Games Like Fallout. If there’s one factor that role-playing video games succeed at if you discover your method by means of a hostile atmosphere, it lets you construct your individual story and what’s simpler than including somewhat post-apocalyptic wasteland survival to the combination. For several, a great plot, superb mechanics, and lively dialogue have acted as the ideal cocktail for the Fallout series.

But when you end Fallout 4, what happens? Yeah, there’s Fallout 76, but it looks like we’re already holding our hands for a little while until we see the start of Fallout 5. Right now, we are going to take a look at some of the better games that you can try, including Fallout 4. Both of these share the same features of what we love about Fallout, though getting their own special genre twist.

Wasteland 2 is a perfect place to start for fans looking for games like Fallout. With the first three titles, it shares a number of parallels, and the vast, desolate world could almost be directly taken from the series. Here’s the list of 15 Best Games Like Fallout.

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Games Like Fallout

The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds

The first Games Like Fallout is The Outer Worlds. The Outer Worlds is potentially the nearest game to Fallout on our list today. It certainly helps that Obsidian Entertainment, the team behind the fan-favorite Fallout: New Vegas, created this title.

In The Outer Realms, if you’re cool with the transition from a post-apocalyptic setting to a sci-fi backdrop, you’ll feel right at home. You might argue there is less focus on open-world discovery than you would find in a Fallout game, but there is more than make-up for the open-ended and intense dialogue possibilities.

You’ll visit numerous planets on your adventures, encounter intriguing people, and even employ companions with their own backstories and side quests. Similar to Fallout, the war plays out and The Outer Worlds also has an ability tree from which you can work your way.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

It is perhaps not so shocking that one of the most analogous families of Fallout 4 is one of the other Bethesda tent poles. On the same engine, both showstopping games run and appear to mimic each other in just about every meaningful way.

Within a grand, complex world with a clockwork structure, they each run. If you have some claim to own it or not, they share the opportunity to pick up any little thing you see. And inside the universes that they flesh out, there is a similar attention to detail.

While they share a lot, the base recipe gives a distinct taste to The Elder Scrolls. There’s dueling with blades and casting spells instead of firing off any rounds. You’re partying with dragons rather than fighting super mutants.

There’s a Y for every X. It always seems like there is a division between liking technology or loving imagination, which is the opposite side of the same coin in certain respects. So in case, your style lands “instantly on the sting”, neither touchdown on both aspects, then you definitely may fancy a traipse by means of Skyrim.

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus

Next Games Like Fallout is Metro Exodus. The Metro franchise is a twist on the genre that places you in a fascinating world if you’re all in on the premise of a post-apocalyptic role-playing game. You’ll be visiting a post-apocalyptic Russian wasteland based on the novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky.

The collection takes a break from the dimly lit Russian metro system and opens as much as the survival expertise of an enormous, immersive FPS.

Metro Exodus isn’t made of booming post-apocalyptic cities, in a close way to the Fallout series. Instead during your adventures, you can stumble across ruins, escape the police, and dodge radiated creatures.

It is a darker game in tone than Fallout too, in addition to some troublesome decisions to make alongside the best way, there’s a respectable chunk of survival horror in.

Now when playing Fallout 4, if your machine runs a little late, you might have a challenge on your hands to make Metro Exodus run smoothly. Metro Exodus is a fairly spectacular looking game, with massive environments, a galore of particle effects, and plenty of fast-paced action to send a workout to your machine.

Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 is the Fallout 3 fans of the original Interplay games in an alternative dimension, so long sought for, it only came out 16 years later. Wasteland 2 picks up from the common throes of the west coast, embracing most of what made Fallout, well… Uh, fallout. You’ve got perks in Fallout, you have quirks in Wasteland. Just about every part tends to see in the other an equivalent counterweight.

Wasteland 2 starts where its predecessor left off by marking the much-awaited return to the franchise. Most of the original configuration is closely linked to the first section, published in 1988, which sees much of its main characters returning to fill the globe.

Lots of its idiosyncrasies and onerous studying curve come from a specific age, which may initially delay followers of newer Fallout endeavors, however, it’s this type of throwback really feel that first took it to the dance.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call Of Pripyat

S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call Of Pripyat

Another title that fits under the post-apocalyptic sniper genre is S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. You’ll be visiting a planet riddled with mutant animals and monsters and aggressive warriors this time around.

