Games Like Borderlands. For several players around the world, Borderlands is a game that describes the genre of looter shooters. Looter shooters really aren’t designed for anyone, and to get a new piece of equipment, you can find that you have to go through identical quests and grind something over and over again.

Although it which put many players off, it is the same thing that attracts millions of fans for whom grinding is second nature, as when grinding content endlessly, there is still something different to look forward to.

You will explore the game with a lot of various bosses and side missions that will chew up hundreds of hours before you know it. It is truly one of the generation’s greatest games, and it contributed to the birth of games that dominate the genre today, such as Fate, The Split, Warframe, and other looter shooter games.

Although we are waiting very soon for a potential announcement of Borderlands 3, you can keep yourself involved with some other excellent games from the genre. Well, here is a list of Games Like Borderlands. You can play Borderlands games on your PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, iPhone, Android, Mac, or even online.

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Games Like Borderlands

Fallout 4

Games Like Borderlands

The first Games Like Borderlands is Fallout 4. The next version of Fallout 3 is Fallout 4 and it was ranked second in our Borderlands list of Alternative Titles. You would enjoy the latest game if you were a big fan of the Fallout series.

It arrives with an Earth that is post-apocalyptic. Lots of characters, rivals, you will find, and dream of ways to imitate them.

Once you’re in the game, the familiar surroundings and visuals welcome you. That is appropriate because, in a new edition, you should not foresee another entirely new plot. What got us, though, was the brilliantly done post-nuclear atmosphere.

The plot is almost the same as Fallout 3, where factions fight over the whole region for full power. The lack of being able to discover environments around you, though, can bother some of you.

As such, this is not a major fault, but only a feeling. They made this up by encouraging you to visit urban environments, parks, desert areas, as well as giving you toxic haze. With the present activities, the producers have beautifully got you hooked.

Even if you played Fallout 3, you are absolutely immersed in the happenings here. Instead, it intrigues you as to what is going to happen.


Games Like Borderlands

Next Games Like Borderlands is Rage 2. The original RAGE is every bit as strong as Borderlands when it comes to the gameplay and graphics. The laughter, though, is what you will lack when you first hop on to RAGE. Yet it appears to differ from what we’ve seen so far in the trailers.

While with the introduction of games like Fallout 76, Bethesda’s popularity seems to be fading, we hope RAGE 2 is every bit as strong as its predecessor. The game is a first-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic setting, and although you do not have as many weapons as Borderlands, using the environment, cars, and more, you get to kill off enemies in style.

Mad Max

Games Like Borderlands

Most of the features and features that remind us of Borderlands are present in the game. Not shockingly, this game is based on the film Mad Max.

Gamers are struck with the fact that in recreating the movie’s scenario in the video, the creators have done a great job. You’re packed with a world full of wild rivals, learning how to fight against them, and the best part of doing so with your car.

The game’s idea, Mad Max, is about optimism, even through death. When it’s playing, this game gives you a sense of glimmer and promise when it comes to things. During the assassination, you are expected to learn and discover information and then watch them turn into ash.

Diablo III

Games Like Borderlands

Although Diablo III may not have been a flawless game at launch, over the months, it had a range of improvements that dramatically changed things for players who want to constantly grind loot. The game is still very active, and with your friends or alone, you can go through a lot of material.

The scales of difficulty are based on the number of participants in a band, so during your solo session, you would never be at a disadvantage. Recently, the game was ported with LAN party support to the Nintendo Switch, making it even more enjoyable.

We also recommend trying the game out if you are not a fan of the looter genre, as the main campaign is worth playing along with Reaper of Souls. Although Diablo II might not have the same effect, it’s still an awesome title that everybody should check out.

Saints Row IV

Although Saints Row was almost a Grand Theft Auto remake, the former aspires to be a game for gamers to entertain. One felt you would not have an IV after Saints Row III (Download Here). But, it is the elegance of the makers of games.

They want to hold you waiting, because they announce the game the very next day, just as you thought it was all over. Saints Row III was, to be honest, a minor dampener. Numerous reviews were very critical, and the reputation of the game developer was tarnished.

The producers did what most of them wouldn’t do, because they were pounding on the buck. The game developers have taken a very narrow path that has paid them dividends, just as though life is all about taking measured chances.

Yeah, you do have much of Saints Row’s key features. Interaction with the planet, though, has altered enormously. You have been a hero in Saints Row IV who is worthy of doing what you want.

Destiny 2

Next Games Like Borderlands is Destiny 2. Millions of gamers have seen the original Destiny jump on to the next big trend in gaming. If you’re a fan of looter shooters, you must be well aware of the popularity of the original Destiny. Destiny 2 moved from an exclusive PS4 to a multi-platform title with Xbox One releases and, of course, PC releases.

At launch, the game saw an underwhelming reaction with reports of not adequate content pouring in and after about 30 odd hours of playing the game, I found myself at the end of my wit and little to do in a game on which I spent $60.


If you like shooting games like Borderlands, BioShock is another title that you may want to give a shot. If gamers want a nice plot, an environment full of action, and a special game, then the name is BioShock.

This is a first-person title and has very few RPG elements. When you want to slay your rivals, you have some of the standard weapons to pick from. Through your wrench, you can kill them, or freeze them.

