Do you look for games like House Party? Don’t go anymore! Below is a list of games, either in action or visual form, equivalent to House Party. If you really like House Party, make sure that you also try out any of these games.

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Games like House Party

Hairy Little Buggers

Games like House Party

The first Games like House Party is Hairy Little Buggers. Hairy Little Buggers is indeed a popular game so much about the adventure of little dwarves constructing tunnels, tools, and fighting battles to defend their home. When certain goblins attack them and seek to take possession of their tunnels, the tale begins.

As a main player, you have to treat and prepare the efforts of the dwarves to battle the evil goblins. To defend your homeland from goblins, you may make use of various weapons and instruments.

The Fruit of Grisaia

Games like House Party

Next Games like House Party is The Fruit of Grisaia. The Fruit of Grisaia, created by Frontwing, is a casual adventure game. Originally, it was released in 2015.

It was released by Project Sekai. The game was ranked by most rawgers as “Recommended”. You can play Grisa’s Fruit on a PC. The game can be downloaded on Steam.

Leisure Suit Larry

Games like House Party

A rare dating simulation with the complexities of the technical side of relationship management correctly portrayed offers this entire series of adult adventure games.

Larry, the MC of all the titles, wishes to pursue love and companionship around the board and the game encourages players to take control of their decisions and advance to match each prospective woman across the non-linear architecture.

This game offers a look at the world of dating from your phone with over 30 hand-drawn backdrops and beautifully pleasing game design and shows you how to please your ultimate target to go out with you.

The game uses a dating app that you eventually construct with the score and your ultimate objective is to score your dream lady. Develop in this amazing simulation while solving puzzles and strolling through the 21st-century dating hoops.


Next Games like House Party is Gupid. CUPID – Visual Novel is an independent RPG-simulation game created by Fervent that is free to download. Originally, it was released in 2016. The game was released by Afterthought Studios.

On RAWG, the game is graded as’ Recommended.’ CUPID – Visual Novel is free to play on macOS, PC, and Linux. The game can be downloaded on Steam.

Genital Jousting

Genital Jousting is a multiplayer online game where more than eight players are vying for supremacy in an open world environment. A disconnected penis that comes along with an anus must be controlled by athletes. Either penetrate or be penetrated is the target.

The game also offers you the chance to customize genitals in all sizes and colors as they arrive. The player who survives and stays unpervaded wins the match.

Mist Survival

Next Games like House Party is Mist Survival. Mist Survival is a Rati Wattanakornprasit-developed indie, action, adventure, and simulation game.

Originally, it was released in 2018. Rati Wattanakornprasit published it. The game was ranked as “Meh”. by most rawgers. On the PC, Mist Survival is available. The game can be downloaded on Steam.

Monster Prom

Monster Prom centers the whole gaming plot on choosing a date to prom in a high school where all girls are monsters, as the name of the title implies. This dating-sim is a competitive one-to-four player game that will have you questioning whether or not your dating interests are really set in stone.

Monster Prom throws the player into a variety of wild and enjoyable scenarios where, along with attitude tests and stimulating contact with NPCs, you try to charm your monster crush into going out.

The game features stunning graphics, funny and authentic peer dialogue, and hundreds of scenarios where you have the potential to promote your social status.

Players can also locate and unlock items that can improve your progress and allow you to meet the prom’s dream date. Monster Prom delivers a fantastic simulated experience of what it’s like to be a high schooler at prom, with amazing characters and gameplay endings based on player choices.


Roommates is a dating simulation game that takes place on a university campus with a plot. The game presents you with multiple characters and you can pick the one that suits you best. You have to monitor the preferred character during the gameplay and spend his life with other tenants in the room.

You have to do certain extra activities, such as dating ladies, and reward them with gold coins in exchange. You will use these coins to purchase your character’s food and clothing.


Next Games like House Party is Lucius. Lucius is an action-adventure indie game produced by Shiver Games. On 25-10-2012, it came out. It was released by Shiver Games. Based on expert ratings, Lucius has a Metascore of 59.

The game was ranked by most rawgers as “Recommended”. Lucius can be found on a PC. They sell the game through Steam and GOG. Foz scored in the match.

AI Shoujo

All this lets AI Shoujo introduce an amazingly beautiful game into the realm of immersive simulation, a tropical paradise, a group of gorgeous ladies and your life in your own hands.

The game focuses on your time on the island with additional crafting and survival elements, and advances through the days of sun and rest with immersive and exciting gameplay.

With outstanding 3D modeling choices that make the AI topics lifelike and extremely precise, players in the game can easily modify any NPC character to their own taste.

Build your own dream girl from scratch, and on your getaway retreat, fall in love with her. In addition, all AI girls on the island with you have amazing personalities and styles, where they make their own choices and choose how to spend their time according to their own wishes.

Always Sometimes Monsters

Monsters Often Often is an indie adventure-RPG game developed by Vagabond Dog and Devolver Digital. Originally, it was released in 2014. Devolver Digital released it.

Always Still Monsters has a score of 73 on review aggregator Metacritic. On RAWG, the game is graded as ‘Meh’. Monsters are still available on iOS, Linux, macOS, and PCs.

The game is distributed via the App Store, PlayStation Store, Google Play, and GOG. The Laser Destroyer Team won the contest.

Who’s Your Daddy

Who’s Your Daddy, developed by Evil Tortilla Games, is a casual action game. Originally, it was released in 2016.

The game was published by Wicked Tortilla Games. On RAWG, the game is graded as ‘Meh’. On Linux, macOS, or Laptop, you can play Who’s Your Daddy. They sell the game via Steam.

Coming Out on Top

Coming Out on Top, an overt title that handles the social complexities of dating for gay men, presents a player with an extremely witty and well-written plot that covers Mark Matthews, a college senior, as he decides to come out of the closet and eventually get into his identity and relationship desires.

The game plays out as a situation of deciding your own destiny, where the player’s decisions influence his social status and the response of the characters around him.

Players will tailor their lead character with different choices for facial hair and body type that can make him look attractive to any hot guy who comes across and win them over with your charisma and good looks with comprehensive plot routes and decisions.

Coming Out on Top offers excellent story-telling and a much better vision of dating and establishing relationships, with tremendous replay value with a multitude of story branches for the player.

CASE: Animatronics

CASE: Animatronics has been developed by Last Stage, Aleson and Case Horror as an indie, action, simulation and puzzle game. On 03-08-2016 it came out.

HypeTrain Digital released it. On RAWG, the game is graded as ‘Meh’. On your PlayStation 4, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and PC, you can play CASE: Animatronics. You can buy the game from the PlayStation Store, App Store, Steam, and Nintendo eShop.


HuniePop is a distinctive simulation game that mixes dating sim with puzzle and RPG elements with a ton of storyline and entertaining prose. The plot includes the main character struggling to pick up Kyu, a human-disguised magical love fairy, and in exchange casts him into an apprenticeship with her in order to learn more about women and how to treat them properly.

In order to impress them and potentially go out on a date with them, the player goes through different dating tips and suggestions on communicating with people. You have to set out in the world with your schooling finished connecting with women with all you’ve learned in the expectation of meeting a special someone.

HuniePop features a roster of stunning and gorgeous girls with distinct personalities and tastes that make it special and unforgettable to converse and connect with each of them.

So, that’s the list of some Best Games like House Party I hope you like this if you play any other Games like House Party so let us know in the comments sections.