It is important to note while playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. that this is a game published at this stage more than ten years ago. It’s not the most forgiving game to enjoy, which for new players can quickly be a turn off. However, stick with it and you can encounter a hardcore RPG that has you wandering with almost nothing, scavenging to live for weapons, bullets, and medicine.

You’ll have to live with an ancient UI and bland graphics with the title being so vintage, but these give the game a certain charm. This title also has lots of mods available, which helps you to modify it however you see fit.

For this game, you would also not have to think about device specifications, a simple 2 GB of RAM and an Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT would satisfy the recommendations for this title, components so old that you will actually fail to even locate them these days. To get this title going, an easy, budget gaming device or laptop will be more than enough.


Next Games Like Fallout is BioShock. Bioshock welcomes us into a collapsed utopia’s mysterious ruins. In the lead up to these disturbing days, overwhelmed by its deranged inhabitants, one tries to discover what happened. This underwater city, like the Vaults in Fallout, was built on good hopes and idealistic notions.

Similarly, it intrigues players with what one might learn about the design of the project. The perplexing jigsaw puzzle grows simpler and clearer through audio files and conflicting quests about what atrocities happened once this prosperity beacon.

The game has a peculiar and distinctive look, infusing with technical futurism the feel of a 1940’s jazz club. It may be one of the first to see an apocalypse of 20,000 leagues beneath the water.

And when more of the world’s offensive means develop from DNA mutants, which come dispensed from vending machines, it just appears stranger. Enabling the mundane fireball to be hurled, to the peculiar opportunity to shower a swarm of bees from your hands.

Metro: Last Light

The network of underground vaults that refugees seek shelter in is one of Fallout’s most intriguing aspects. In Metro: Last Light, which takes place in a Russian subway system, this concept of creating a habitable network under a town is much more thoroughly discussed.

It reveals pockets of how people get by and manage to survive, setting up a citadel in a metal tube’s crowded confines. It’s fascinating to see how much of it deals with class warfare and human struggle in the Metro, while survival might seem first on the docket. It’s also worth checking out the 2019 follow-up, Metro Evacuation.

Why it’s worth playing: Unlike Fallout, you will only be on the surface for too long, since there is no time to fly across the surface world’s contaminated air, which now acts as a battleground for nuclear abominations. Scavenging for breathing device components or customizable compressed-air weapons is a high priority and must be achieved in a lot of haste, since being found out leads to a swift demise.

Dying Light

Next Games Like Fallout is Dying Light. While in the form of ghouls, there are zombie-like opposition in Fallout, Dying Light consists of a zombie city. Zombie apocalypses are all but modern, but it helps things feel fresher than it did in the past of Dying Sun. It has an extremely ornate atmosphere to discover, scattered around an island that is architecturally complex.

The selection of melee weapons available, all of which can be made, corresponds to this spacious feeling, culminating in close to over 1000 combinations. When it splits, you might find yourself wielding a machete that conducts electricity and switching easily to a medieval broadsword.

Why it is value enjoying: Dying Gentle takes on an more and more versatile and fluid look by racing, leaping, and flying round rooftops and makeshift buildings. With unimaginable parkour abilities, one can scale buildings in a matter of mere seconds. Chaining collectively leaps and bounds and falling dives make it virtually manageable to evade the undead hordes.

Throw into the combo a grappling hook and the chances for journey develop into exponential. However it’s simply good to have the ability to dash from one place to a different if what you are working into is worth it. Most of the facet quests are surprisingly effectively designed to fill this universe, making it not a lot what you are working from, however what you are working to.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Although both games are set in a post-apocytlpic universe, Horizon Zero Dawn, while the Fallout games are more modern, seems to take a step back in time. Your actions help affect the narrative by taking care of Aloy.

Horizon is one of the best-looking open-world games yet and is a surprisingly refreshing take on the apocalyptic theme. Like the Fallout series, gamers are given tonnes of different weapons to choose from and abilities to hone.

With detailed landscapes and an engrossing plot that only begins to unravel once you’ve logged a few dozen hours into the game, this one-time PS4 exclusive just oozes beauty. Initially, the game is slow to progress, but once the story begins to kick in, you will be hooked.


Frostpunk is not the name of a new festival of industrial music held in Reykjavik, although it may sound like it. Rather it is the tale of global cooling wiping out much of the population of the Earth and its attempts to erect a shoestring city around a massive abandoned heat rod.

