Games Like Club Penguin. Online games are enjoyed by teenagers, but often the internet is not a safe environment for them.

Some game developers, such as Club Penguin, are therefore committed to creating enjoyable and secure spaces that, as far as possible, prevent any objectionable content.

As it offered a relaxing and enjoyable virtual world, Club Penguin was a popular multiplayer video game among the children’s crowd.

For both free and paid memberships, their protection and language protocols for children aged 6 to 14 were available. It closed on the 29th of March 2018.

Firstly, if you are looking for Club Penguin-like or other games with various activities for your kids, here is a shortlist of the best Games Like Club Penguin.

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Games Like Club Penguin

HABBO (Hobbo Hotel)

Games Like Club Penguin

The first Games Like Club Penguin is HABBO. This Finnish networking service’s target demographic which was targeted between the ages of 13-18 began back in 2000. It quickly spread to up to 150 countries with users.

Players are here to create their own “Habbos” characters with which they can chat with other players, make new friends, interact with them, plan parties, look after virtual pets, create and play games in various hotels, etc.

One cool aspect of this game is that players can enter different clubs and explore almost any subject with features very similar to Club Penguin’s such as customizing fashion accessories, home pages showing their Habbo roles, etc.

There are many fun games to get interested in such as Dropping Furni, changing costumes, carnivals, constructing and designing spaces, and other aspects of role-playing, etc.

This game is cost-free, however again to unlock unique products that include paying membership.

Sadly, in many countries such as Sweden, Norway, Japan, with exceptions like several other nations, the game has been shut down.


Games Like Club Penguin

The next Game Like Club Penguin is Woozworld. If you enjoy the world of fashion and fame, Woozworld brings you the chance to create your own character and story.

You can customize it with various features, such as hairstyles, makeup, clothes for designers, and outfits available.

Moreover, for your outfits and bedroom, you can get exclusive accessories; participate in competitions, competitions, and tests to decide which is the best room; meet and interact with new friends, and rise in popularity until you become a celebrity.


Games Like Club Penguin

“This other free-to-play 2D browser-based virtual game with such a slightly younger target audience aged 6-14, the whole game provides users with a fun and colorful experience to explore, play mini-games and make friends by meeting fellow “fantasies.”

It also allows users to shop for cool content such as improving one’s personality through their profile and their homes, both single and multi-player game sands.

You can keep animals and play games, with them, buy new items and creatures and battle with one another and host parties with other users.

The advantage of this game is that it focuses more on the aspect of social networking experience without running the risk of disclosing personal information, allowing parents to access multiple permission locks, and having plenty of secure chat room philters that keep an eye on any suspicious activity reported.

Our World

Games Like Club Penguin

Next Games Like Club Penguin is Our World. Our World is another game like Club Penguin, whose content is compatible with kids and teens in particular. It has various activities and mini-games to offer, where millions of players can participate worldwide.

To be able to move on and continue exploring other parts of the game, the first thing you will have to do is create a character and customise it.

In regards to this, each player has a small department where they can invite their friends to hang out to customise and decorate to their liking.

You will indulge in games as alternate hobbies, give and receive presents, build parties, send and receive mail, among others.


Created by Jeff Kinney, author of the very popular ‘Wimpy Baby’ Diary, this game has developed a broad fan base over the years.

With fantastic graphics, this game takes place in the virtual world of the chain of vast uncharted islands of Poptropica, based on legends.

There are many adventures to pick from such as going back in time, getting out of prison, creating your own island, fighting pirates, bandits, monsters, etc.

With unique costumes from your favourite characters, you can design your own avatars and fly around several islands, which is really the enjoyable part of this title.

You can gather rewards and powers and choose to hold discussions or just play with other users in various missions.

Club Cooee

Next Games Like Club Penguin is Club Cooee. This is among the Club Penguin-like games that are most popular.

It should be remembered that Club Cooee, in particular, focuses primarily on a love story for adolescents.

The characters are typically teens with an amusing component in this way, who may go to various places to enjoy themselves, such as beaches, bars, and others.

It also has other social functions to communicate with other players, such as talk, your own music, and a DJ studio.

Moshi Monsters

This British website, released in 2007 and aimed at children aged 6-12, enables gamers to embrace virtual monsters like a pet.

You can earn “rox” by playing mini-games that can be spent on buying accessories such as pet clothes and your home.

The fun thing about this game is that your pet is highly editable and that you can use daily puzzle challenges to navigate your way into Monstro City.

You have to constantly take good care of your monster here such as feeding it well and interacting with it so that it doesn’t get so lonely.

There is a wide range of monsters to choose from but again, much of this game is limited unless you pay the membership fees that allow users to access a wide range of cool features.

So for now, with over 80 million members in nearly 150 territories worldwide, this game is very popular.

