Games Like Factorio. ‘Factorio’ is an incredibly common foundation builder and resource management sim that enables its players to create and operate a factory from scratch.

The players need to maintain a lot of supply chains, which makes the gameplay incredibly engaging.

There are a lot of foundation builders out there today, so much so that the option is almost spoiled for us.

Consequently, for the ease of the gamers, we agreed to assemble the best ones into one single list.

Here is the list of Factorio-like video games which are our suggestions. On PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, iPhone, Android, Mac or even online, you can play these games like Factorio.

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Games Like Factorio

Oxygen Not Included

Games Like Factorio

The first Games Like Factorio is Oxygen not Included. And insufficient oxygen availability,’ Oxygen Not Included’ places you in the freezing jaws of outer space.

Created and published via the Steam Early Access system by the Canadian game studio Klei Entertainment in the year 2017, it is currently still being enhanced with daily patches being released for it.

The concept for the game is fairly straightforward, but the choices that actually open up to the player are infinite. You find yourself stuck on an asteroid that leaves you going with only a small layer of atmosphere.

Even so, you are not alone and you turn around to see two other survivors stranded on separate asteroids close to yours.

‘Oxygen Not Included’ is a must-play for fans of ‘Factorio’ and if you really haven’t checked it out, head on over to Steam and try it right now on your Windows PC, macOS, or Linux computers.


Games Like Factorio

‘Terraria’ is one of those games which upon publication, really blew up among the audience.

It is an action adventure platform developed by Re-Logic and released for Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux systems by 505 Games in the year 2011.

Upon publishing, the game received considerable critical acclaim, with most reviewers pointing their praise to the open ended gameplay and fighting elements.

The fact that it integrates beautifully between two distinct genres without losing the gameplay is indeed beyond commendable!

If you want to play old school platformers such as ‘Metroid’ or new sandboxes such as ‘Minecraft’ doesn’t matter, you’ll certainly find something of interest in ‘Terraria.’

It is one of the best sandbox games in the open world we have played in the recent past, so if you are looking for anything like ‘Factorio,’ we highly recommend it to you.

The Escapists 2

Games Like Factorio

Next Games Like Factorio is The Escapists 2. Mouldy Toof Studios and Team17 Digital have developed The Escapists 2 as an independent strategy-simulation title. Originally, it was released in 2017.

The game was published by Team17 Interactive. The Escapists 2, based on expert ratings, has a Metascore of 74.

The game was ranked by most rawgers as “Recommended”. On PC, MacOS, Linux and PlayStation 4, you can play The Escapists 2.

The game is distributed by the Epic Games Website, GOG, Nintendo eShop, and the Xbox Store.


Games Like Factorio

So you think you have the principle of sims of base management down to the wire? Do you think you have perfected the micromanagement mechanics and the capacity needed to align production with consumption? Ok, give ‘Banished’ a shot and see for yourself.

This is one of the most unforgiving sims of survival out there, potentially setting a dead end in front of novice players.

If you really want to have a chance of completing the first season, it is incredibly important to get the fundamental facets of gaming worked out right from the very outset.

Resources are incredibly limited and require intense care when investing in the same thing.

Plan out ahead of time, and it’ll be fun for you to go. And after you survive past the first few seasons, you free up more visual possibilities, helping you to spend more on the looks of your settlement.

We firmly recommend this to individuals who enjoy playing games such as ‘Factorio’ but are searching for a more hardcore experience.

Stardew Valley

Next Games Like Factorio is Stardew Valley. Alright, so the gameplay is not exactly similar to that of ‘Factorio’ for this one but fans of the game are certainly going to be able to connect with this one.

For starters, both games focus on the construction of bases and the management of resources.

Thirdly, you need to manage the manufacturing of different items and then sell them for profit, so that’s also the case.

While the focus of ‘Stardew Valley’ is on agriculture, while ‘Factorio’ is more of an industrial experience, we certainly feel that fans of either game will love the other. And thus, on this list, ‘Stardew Valley’ finds a location.

And if you ever get bored with it, there are plenty of mods available online for the PC edition, meaning that while tending to your precious crops, you never run out of material.