With Fallout Shelter, the gameplay shares a lot of similarities, seeing the participant take a management place to guard and construct their homestead. Making powerful selections for the larger good weighs surprisingly heavy on one’s shoulders.

Whereas Fallout Shelter brings the Fallout boy’s look and humor so synonymous with its aesthetic, a run by Frostpunk finally ends up being rather more of a distressing and self-serious romp.

Mad Max

Next Games Like Fallout is Mad Max. The Mad Max movies are rightly given a lot of credit for largely impacting the notion of apocalypse as it is understood today. Stretches of heaven and barren deserts deliver an invincible beauty.

Setting the tone for misfit vagabonds, rouge marauders, and tricked-out cars for ragtag teams. This atmosphere is the call of a siren, and this game lets the player get lost in this dystopian universe.

You cross the dunes in a retrofitted sedan, the Magnum Opus, instead of taking out on foot. It can be entirely upgradable, both aesthetic and otherwise, with salvaged parts to appease one’s gearhead tendencies.

It is not only for travel; it is ready for war, too. A feeling of unchained jubilation is brought by freewheeling along the sandy tracks. In a world of traffic police, there is no speed limit.

Borderlands 3

There’s no reason for the apocalypse to be all grey and brown. Instead, there might be a lot of psycho-tropical madness. Fallout and Borderlands 3 merge tightly into the cheek in a tongue approach, while the latter is lighter, clearer and more exponentially in the ears.

Both games thrust you into the middle of a deadly world while attempting to have some fun along the way, holding off a cavalcade of slayers and lowlifes.

The own publicity material from Borderland would make you think that there is an unrealistic amount of weapons to take, and it’s not necessarily a misleading advertisement. It’s just all about teaming up, leveling up, and having bountiful weapons with variations of zany results with some mates.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Mutant Year Zero, a wickedly fine pastiche of the post-apolcalptic genre, blends all the best ingredients for an overall great time well spent, while throwing in its own warped flavours of texture!

It incorporates stealth and discovery of its mystifying environment in real-time, with waves of incredibly smooth turn-based incursions that swap between while you are in an encounter, not unlike the VATS combat extension of later Fallout titles.

His ecosystem is beautifully elegant, with nature overgrown by much of the remaining buildings. There’s a boar called Bormin to protect the 6 o’clock, and a duck named Dux. Mutant Year Zero offers a tried and tested experience, with a spirit that is all it’s own and mechanics that sound like comfort food to fans of the strategic action genre.

Far Cry New Dawn

Next Games Like Fallout is Far Cry New Dawn. In its own way, every Far Cry is epic, but Far Cry: New Dawn brings the entire notion of ‘open-world adventure’ to a new dimension. With lots of opportunities to discover and baddies to cap, this game is huge.

As other Fallout entries, with enjoyable side quests and little Easter eggs to uncover, Far Cry games are packed to the brim. In almost the same way as Fallout 4, you will also recruit partners and troops. Although it might not be as epic as Fallout, in its own right, it is still a great game.

The fluid is the mechanics, the strong is the narrative, and eerily similar is the theme. Far Cry delivers a tonne of replay value with a shockingly enjoyable multiplayer mode, with an engaging storyline to boot. New Dawn is more of a sequel to Far Cry 5 than a standalone title, as an official spin-off of the franchise. In that regard, beginners may want an earlier title to begin with.

Pathologic 2

You can still slip into Survival mode, which adds more restrictions to immerse you into the experience if the Fallout set is not overwhelming enough. Perhaps Pathologic 2 will put a few more fingers on the scale if that still leaves you wanting.

An unexplained plague is burning a city in this disturbing story, with just 12 days to find out the cure before it wipes out the whole city and you with it. There is also fatigue, thirst, and immunity to the novel illness along with a wellness bar to deal with.

it’s moody, it’s atmospheric, and it’s bizarre. A thick, horror-laden fog builds up that permeates every crevice and corner of the street. Significant NPCs and townspeople would succumb to the rising disease with each passing day. Although Fallout has major characters that could still be axed, integral plot threads would slide entirely out of your reach between your fingertips like sand in an hourglass.

So that’s the list of Games Like Fallout if you play any other Games Like Fallout so let us know in the comments.