the game sees you establish your own colony.

You will protect your people against wild animals, provide food and shelter, and turn your tiny community into a thriving village.

That’s in addition to satisfying the needs of your main character and ensuring that they have ample supplies to manage run-ins with bears, wolves, and everything else that the game presents your direction.


Games Like Kenshi

As hundreds of characters join your party, the deeper you get into Kenshi, the more important base-building becomes.

Factorio is another game that stresses the base-building. The game is based on automating machinery for your very own creation of heaven to capture and optimize materials.

Initially, once you have done enough homework to enable automation, you will have to manually cut trees, mine ores, and craft materials.

The advancement method of Factorio provides an array of improvements for your devices to improve performance, harness alternate power sources, and program AI.

Conan: Exiles

Games Like Kenshi

Another game Like Kenshi Conan: Exiles. survival title, Conan Exiles, featuring a hellish open-world sandbox packed with monsters and resources you’re going to need to create bases and weapons.

Although it is predominantly multiplayer-focused, there is a single-player mode as well.

You’re free to carve out your own route and concentrate on the parts of the game you love, close to Kenshi.

This could involve collecting any bit of lore you come across for you, decking out your base with fancy furniture and decorations, or running around grabbing NPCs and making them your slaves.


In addition to colony management simulation, Frostpunk is another game like Kenshi that provides base-building.

The game takes place in an alternative universe where, during the 19th century, a new ice age has come along.

You serve as the chief of a settlement in the center of the village that ensures its existence by a steam-powered heat generator.

Where Frostpunk varies, there are repercussions for each decision you make that is mirrored in the tale and the morale of your villagers.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Next Games Like Kenshi is Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Similar to Kenshi, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is a sandbox game powered by structures that allows you to perform roles based on its mediaeval world as different character types.

There are various avenues to try, whether you’re interested in being a popular jouster, rich businessman, sword-for-hire, thief, or more.

The game also features a Kenshi-like group structure and management aspect in which you lead armies of hundreds or more into combat.

It’s a more refined overall experience that basically strengthens the original Mount & Blade in every area.


RimWorld offers an almost flawless combination of base-building, survival, and strategy game elements that could cater to Kenshi fans, pushing it even further.

Until crash-landing with a squad of space colonists, the game lets you choose from many biomes.

For the society to thrive, colonists have physical and emotional needs that must be fulfilled, including having adequate accommodation and expanding as necessary.

Furthermore, the deep-rewarding gameplay loop is complemented by an AI-driven storyteller known for his hilariously gruesome scenarios.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Next Games Like Kenshi is Kingdom Come. If your favorite feature of Kenshi is how barbaric the open world of the game can be, there’s a fair chance you’ll love the similarly sadistic setup of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Inside it, you serve as the son of a blacksmith who joins a party of insurgents after his parents and village are slain by raiders to defend others.

You’re not a champion with magic or charisma, but a bumbling oaf facing the same hurdles as everyone else.

This means seeking food, water, and a spot each night to rest your head. Depending on how you’re dressed or when you were last bathed, NPCs respond to your presence, adding to the immersion and sense of realism.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark, is one of those games that you can really enjoy or dislike. All this is a matter of personal preference and tolerance for glitches that are scratching, grieving, and game-breaking.

With that being said, it integrates into the survival genre some enjoyable new concepts, including the potential to tame wild animals.

We’re talking about slave dinosaurs that will let you ride them, hold your stuff, and protect the predators against both you and your base.

The single-player mode allows you to create complex fortresses without thinking about another person blowing it up, while playing in PvP can be rough, particularly for new players.

The Forest

Next Games Like Kenshi is The Forest. The Forest is a horror-themed open-world survival game that sees you playing as a father searching for his son after the pair crash-land on a remote island brimming with cannibalistic mutants. It offers base-building, crafting, and first-person combat.

What makes The Forest stand out from similar horror survival games is the quality of its enemy AI, which reacts differently to the player based on the time of day. At night, you can easily find yourself outnumbered and overwhelmed if you’re not careful.


Like Kenshi and numerous other survival games, in addition to physical conditions ranging from hypothermia to radiation poisoning, Rust mimics real life through mechanics such as hunger and thirst.

There are also wild animals to look out for, aggressive NPCs, and other teams, the worst of them all.

The best aspect is that much of what you do in Rust is unscripted, making for some moments that are very bizarre and thrilling, especially your encounters with other players.

You can conquer someone else’s base, rob all their things, and even declare their land as your own, similar to Kenshi.

Space Engineers

Next Games Like Kenshi is Space Engineers. Another sandbox game encompassing explorable worlds, asteroids, and asteroid belts is Space Engineers.

It’s no small feat to get to them, however, as much of the game revolves around attempting to sustain life on an alien world by resource selection and crafting.

It offers a wide range of space ships and vehicles that enable you to fly great distances in order to build stations and set up outposts.

There are two modes included with the game: Imaginative, for those who love to create stuff, and Survival, for those looking for a more demanding experience.

State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 has you overseeing a group of refugees brimming with zombie creatures in a post-apocalyptic setting.

It has you, like Kenshi, starting with a single character and hiring extra ones as you advance.

In order to deal with random zombie attacks, gameplay primarily focuses on scavenging resources and reinforcing your fortress.

Resources are scarce in each map, requiring you to consider carefully what goals you want to pursue and what abilities you want to develop.

Games Like Kenshi for Android

Doom & Destiny

Next Games Like Kenshi for Android. Drawn into a world of fantasy and mistaken for heroes, four nerds have to fight their way through a huge, insane adventure to beat a ludicrous villain!

Doom & Destiny is a funny jrpg focused on turns, where you take over a group of four friends every day. A ride into an unforeseen tale packed with cameos and parodies.

Begin your journey with dragons in a classic dungeon, save the princess with the aid of a green-dressed elf and then ride with the help of a popular Italian plumber to a manga-themed area.

This is the flying-spaghetti fantasy adventure Doom & Destiny!

Quest of Dungeons

Quest of Dungeons is a dungeon crawler game focused on turns with a good old vintage 16-bit artistic theme.

You must navigate dungeons, kill enemies, and steal all you can in order to survive by playing as either a Ninja, Sorcerer, Assassin, or Shaman.


The last Games Like Kenshi is Delver. Delver is a rogue-like dungeon crawl with crunchy pixels for the first-person action.

Take the role of an explorer in the dark dungeons who tries his fate (and probably dies horribly).

Monsters fight, pick up loot, hoard potions, and level up! Quest at the darkest depths of the dungeon for the Yithidian orb and attempt to bring it back to the surface – the easy part may be to get to it.

In each playthrough, levels are generated randomly, so you will never know exactly what’s around the corner.

So that’s the list of some Best Games Like Kenshi if you play any other Games Like Kenshi so let us know in the comments.