Games Like Animal Crossing. These all games like Animal Crossing have the same mechanics that I’ll explain here. And you would feel like playing a real solution to Animal Crossing.

But prior to writing the alternatives, let’s know a little bit about Animal Crossing.

So in the Animal Crossing universe, in a rural setting that is more like a village, a player is set. Animals and other such variables inhabit the village.

There is no fixed goal that you need to achieve, but overall, a player performs many tasks related to the growth of the village and livestock.

Activities include the collecting of materials, the planting or growth of crops, socializing with villagers, taking care of livestock, etc. Here’s the list of some Best Games Like Animal Crossing.

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Games Like Animal Crossing


Games like Animal Crossing

The first Games Like Animal Crossing is Forager. Forager is a 2D survival game set in a vibrant open world in which you play as a sweet little lad who spends his days gathering just enough tools to create a wide variety of different instruments, weapons, and workbenches.

With experience points that are transformed into ability points every time you level up, the game rewards you for exploring the world. Using a free-form upgrade system that helps you to customise your experience to suit your playstyle, there are over 64 skills to learn.

Your character gains access to new gameplay features through updates, such as mystical powers and an in-game store for shopping, in addition to enabling new activities such as fishing, cooking, and farming.

Fantasy Life

Games like Animal Crossing

Next Game Like Animal Crossing is Fantasy Life. A really nice game featuring cute graphics that are well polished and adorable characters. Providing a great deal of customization, once you are finished selecting from the classes, it dumps you into a vast universe.

The game starts after you have customized your character and selected the class. In the universe called Riviera, the gameplay sets you where you eventually grasp your obligations.

You experience quests and duties that include the role of the alchemist, blacksmith, carpenter, baker, sorcerer, miner, tracker, etc using your role as per your class; you strive to create a civilization here by doing various things such as growing crops, taking care of your livestock, etc.

Stardew Valley

Games like Animal Crossing

The game is described as a 2D farming sim with some light RPG mechanics and colourful pixel art visuals, influenced by the beloved Harvest Moon games.

Most days are spent tending to crops, collecting supplies, and performing activities for NPCs, close to New Horizons.

Inside it, you build your own identity and start out by collecting seeds, planting crops, and selling them for a profit to bring your grandfather’s old farm back to life. The game finally opens and encourages you to explore other fields, such as ranching, wine making, baking, etc.

There is a day/night period that helps you to schedule things in advance, such as visiting mining, chatting with neighbors, or simply hanging out at the local pub.

Stardew people have distinct personalities that truly help them come to life and inspire you to make friends, make your competitors single-out, and even marry. Games Like Stardew Valley.

World’s Dawn

Next Games Like Animal Crossing is World’s Dawn. The game is full of a vivid glow and strongly supports a green universe or nature. Before you get into the world, character customization would be the first step.

When you’re done, Mayor Barley will welcome you before entering Sugar Blossom Village.

In the old farmhouse, the gameplay sets you up and gives you the keys so you can handle stuff there. Next, to get acquainted, you study the setting and look at your products and understand what is in stock there.

Then you get to work on the old farm’s customization to make it a blooming farm that is still full of crops. Fishing, logging, brewing, hunting, etc. are other sports.

My Time At Portia

My Time at Portia is an RPG set in a collapsed world where in a small rural town the surviving human beings have consolidated to restore civilization. The game casts you as a human who is new to the city and looking for a thrilling new adventure, just as in Animal Crossing.

Gameplay is split into the management and updating of a plant, the development of new equipment in workshops and the discovery of precious resources and ancient artefacts in caves.

You would also have an opportunity, of course, to get to know the other villagers and what makes them tick.

If you intend on socializing with NPCs, the main story will take upwards of 60 hours to complete and even longer. However, no need to fret, as the game allows you to take stuff at your own pace.

Dragon Quest Builders

Next Games Like Animal Crossing is Drago Quest Builders. The game seems like a combination of the genre of sandbox and RPG that gives you a thrilling journey through the greenery-filled rural land. The game places you in a monster-filled universe known as Alefgard.

Today, the gameplay involves you to fend off all these creatures and bad things and make it a living place to settle there or restore it.

So you are the hero who is capable of building systems through the content selection and eliminating barriers.

