Games Like Fall Guys. Fall Guys is a vivid and vibrant royal fighting game where up to 60 players participate in a series of mini-games that are easy to understand and hard to master. Players are concerned with traversing tricky obstacle courses during the round and striving to earn points with teammates.

In this article, we’ll be showcasing in one way or another a set of games close to Fall Guys. We have taken the liberty, along with the supported platforms for each entry, to include gameplay trailers where possible.

Be sure to come back while we proceed in the future to refresh this page of fresh games. Here is the list of Games Like Fall Guys.

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Games Like Fall Guys

Among Us

Games Like Fall Guys

The First Games Like Fall Guys is Among Us. We decided to make it number one on this list, considering how much people love to compare Fall Guys with Innersloth’s hit social deduction game. While many gameplay elements may not be shared by the two, they both feature adorable and colorful bean-like characters.

The premise is simple: you are tasked with figuring out which player is the Imposter, together with a team of space workers. To secure a win for the innocent crewmates, the game is structured around completing a series of tasks. Your job, though is to kill the crew before they can sleuth you out if you’re assigned the Imposter role.

Using vents throughout the ship, imposters can also travel fast and can sabotage equipment. To ensure that you survive, when they suspect a player is an Imposter, crewmates are encouraged to report any dead bodies they discover and call emergency meetings.

Knockout Race

Games Like Fall Guys

Next Games Like Fall Guys is Knockout Race. Knockout Race follows the same kind of charming cartoon-ish aesthetic similar to Fall Guys and brings a bit of originality to the games’ set pattern.

The perfect part of the sport is that it is pretty optimized and runs on cellphones fairly nicely. The sport could be very a lot identical to Fall Guys, and gamers on the map can compete with 50 others.

Cake Bash

Games Like Fall Guys

Although you would not find any lack of tasty looking sweets in the mini-games of Fall Guys, what if you could play yourself as a snack? Cake Bash is a 4-player party game that casts you and your friends as desserts around different delicious arenas looking to duke it out.

The game turns up the cuteness factor to ridiculous heights, providing you with a range of cakes to play with, donuts, pies, and delicious pastries. With accessories you unlock using in-game money, desserts can further be personalised.

There are several options to choose from and a large range of mini-games with particular goals: roast the perfect marshmallow, ice a cake expertly or simply aspire to be the last remaining dessert. Best of all the game lets you group together for online or local multiplayer anarchy with friends.

Run Royale 3D

Games Like Fall Guys

Next Games Like Fall Guys is Run Race 3D. Aesthetically and gameplay-wise, Run Royale 3D still falls into the same vein as Fall Guys and does enough to add fun physics-based challenges and obstacles to make it interesting.

In order to change the set format, it doesn’t go too far in the way of being original, but it’s a decent option before Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout comes out with an Android and iOS app of its own.

Gang Beasts

While it might not be a battle royale, as Fall guys, Gang Beasts features similarly vivid characters and morbid mechanics. The game effectively acts as a beat’em up multiplayer in which you and your mates punch, kick, and catapult each other through a variety of levels.

Only trying to get your character to move the direction you like is a huge part of the fun. The controls are erratic and nothing performs as planned, culminating in hours of laughing out loud moments as you and your crew try to sabotage any attempt to normally play the game.

Like Fall guys to make the character stand out and pump up the humor element, characters can be personalized with cool accessories. With unusual dangers that bring some additional confusion into the mix, there’s a good number of stages to choose from.

Fall Race 3D

Fall Race 3D presents the Fall Guys formula with a degree of verticality and has narrower maps that allow for some truly thrilling gameplay. But the game, with its influences and motivation, is not exactly subtle.

While the game is still fun, once it lands on handheld devices, it would not compete with Fall Guys for downloads.

Human: Fall Flat

Another physics-based multiplayer game that will cater to fans of Fall Guys is Human: Fall Flat. In it when manipulating jiggly animals, you and up to three buddies attempt to solve platforming obstacle courses. The goal of each stage is simple: by working together with your teammates, make it to the end.

This is much better said than done of course, in fact. Levels are riddled with puzzles focused on mechanics that involve a reasonable amount of teamwork, something that could be overlooked by your teammates in favour of making problems.

The controls are at best crazy, just like Fall Guys, which cause your character to constantly fumble whatever mission you’re trying to accomplish. If you like the variety of mini-games in Fall Guys, then you’ll certainly get a kick out of this game’s vast number of themed levels.

Fall Dudes 3D

A hint that the regular gameplay is not necessarily original or innovative could suffice for the name itself. Yet, it’s really fun to play Fall Dudes 3D and players sometimes end up playing hours after hours without understanding it.

A total of 40 players battle on a map in the game, which allows for some very engaging gameplay that quickly becomes chaotic. The game’s most original feature comes in the form of its style of painting, which is kind of different from Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.