This is one of the most addictive games on this list, though so don’t go around accusing us if you miss a couple of working days!

Junk Jack

Junk Jack is a Pixbits and Pixbits SRL-developed indie, action, adventure and simulation game.

It was originally published in 2013. Pixbits released it. Based on expert ratings, Garbage Jack has a Metascore of 85. On RAWG, the game is graded as ‘Exceptional’.

On Linux, macOS, iOS, and Nintendo Switch, you can play Junk Jack. The game is distributed via the Nintendo eShop, App Store, Steam, and Google Play.


Next Games Like Factorio is Gnomoria. Another foundation builder and resource management sim containing a number of related gameplay features to ‘Factorio’ are ‘Gnomoria’.

Instead, you take care of a bunch of annoying gnomes here and work on constructing a basis for them in a landscape of your choosing.

In 2016, Robotronic Games produced and released it for Windows PC, macOS, and Linux devices to mostly favorable reviews, with most of them praising it for its addictive gameplay component.

Most city builders are now notorious for their addictive existence, but when I first began playing it this one especially stood out to me.

Like, I didn’t even know that two hours had passed and I was stuck with my first gnome batch with a fairly small fortress.

The whole world is destructible (in one direction or the other and also rewards the player for discovery, but from the very beginning, don’t shovel tunnels deep.

If you are searching for something close to ‘Factorio’, we strongly recommend you give this one a try.


‘Planetbase’ is a sim of base management set in a world of sci-fi. If you ever thought of establishing a colony on an alien planet, go no further than this one.

Although there are quite a few games out there that allow you to establish colonies on alien worlds, none of them are as realistic or in-depth as this one.

Before you start developing your foundation, you need to take a lot of considerations into account, such as the tools available to you and the environment.

When you advance deeper through the game, they will have a detrimental effect on your colony.

It is no easy job to start a colony and the hostile climate does not help either.

To get things going, resources are sparse, to begin with, and would take quite a bit of micromanagement.

Besides that, the game can throw randomly generated events such as sandstorms and solar flares at various times, keeping the action fresh and engaging.

Grey Goo

Next Games Like Factorio is Grey Goo. Grey Goo is a strategy game developed by Petroglyph. On 23-01-2015 it came out. Grey Box has the game released.

Based on expert ratings, Grey Goo’s Metascore is 77. Most rawgers rated “Recommended” the game. Grey Goo can be played on a PC.

On Steam, you can buy the game. Six Foot manufactured it. The game was won by Frank Klepacki.


One of those games that only grows on you when you keep playing is ‘InifiniFactory’.

It is not one of those games that you expect to pick up and enjoy a lot, but it is interesting how many hours you put into it.

Created and released in the year 2015 by Zachtronics, due to its addictive gaming features, it has continued to stay important in the culture.

It is a resource management sim at the foundation, but with puzzles, components inserted into the mix.

The way the game tries to immerse its players in the environment is what we find most fascinating.

For this reason, an entirely new glyphic language has been developed and the aliens can use it to connect with you.

You also get access to a lot of audio logs that allow you to follow the plot, and they are very well done.

This is one game you must check out if you like playing stuff like ‘Factorio’, mostly due to its puzzle-based sim elements.

Journey Of Life

Next Games Like Factorio is Journey of Life. Journey Of Life, developed by Hyperion Studio LLC, is an independent, action, adventure and RPG title.

It was originally published in 2018. Hyperion Studio LLC released it The game was ranked “Exceptional” by several rawgers.

On the PC, Path Of Life is available. The game can be downloaded on Steam.

The game was developed by Axel Breitung for Bishop Songs, Elephant Music, and Politz/ Wendlandt for Turbobeat Music.

Merchant of the Skies

Merchant of the Sky is a game developed by Coldwild Games for indie, RPG, strategy and simulation.

It appeared on 30-05-2019. Coldwild Games released it. “The game was ranked by most rawgers as “Skip”.

On Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux and MacOS, you can play Merchant of the Skies. You can order the game from both the Xbox Store and Steam.

