Games like IMVU. The virtual universe also fascinates all of us. Players such as IMVU just stand for it.

IMVU Instant Messaging Virtual World is definitely a standard gaming site, but contact with millions of users with digital identities that can be personalized is what makes it special.

Thanks to its 3D avatar development and many other facilities, IMVU is arguably the most renowned forum for virtual gaming worldwide.

Given this, we have reasonably similar games that allow you to chat with other users. Here’s are the some Best Games like IMVU.

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Games like IMVU

Avakin Life

Games like IMVU

The first Games like IMVU is Avakin Life. Avakin Life is a Lockwood Publishing Ltd. role-playing, fantasy-based, virtual-world, and social simulation.

It is one of the best games such as IMVU, as the player can conduct several related tasks such as meeting strangers, talking, and dressing up, etc.

In the beginning, with the aid of numerous costumes and accessories, it enables the player to tailor his/her personality. It incorporates the MMO, Social, Decorative, and Virtual Reality components.

The game allows the player to get into the beautiful game world after developing his / her character, connect with other online gamers, make new friends, and enjoy the game together.

This makes it easier for the player to decorate his home with lots of decorative tools, making the game more fun. Explore the world and go on a romantic date to discover true love.

Avakin Life includes main features such as a customized option, new clothes that can be bought, countless possibilities for making new friends around the world, and lots of mini-games, etc.


Games like IMVU

The next Game like IMVU is OurWorld. If you really are addicted to mini-games online, then you have to try OurWorld (a website like IMVU). This gaming app is developed exclusively for teens to talk and play video games for fun with other players.

By taking various challenges that involve dancing, playing sports, and several other activities, you will obtain the gaming currency, Flow.

You will also swap money with EXP apart from this. Similarly, several other websites like OurWorld’s IMVU also have micro-transactions that are also important for more exciting fun.

You can purchase various styles of clothing, furniture, dogs, home, and several other items with the aid of money/currency obtained.

It is from the IMVU family of free games, which also has the possibility of marriage and adoption (only for 20 years plus age).

You can also go to the beaches, shopping malls, dance clubs, coffee shops, and several other locations for more pleasure. So, build your 3D Avatar and make more than 3 million people enjoy it.


Games like IMVU

Kaneva is a US video game business that helps you to visit simulated places of various kinds. You can create your own 3D graphics and configure them.

Interact openly with the atmosphere and the multiple entities in the virtual world. In this game world, you will go on to develop your creativity into reality.

You will take part in 1.7 million artifacts created by more than 26,000 artists. Kaneva has approximately 3 million users enrolled.

The CasinoLife that retains its 3D virtual location expertise in the gaming genre of social casinos has been introduced by Kaneva.


Next Games like IMVU is Poptropica. Poptropica is a free online, multiplayer, and virtual world video game made for teens and youth. The game takes place in an awesome environment where other players from across the globe are available.

The gameplay is a beautiful mix of elements from RPG, Social, and Digital Universe.

The game allows the player to select his character from available and to adjust the look of his chosen character to make it special, among others to do a bit of customization.

The gaming of Poptropica centers on many different islands (over 30) that can be explored by players to complete quests and play games or interact with any other users.


Next Games like IMVU is Twinity. You are in the right place if you are an adult and want to play an adult IMVU game on your mobile. A lot of adult-supported features come with the twinity game, and it is only intended for adults, not for teens.

So if you’re under 18, then you don’t get this game. Like the game, the tale of this IMVU is linked to the adult sense of fashion. A 3D avatar based on adult clothes will make sense of the registered players.

For adults, the bold customization options make this game more fun. You can make hundreds of friends worldwide online and can play in multiple forms of games with them.

In brief, it’s like a routine game where your real-life experience can be shared with your online friends.

Sign up for the game and walk the streets with your mates in London, Singapore, Berlin, and several others. It is like a virtual 3D game, and they are known as Twinizens to registered players.

Active Worlds

Active World is the oldest platform that is known for the game-like distribution of real-time effective, efficient and immersive 3D graphics content on the web. Its success is complex and very persuasive.

The game never fails to deliver an online environment that is deeper and more entertaining. You’ll love the virtual world like a physical one thanks to its active 3D technology.

To make sure you don’t get bored fast, Active Universe houses nearly 600 plus 3D augmented reality environments. Choose the character that you love the most, accept it, and enjoy your virtual life.

Village Life

Next Games like IMVU is Village Life. Village Life is a simulation created by Playdemic for farming, building, management, and social interaction. The game helps you to build a village made up of love, happiness, and babies.

You have to assist your villagers from infancy to adulthood during the gameplay and help them rise, go on a date, fall in love, get married, and raise old families.

You need to find money, fuel, craft numerous instruments, create dwellings, and more. You will extend the village further and further to new lands when playing the game. The game offers you an opportunity to live a farmer’s second life and to see what he’s doing in his life.