Next Games Like Fall Guys is Fortnite. Fall Guys simply has very little in common with any other games in the genre, besides being a battle royale. However, Fortnite, the ever-popular, well-known ‘build and shoot em up’ that continues to dominate the free-to-play arena, is the one that comes closest.

With oversaturated environments and characters wearing ridiculous costumes, both games share a similar cartoony aesthetic. Most of us are familiar with the formula by now: 100 players drop down on a shrinking map where they’re going to have to gather gear and fight other players.

The ability to build shelter and capture other players using resources found on the map is what sets Fortnite apart. With the game now offering Daily Challenges, special in-game events, and even custom games where you can recreate your favorite Fall Guys mini-games, a lot has been added over the years.

Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre

Burrito Bison is as original as it gets, and is the same kind of charming as Fall Guys, perhaps not sharing a shred of common ground in terms of gameplay and format.

The game is an especially enjoyable 2D side-scroller that may take monumental hours for gamers to sink into.. Its style of fun art and light-hearted tone make it the perfect game for Fall Guys fans.

On the Android platform, Burrito Bison is perhaps one of the most underrated titles and deserves more attention.

Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 is a multiplayer cooking game that in over-the-top environments tasks you and your mates with making food orders. The game has a cartoony art style, cute characters, and vibrant environments, similar to Fall Guys.

Several stations are packed with stages allocated for various activities, such as cutting, baking, heating, and plating. As tasks become increasingly complex, the difficulty may ramp up pretty quickly, and levels introduce unique obstacles that will keep you on your toes.

The sequel introduces the power to chuck ingredients from miles out at your fellow cooks, which, depending on your teammates, can either be a bonus or a complete tragedy. Overcooked 2 is the way to go if you’re looking for a fast-paced game that will get you and your buddies screaming at each other.


Next Games Like Fall Guys is Biped. Judging from the style of the obstacle courses of Fall Guys, the simple Mediatonic is appreciated by 3D platformers. There is a fair chance you’d love playing Biped, a cooperative 3D puzzle platformer in the same style as Portal, if your favorite mini-game happens to be See Saw, Tip Toe, or Slime Climb.

In it, you power cute, bipedal robots with a friend that can only lift one leg at a time. As you and your companion take on an assortment of physics-based puzzles that involve continuous contact and a sprinkling of luck, this special gameplay mechanic sets the pace for the entire game.

The game contains a wide variety of stages ranging from an ice tundra to a treetop lumber operation, based on numerous themes. There are also bonus tiers that you can clear up to gain coins that can be used on your robots’ new hats.

Move or Die

A number of the same boxes as Fall Guys are reviewed by Transfer or Die. You have vivid, cartoon graphics, adorable round characters that you can customise, a number of bite-sized targets to solve, and lots of possibilities to ruin the success of your enemies.

The game introduces itself as a hectic 4-player party game where every few seconds the mechanics change, forcing you to keep up with the speed or end up being eliminated. Additionally, if the player does not turn, your fitness begins to decline, resulting in yet more unpredictable round-to-round showdowns.

There are a multitude of ways to dive in, each providing a special way to kill your mates. Like Fall Guys, picking up and playing for the first time is a pretty easy game. The controls are simple and the goals are designed to be simple and intuitive.


Next Games Like Fall Guys is Joggernauts. Joggernauts, a 4-player cooperative puzzle platformer with auto-run motions, is another 2D game worth trying out if you like Fall Boys. The game revolves around a mechanic for swapping, in which you and your teammates change places to overcome different obstacles.

A particular colour is allocated to each player and must switch to the pack’s head if an item of that colour appears in the level. Where and who can swap, the main obstacle comes from trying to get the teammates to cooperate.

Because each character is color-coded, if the team fails, it’s normally easy to quantify what went wrong. There is a wide variety of stages to be played through and the game does an exceptional job of testing the turn mechanic in numerous ways.

Shell Corp

The last Games Like Fall Guys is Shell Corp. If the bean-like characters of Fall Guys weren’t enough, why not try your luck and act like an egg? Shell Corp is a party game focused on physics with vibrant graphics that has up to 8 players attempting to smash the shells of each other and come out victorious.

You and your friends will take on a number of platforming mini-games that concentrate on teamwork, racing, and often just sheer survival after making your very own egg avatars. Shell Smash, for instance gives you the task of knocking your enemies into pieces.

Corporate Conveyor is something of an agility game where the aim is to outlast your enemies while on a moving board while you leap through holes and gaps. The only drawback is that the game does not have cooperative multiplayer by nature which means that if you choose to play as a party, you would need to set up Steam Remote Play.

So thats the list of 15 Best Games Like Fall Guys if you play any other Games Like Fall Guys so let us know in the comments.