Games Like GTA. With open-world action games, the industry has been so oversaturated that it’s almost difficult to remember a time when open worlds were not a thing of AAA game production.

But it had to start somewhere, like all gaming phenomena, and in this instance, GTA was the guiding force behind making the open-world approach as popular as it is today.

GTA was, of course, by no means the first open-world game ever, but it was definitely among the most popular, at least in terms of action sports.

Over the past two decades, it spawned hundreds of games, some of which were derogatorily called “GTA clones,” while others brought to the mix their own features and inventions. We’ll concentrate on the above in this game list, the very best games close to GTA, in no special order. In this post, I will cover 15 Games Like GTA.

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Games Like GTA

Mafia Series

Games Like GTA

The first Games Like GTA is Mafia Series. Around the same time as GTA Vice City, the first Mafia game came out and it has received two sequels, simply titled Mafia II (2010) and Mafia III (2016).

The setting is the most obvious difference between the GTA and Mafia games. Although the new “HD World” is set in modern-day fantasy towns, in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1960s, the first, second , and third mafia games take place.

Mafia plays more or less like GTA, apart from the difference, which mainly affects the aesthetics and the narrative, it features an open city to explore, different vehicles to become of the period, and a plethora of criminal activities to take part in. In addition, Mafia takes itself a little more seriously than GTA does, so it lacks the type of humour for which GTA is known.

Unfortunately, the Mafia games were neither as popular as GTA nor as well received by the fans and critics. The truth is that the Mafia games will appeal primarily to those who like this specific setting, as few good GTA-like games take place in America in the 20th century. But other than that, the Mafia doesn’t have much new to offer, which you haven’t seen in GTA before.

Watch Dogs Series

Games Like GTA

Next up, we have Watch Dogs, the cyberpunk-ish take on GTA by Ubisoft, which allows the player to affect the world by hacking different computer systems around them. It makes no significant deviations from the GTA formula, aside from that.

For Watch Dogs 2, the same can be said, although the sequel streamlines and improves the foundation set by the original.

However all in all, Watch Canines 1 and a pair of aren’t precisely essentially the most excellent GTA-like video games on the market, however as many GTA followers are certain to have a superb time with them and their interactive environments, they nonetheless need to be talked about.

Saints Row Series

Games Like GTA

If you took GTA and turned up the ludicrous factor by 1000 percent, Saints Row is basically what you will get. The franchise consists of five games at the moment:

  1. Saints Row (2006)
  2. Saints Row 2 (2008)
  3. Saints Row the Third (2011)
  4. Saints Row IV (2013)
  5. Saints Row Gat Out of Hell (2015)

It’s easy to forget the first title, as it was only released for the Xbox 360 and is now only playable through backward compatibility on the Xbox One. As mentioned above, Saints Row 2 and Saints Row the Third are pretty much just GTA, but with added extra absurdity to the mix.

Saints Row IV, however, is another tale, as it refreshes the formula by adding different Matrix-esque superpowers, all the while Gat Out of Hell takes place in hell, you guessed it, and gives the player wings and various arcane powers.

The Saints Row games, all in all, don’t take themselves seriously at all, and they’re pretty much just mindless fun. While there is no definitive news yet, Saints Row 5 is currently in progress.

Sleeping Dogs

Games Like GTA

Sleeping Dogs is a fun game that takes place in contemporary Hong Kong and mostly expands on the current GTA model by extending the melee battle system, facilitating more flexible and intuitive brawling that is much like the Batman Arkham games’ battle system.

Sleeping Dogs also does a decent job of bringing Hong Kong to life, in addition to the changes made to the melee combat, which plays a significant role in allowing the game to separate itself from other unremarkable GTA clones.

Sleeping Dogs is not necessarily a groundbreaking creative title, all in all, but we’d say it’s a must-play for GTA fans, particularly if you’re a fan of the aesthetics of East Asia.

L.A. Noire

Games Like GTA

Next Games Like GTA is LA Noire. You almost always play the part of a thief in GTA games and GTA-inspired games, but in addition, Rockstar’s own L.A. Noire places you in the shoes of a 1940s American detective. To offer a much slower, more narrative-focused experience, the game takes a step back from car chases and shootouts.

The brightest thing in L.A. Noire is the use of MotionScan technology in the game that has created some of the most realistically animated faces in gaming history, something that plays an important role in interrogations.

In addition to reading facial expressions of NPCs to assert whether or not they are lying, the player must retrieve information from crime scenes and eventually solve more difficult crimes, all the while the main plot slowly unfolds.

However, of course, L.A. Noire is not an action game for point & click, and players will eventually come across criminals attempting to run away or fight back, opening the door for chases, melee brawls, and shooting.

L.A. with the latter in view. Noire is both different from the regular GTA game and not-so-different. In order to get to the action quicker, you should not just rush through the dialogues and cutscenes, but once you get to the action, it will be very familiar, for better or for worse. It won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, in any event.


Games Like GTA

Bully, an old but beloved Rockstar game, is a rare experience that does not position the player in the role of a thief or a police officer, but in a private boarding school as a teenager.

Bully is clearly smaller in scale and is not as brutal as most GTA-like titles, which isn’t a bad thing necessarily. In a sea of GTA clones, this is exactly what lets Bully stand out and makes it so special and distinct. The proven GTA formula is still there, but on the gameplay front, the game is just as engaging.