Get married to your virtual family and grow it. Arrange them with fruit, craft toys, build a house, and do whatever you want to do with your life. Interact with mates, see if they are expanding their village, get advice from them, and help them if you are in need.

Club Cooee

Club Cooee, another great IMVU game, comes with several awesome features. It was developed by a German Game Production House as a 3D chat environment.

This game’s customization capabilities are very strong. The customization of an avatar is something to cheer for. With hundreds of features, you can tailor it from head to toe.

Your favourite clothing, skin colour, height, hair, weight, and several other items can be picked. There is also an option in the game to select accessories for Avatar.

In the Hint Cooee game, there are individual rooms where you can talk with your friends; you can play your favorite games in your spare time, too.

Although Club Cooee’s rooms aren’t so big, you can have a lot of fun there. You can make close friends in small chat rooms since you do not need to talk to thousands of users at the same time.


Next Games like IMVU is Minecraft. The game practically shows that it is in mind the only constraint that remains.

This game has millions of fans, so you can create a world of your own. Create walls, villages, move islands, and enjoy the feel of the game.

With any quests or limits, you are free to shine with the flow and discover everything you see. There are several stages and levels, plus various environments for user amusement, where you can freely build whatever you want.

You can play this game with other mine craft players as well when communicating with people on gaming forums who can exchange little related thoughts, you can feel very social.

Party in My Dorm

Party in My Dorm is a Life-Simulation focused on Massively Multiplayer Gaming, Virtual-World, and Fantasy created and published by A Thought Ape Entertainment.

The game focuses on those players who like, with their friends or other players around the world to live the best college life.

It allows the player to build his character with lots of fun items like costume, hairstyle, and shoes, etc before beginning an adventure. It helps the player to plunge into the brilliant universe after building his full persona, enter the club and attend lots of rock parties.

This will encourage the player to engage with other girls and boys online, make new friends, and enjoy the game together.

The game gives the player an opportunity to alter the appearance of his character at any point during the gameplay. The player can create a dance party to make the game fun, invite new friends, and enjoy the thrilling experience.

Movie Star Planet

Next Games like IMVU is Movie Star Planet. A pretty child-friendly platform where all the creative activities of the virtual universe can be met for real.

You’re going to have a range of areas to visit, big games you’re going to love playing.

The special aspect, though is the development of movies of your choosing, such as how you see yourself. Customize the theme and apparel. Interact with the culture of the simulated universe with a good population loving it.

Movie Star Planet is a game that is worth your time because the payback it has to deliver is not only enjoyable but more.


Suburbia is a video game heavily influenced by The Sims on Facebook. The game is not a clone, but it has plenty of fun for fans of life simulation games to have.

In Suburbia, in a two-dimensional (2D) environment where they can comfortably communicate with other players from all over the world, players have to navigate their virtual life.

In the beginning, the player must select the profession that suits him and assist the Sim to achieve his life goals. To keep the chosen character satisfied and resolve all the obstacles that occur in the game the player must do his hardest.

With a tiny amount of cash and little capital, he’ll continue his new Suburbia adventure. The more the game gets played by the player. He gets more bonuses and big collections to improve his life.

The players are not confined to their homes in the game; they can explore the world beyond their homes easily to visit friends, fun locations, and more.

Next Games like IMVU is Lady Popular. That’s a lot more than just a game of fashion dresses. In this immersive game, you can experience a fairly classy life. A life that will consist of fun friends and walks on the ram.

You go shopping and you can buy quite a lot of stuff for yourself and your cat. Try various dresses to do the Ramp walk.

You can pick your place, such as where you want to live or spend your holidays, what house you want to live in what your wardrobe should look like, etc.

Nonetheless, you are also free to pick a mate with whom you can end up being involved if you like. Freely enjoy the common world of a woman.


You’re only going to meet a consumer who built the universe, so you’re allowed to explore it well. Explore the various regions and various shops like a pro in your chosen avatar.

Find multiple avatars which you can explore and hang out well with. In your favourite ones, uncover your secret gifts.

InWorldz is a group of thousands where you experience genres of individuals who can meet and enjoy their own virtual world.

The Sims 4

The last Games like IMVU is The Sims 4. Sims 4 is another complete kit application where you’ll create your sims. You can configure it entirely, starting with a nose-to-toe pinpoint. You’re able to create your own virtual identity.

Building your own houses is a casual aspect of virtual gaming, but the special feature here is to have stuff and space in an awesome way to build your house.

In addition, this game is full of life and drama, as you can play with life, thoughts, powers, and much more here. Your material can be included, too.

In no time, this Life simulation game will drive the whole craze away. Try these Sims 4 mods if you are playing this online.

So that’s the list of 15 Best Games like IMVU if you play any other Games like IMVU so let us know in the comments.