State of Decay: YOSE

State of Decay: YOSE, created by Undead Laboratories, is an action, shooter, RPG and simulation game. Originally, it was released in 2015.

THQ Nordic released it. State of Decay: YOSE has a score of 79 on review aggregator Metacritic.

The game was ranked by most rawgers as “Recommended”. On a PC and an Xbox One you can play State of Decay: YOSE.

The game is sold through Steam and the Xbox Store. Jeff Strain and Jessica Brunelle developed it. Jesper Kyd won the contest.

Hide and Seek

Next Games Like Factorio is Hide and Seek. Hide and Seek, developed by Llama Software, Jamong Inc., Humorous Games, and BRBG, is an indie, massively multiplayer, action, and RPG title. On 31-08-2017, it came out.

Llama Software released it. The game was ranked as “Meh”. by most rawgers.

On PC and Android, Hide and Seek is available. Via Google Play and Steam, the game is sold.

Academia: School Simulator

Academia: School Simulator, developed by Squeaky Wheel Studio Inc and squeaky wheel, is an independent strategy simulation title. On 08-09-2017, it came out.

The game was developed by Squeaky Wheel Studio Inc. On RAWG, the game is graded as’ Recommended.’ For macOS and PC, you can enjoy Academia: School Simulator. The game can be downloaded on and on Steam.

Games Like Factorio for Android


OpenTTD is a fabulous game of tycoons that makes you aspire to be the king of the transport universe.

Just like Factorio, there’s a roper in this game. Improved graphics improvements, and it is a better game than its 1994 version with a new multiplayer mode.

Players need to obey the efficient management of the transportation system to master the game.

In addition, players can use aircraft, coaches, trains, boats for a fantastic income to provide top-class facilities.

Download this game and transport yourself into an age of simulation.

Human Resource Machine

In a corporate office that circles around programming puzzles, Human Resource System by Tomorrow Company takes place.

Players need to grasp the said puzzle to proceed to the next step. And you need to run various commands, such as add, sub, copy from, copy to, etc to solve these puzzles.

In the inbox, outbox, and storage areas, the entire game revolves around moving objects. It has far more than 30 puzzles involving tasks such as number adding, subtracting, sorting, etc.

The graphics are simple and give the player unparalleled pleasure. Download this game and handle the nerd inside you from the connection provided below.

Prison Architect

Next Games Like Factorio is Prison Architect. Prison Architect is an entertaining but sadistic game. About why? And you’re going to have to run a jail, all of it on your own.

And not a regular jail, a prison with high security. In short, you’re going to have to create a jail where no one would dare leave.

Minute management fails to hire the guards to assign them a timetable to meet and other team members to do their normal rest.

Create the jail and run it. Expand the 2D format of prison games, allowing cells for more inmates to arrive.

Regularly pay the workers and the jail would be impervious to breakouts. Download this game and be the architect of the high-security prison administration.

Cubic Castle: Sandbox World Building MMO

Next Games Like Factorio is Cubic Castle. Developer Cosmic Cow shocked gamers with their latest Cubic Castle title, which at first seems rather dull, but you get addicted to it by the time you spend your time in it.

So essentially, with some bricks, players have to create a castle and continue to expand it.

It’s the best MMO game that offers you an easy to enjoy, beautifully aesthetic 3D gameplay.

The game encourages you to take part in parkour challenges and meet individuals from the online gaming portion.

Download and discover a new environment by making the Cubic Castle.

The HinterLands: Mining Game

The Hinterlands is a mining game that gives you a feeling of Contra, the popular gun-fighting game.

The game was presented in the correct 2D style by developers and it’s fun to enjoy.

This multiplayer game is the jack of all trades. Create something basically, battle a gang, help grow anything you’ve built.

The game begins with only a few instruments and torches and you’re going to have to take care of everything to sustain this planet.

Parkour players have to try, climb up some stairs, do some flips, etc. There’s a random scenario in the game, and you’ll have to survive it.

There is a Creative mode with a zero-damage rule that gets you unlimited blocks. Download this game and build your own world from the link provided below.

So that’s the list of some Best Games Like Factorio if you play any other Games Like Factorio so let us know in the comments.