Chit Chat City

Next Games Like Club Penguin is Chit Chat City. It was a great virtual world, Chit Chat City. A single developer supported the project, and it had servers for North America and abroad.

Many characters used to coexist, colorful and lively, from which you could choose your favorite to play with him/her.

You could also interact with and communicate with other players at the time, as well as create shops and sell in-game items there. Eventually, on August 1, 2018, this game closed down.


Next Games Like Club Penguin is Fishao. Indeed this game is a very unique one a friendly fishing world that combines the joys of fishing, tournaments that ultimately create a very pleasant experience.

In this, in many different areas, users have to compete with other players around the world to catch over 200 varieties of fish. It also has a weight system, so it won’t always weigh the same every time you catch a fish.

There are many unique and varied places to compete in the gameplay, like tropical jungles, deserts, and even Antarctica. You can shop for better-managed rods, baits, and even boats in order to go fishing in deeper parts of the ocean.

What needs to appeal so much to users of this game is its PvP tournaments, which take place every 20-30 minutes, where you will get a fishcoin award if you are placed in the top 3 positions.

The graphics are really beautiful and cute, although the game is in 2D. For casual players, the gameplay is rather easy and simple enough.


Next Games Like Club Penguin is Fantage. Fantage was a free 2D game that you could run on any web browser, where you could create, customise, dress up, chat with friends, and play a variety of simple games with cartoon-looking characters.

Her style was actually similar, or rather based on the style of anime, but

There were large heads and eyes in the avatars, with which they could gesture, and small bodies, like those in the Chibi style.

Animal Jam

Launched in 2010 by Wildworks, this game uses real-world examples of plants and animals in collaboration with National Geographic Operation.

It offers players a chance from an intellectual point of view to explore and understand different facts about zoology, such as using its various features such as mini-games, adventures, parties and social experiences.

Users may pick their animal avatar, configure the avatar, decorate the dens, and adopt dens.

In particular, it is really beneficial for children when they learn about animal and plant life when traveling through Jamaa, where players can pass through ecologically diverse areas.

The game makes use of the “Gems” virtual currency that can be used to buy additional avatars and dens. You can have access to a wide number of various animals with a paying subscription.

It helps players to communicate with each other in a secure atmosphere through chatting.

Yo World

Next Games Like Club Penguin is Yo World. Luckily, we can count Yo World as one of the already running Club Penguin-like titles.

Actually, as it has migrated to a smartphone Android and iOS site, it is considered for those over 13 years of age, and it also functions as a Facebook game.

You will get your own character in it and experience a virtual life that is enjoyable and colorful.

In addition, you can meet old and new friends, hang out, enjoy mini-games and other enjoyable events in various breathtaking locations. You might love it even as a grown-up.


It carries a wizard school adventure feel with features such as collectible card magic, wizard duels in far-off lands, learning new spells and completing quests, etc.

A very popular online MMPORG game, In order to save Wizard City and conquer several different realms, this game enables us to create a student Wizard.

The combats are done in a turn-based card system which makes way for quick and fair play for users to fight with each other.

You can also combine forces and combat up to 4 to 4 wars, which creates more of the game’s social and fun nature.

There are several magic schools to choose from. The gameplay is very straightforward and graceful. Fighting and dueling are quite exciting. All in all, the game is pretty enjoyable and convincing.


Next Game Like Club Penguin is Zwinky. Zwinky was a life simulation game where, on the same platform, thousands of avatars co-existed and you could perform various exciting tasks.

You had the chance to meet new friends, talk, and play a pretty entertaining and easy set of mini-games.

Her outfits, hairstyles, accessories, skin color, and more may even be personalized.


Next Games Like Club Penguin is Horzer. This fantastic simulation-based world game, a game that will cater to horse and pony enthusiasts, helps one to breed a virtual horse.

From 50 types of horses, you can foster one or more horses, ponies or donkeys, take care of them, engage in different horse racing competitions and talk with other players.

You can configure the horse, and even run and maintain your own stables. There is a wide range of equestrian events to pick from such as trotting and galloping races, dressage competitions, and very competitive polo matches.

By selecting the right stallions and mares to produce the best foals for the breed’s future, you will continuously develop your favorite horse breeds.

This game is also a community for hundreds of lovers of horses and ponies that you can share with the other players by talking with them.

Movie Star Planet

This game is great for all those kids who dream of fulfilling a dream by being movie stars.

This game has more of a social and artistic element that includes playing games, engaging with other players, making movies of your own, etc.

More engagement in the group leads to StarCoins and fame, which then helps us to make more costumes for boys and even better movies.

In addition to the social element, this game helps you to be more imaginative.

The chat rooms are reasonably safe and you can join in more tournaments for dress-up. A more time-pass game, rather than boys, this will cater to more yo girls.

So that’s the list of some Best Games Like Club Penguin I hope you like this post if you play any other Games Like Club Penguin so let us know in the comments.