The only drawback to Bully is that it was first released as a PlayStation 2 title in 2006 and was remastered for the Xbox 360 and Windows in 2008, so the graphics are far from 2020 level, as you would imagine. But if the dated visuals and the lack of unnecessarily violent action don’t matter to you, Bully is certainly a game worth watching.

Yakuza Series

Next Games Like GTA is Yakuza Series. We are moving on to the Yakuza series, which can be defined more accurately as “Japanese GTA.” The series dates back to 2005, and today it encompasses a total of ten titles, most of which have the same core mechanics.

As we are talking about Japanese sports, you already know that you should expect to see a lot of over-the-top martial arts action and blinking numbers, as well as a very distinctly Japanese aesthetic and presentation style. The Yakuza games placed a strong emphasis on melee fighting.

That said, you either love them when it comes to Japanese games, or you hate them. So, if you’re with the former squad, maybe one of the newer Yakuza titles, like Yakuza 0, Yakuza 6, Yakuza Kiwami, or Yakuza Kiwami 2, is what you’re looking for. If not, perhaps the right thing to do is give this sequence a miss.

Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2

You’ve definitely heard of Rockstar’s GTA-like Western, considering the success of the newly released Red Dead Redemption 2. Cars are certainly not part of the equation this time around, given the environment, but Red Dead Redemption 2 is probably one of the better open-world action games out there in general.

It is stunning, detail-heavy, incredibly realistic, with a massive open-world perfect for discovery, and through-and-through it is an incredible game experience.

Because of technical shortcomings, the first Red Dead Redemption of 2010, although a decent game in its own right, is not yet at the stage of the sequel, and it is unfortunately only exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The only way to play it on new hardware, then, is with the backward compatibility option of the Xbox One.

Red Dead Revolver, which was the first game in the franchise, is also there. Seeing, though, as it is a 2004 title that is now only available on PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox that has received poor scores from reviewers, one can understand that, relative to the vastly more successful sequels, you have never heard of it.

Just Cause Series

Next Games Like GTA is Just Cause Series. Owing to how over-the-top its action scenes can be, Just Cause is maybe more analogous to Saints Row than to GTA. The player is very mobile, fitted with a combination of grappling hook-parachute (and later, a wingsuit) that facilitates fast traversal of the world and makes battle experiences more complex than what you’re used to seeing in GTA.

Unfortunately, the plot is not one of the best suits of the games, but the action is the key selling point when it comes to Just Reason. The series is originally composed of four titles (Just Cause 1-4), but on 8th-gen platforms, only the newest two are available.

Games Like GTA for Smartphone

The Grand Theft Auto 5, though, is not available for smartphones, even if the mobile processors are better than ever. Also, if you’re a die-hard GTA 5 fan and would like to have a similar mobile experience, we’ve mentioned some of the GTA 5 Like Games on your smartphone that you can enjoy here.

Payback 2- The Battle Sandbox

The Payback 2 is very similar to GTA 5 in terms of the open-world maps and tasks functionality, but when you talk about its plot, it’s distinct. In Payback 2, you will see a lot of gunfighting, gang violence, etc. You can also play online, and you can gain some bonus points with a lot of weekly missions and challenges. However, as we saw in GTA 5, the graphics are not that up to the mark. Also, the nearest that you can come to GTA 5 is Payback 2.

Go To Town 5

Next Games Like GTA is Go to Town 5. You’ll see it looks a little like GTA 5 if you read out Go To Town 5 with just the initials. But that isn’t why we’ve mentioned it here. GTT 5 is a little like the variant of the GTA San Andreas, which features driving around the area, flying helicopters, swimming full of fish in the ocean, and doing some random fun stuff that you would do in Grant Theft Auto.

In addition, colourful graphics that are guaranteed to amaze your eyes even come with it. If you feel like you can’t drive cars in GTT properly, give it time, and you’re going to understand.

Gangster Vegas for Android and iOS

With regards to graphics and features, there are so many comparisons between Gangster Vegas and GTA. The Gangster Vegas storyline is named for a boxer who has to escape an assault by a mafia boss. If you’re looking for fun visuals and a strong plot, you’ll certainly go for this one.

Gangster Vegas is a free game on the earth that’s considerably near the expertise of Grand Theft Auto. There are actions that must be carried out that can assist you achieve money and expertise factors.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Sounds like it doesn’t feel like GTA? Yeah, you guessed it correctly. They all come from Rockstar Games’ studios. This is an open-world game and you can explore various parts of the world by using the top-down view option. You will run from the gaze of the police and complete separate missions to win cash if you get arrested. In addition, in the game, there are so many weapons available that will help you protect yourself.

MadOut 2 BigCityOnline

Last Games Like GTA is Madout 2. This game is all about committing crimes and you’re free to do whatever you want in MadOut 2 BigCityOnline. In the game, you can access more than 30 cars and get involved in enough missions to improve your ability.

There is no limit to committing offences because as many vehicles as you like can be destroyed. Moreover, to do your dirty work or accompany you in the process, you will hire 100 other online gamers. The graphics are also good for keeping you interested, and in the game, you can explore the whole city.

So that’s the list of Games Like GTA if you play any other Games Like GTA so let us know in the comments.