Let’s read all about this fun and cool game. A twist comes with this gaming series. The trio of games gives beginners plenty to get acquainted with. This is by far one of the most unforgettable first-person shooter games of the last decade.


Next Game Like Borderlands is Warframe. Developers Digital Extremes put all their chips into Warframe from what was set to be a failing attempt, and it paid off and how! In the last few years, the title that everybody set down in the industry unexpectedly became one of the top ten games on Steam with no signs of slowing down.

Since its launch, the game has undergone a crazy amount of content patches, and if you played the title a few years ago and didn’t like it, we suggest that you try it again.

One of the great aspects about the game is that you can stick with it forever if you like a specific weapon. You will easily use the game’s mod system to make your preferred weapons stronger instead of endlessly cycling guns with improved stats like you can in most looter games.

The combat is superb, and truth be told, because of how fantastic the action in this game is, it is one title that makes me not want to play other games. There are also hundreds of characters to pick from, each offering something special. There’s no better way to do it than in Warframe, if you want to be a space ninja who can fly through maps while obliterating enemies in seconds.

Dead Island

In order to figure out the precise cause of this apocalypse, you should discover and visit the island. There’s going to be plenty of bloodshed and murder here. This is your best offer at the moment, whether you enjoy horror games or psycho-related stuff.

Without any variation to the previous iterations, the storyline is very similar. The game, however, is much stronger, and the material seems solid. Gamers admired their looks. Although it might not be a big improvement, it does have a major effect on the game.

Something of a sort is the sheer visual effects on the environmental artifacts provided here. There are, for example, hot temperatures, haze at noon, and the moment you reach a dark place.

When you play the game, the characters and graphics are top-notch, giving you a believable feeling. In the older models, there was something that was lacking. Not to mention, when a zombie is trapped on the sand, you might find a few glitches that arise.

Shadow Warrior 2

Next Games Like Borderlands is Shadow warrior 2. Devolver Digital is recognized for its quirky indie games, and when it comes to helping smaller studios, the publisher is one of the strongest there is currently. Shadow Warrior 2 is one of the best in Devolver, and it is only disappointing that the praise it deserves has not been received.

Just as you would expect from any Devolver title, the action and gameplay are over-the-top. The gameplay is smooth and enjoyable indeed. Shadow Warrior 2 is the ideal game if you like games with complicated gameplay that enable you to get creative with constructing your gear correctly. The gameplay is endlessly replayable and you’ll immediately fall in love with Shadow Warrior 2 if you’ve played the original version.


We’re coming to Bulletstorm next. What’s so unique about Bulletstorm that we’ve got it on our list of the best Borderlands games? Yeah, you’ll be surprised to learn that it doesn’t look anything like the Borderlands, but it does have certain features.

If you believe a game needs to be heard, then this is it. They barely welcomed the first iteration of the game. That hasn’t been shocking. The Bulletstorm: Full Clip version needs to create some noise with a bad plot, lack of graphics, and, of course, less fighting.

They also redesigned and introduced new content to the graphics. This is a first-person shooting game where, through several tactics, you have to destroy and fight the enemies that are massive in size.

Monster Hunter World

The first proper Monster Hunter title to make it to several channels is The Monster Hunter World. This multiplatform update that made it to PC, PS4 and Xbox One would be enjoyed by fans of the franchise who played the older titles on Nintendo consoles.

The game has a few difficulties with its co-op mechanics, finding it somewhat annoying to party with friends when you have to watch cut scenes alone. But it’s a solid title, apart from the slight inconveniences, and if you put your effort into it, you’re going to be able to gain a great deal of powerful loot. There are a small range of forms of guns, but there’s a lot of gear to look forward to.

Serious Sam

Next Games Like Borderlands is Serious Sam. For those who wish to play shooting games, Extreme Sam is a decent choice. As it comes with lots of shooting, the game is pretty simple. Pleasant and passion. This shooting game for the first person comes with lots of laughter.

That’s one of the items that reached us right away, so we wanted to have it on our list. With comedy comes the Serious Sam series. In the series, you can find many games available, and they’re pretty fun to play.

The remastered version helps you to play them. Choosing arms is something that can also impress you. Yes, using the multi-player option, you can play the game. This game is also the best bet for the growth of your social contact skills.

Sea of Thieves

At launch, Sea of Thieves may not have earned the finest of receptions; the developers worked hard to make the game a lot better. If you have a few friends with you to jump on to the stormy seas and overcome all you see, the title is very fun.

All of us have grown up watching classics like ‘Pirate of the Caribbean,’ and Sea of Thieves sure gives you the feeling if you want to feel like Captain Jack Sparrow. There are a lot of enjoyable mechanics in the game, and it sets itself apart from most of the other games out there.

Dying Light

For lovers of horror games, Dying Light provides incredible battle mechanics, and if you are looking for a solid co-op experience, it’s very hard to put this game down. For years, fans have stuck with the title, and the best thing about the game is the mechanics of parkour.

Often it’s not the best way to chase and shoot down grotesque zombies. You can very quickly leapfrog your way to targets and keep yourself safe from zombies. Harran’s universe is very well built, and you can visit it for hundreds of hours.

So thats the list of 15 Best Games Like Borderlands if you play any other Games Like Borderlands so let us know in the comments section.