You need to explore the earth and gather from forests, mountains, goblins, and other outlets to obtain the content that will facilitate your life and effectively settle the world.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

At any level, Dragon Quest Builders 2 set out to be more ambitious than the original title. In there as the legendary builder tasked with restarting society in a world where almost every human has lost the ability to create things, you reprise your role.

You will draw more NPCs to your fledgling colony eager to lend you their skills while you learn new recipes and develop your settlement. The characters are well-written and have remarkably complex arcs over the 50+ hour campaign of the game.

The sequel adds a host of additional elements, such as more natural-looking landscapes, a new ability to glide and dive, an interactive selection of water, and multiplayer online. Players will visit each other’s island and start constructing together in co-op, or simply check the creations of their mate.

A World of Keflings

There are very amazing graphics in this game, and here you are in the world of Keflings, little humans. There are in reality, very tiny humans that are missing.

You will be asked initially to pick any of the three kingdoms. With special tasks and settings, each kingdom arrives.

In building a massive castle, the gaming requires you to help these Keflings out. But it’s not that easy, as you’re going to face challenges.

It’s not just about building a palace, but these Keflings need to be equipped to take care of themselves and gather capital. And they’re ready to help you accomplish your missions.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Yonder is a relaxing adventure game with an open environment built to be played at your own pace. The universe of the game consists of a number of worlds with distinguishing characteristics, plus a variety of NPCs to make friends with.

A lack of enemies in the world means that when you complete missions for characters in return for new powers, you are free to explore to the content of your heart.

The key quest has you looking for mysterious beings called Sprites that have the ability to rid the world of an ugly poison that plagues the land called Murk.

It is reminiscent of Animal Crossing in several respects, with your character able to get into the good graces of an NPC by giving them sweets (similar to giving neighbors gifts in New Leaf).

In addition, several optional skills are available to study, ranging from head chef to farmer to carpenter and more.

Castaway Paradise

Next Games Like Animal Crossing is Castaway Paradise. Thanks to the simple and glossy graphics plus getting younger players, the game is really fun for the younger ones. It’s more like a blessing to get it on your mobile.

You will initially be asked to choose the role of either a boy or a child. No customizations are available, but the characters are cute already. With simple tutorials, you will be served so that you can get acquainted with the stuff there.

The gameplay places you with other residents on the island where you assist them in different tasks. You conduct multiple quests and perform activities such as fishing, painting, and island repair.


Staxel is a voxel-based sandbox game inspired by games such as Animal Crossing and Minecraft. Inside it, you take on the part of an ambitious farmer who wants to spruce up and has just moved to a new village.

The majority of the villagers will give you advice and helpful information in return for favours while you set out to set up a flourishing farm.

Tasks vary from regular fetch quests that enable you to catch/hunt a particular animal to prepare an interesting fresh dish to create a fresh framework that improves the village.

Your hard work will finally pay off and you will find yourself rewarded with a lovely-looking farm and a well-decorated home.

Finally, the game has multiplayer co-op capabilities, enabling you to bring along any of your existing mates during your adventures.

Wild Season

Next Games Like Animal Crossing is Wild Season. Much like a Korean style of farming fun, the Wild Season is where you take a break from the big cities and run your own farm. Pick a male or female character and get ready to grow the farm.

You get several missions from the NPC characters during the gameplay and enjoy other items like digging, fishing, cooking, horse riding, animal management, etc.

Bear in mind that things are not going to be polite here at first and you’re going to find people who speak aggressively and even want to bribe you.

But you prove all of them wrong and happily remain there as you advance, having more people by your side.

Garden Paws

One of the cutest sandbox games we’ve ever seen, Garden Paws has to be. It’s actually a cross between a management sim and an adventure game focused on discovery that places you in the hands, or rather paws, of a number of tiny and cuddly woodland creatures.

As with rabbit, chipmunk, dog, kitten, and even a munchkin-sized dragon, there are an exhaustive range of choices to play. The gameplay is divided between controlling a plantation, improving the infrastructure of your island, and discovering treasure caves, beaches, and forests.

You may also open a store to sell merchandise and carry up a multitude of interests, such as fishing, cooking, and animal husbandry. The more you update your island’s services, the more you’ll draw residents.

Virtual Villagers (Series)

Next Games Like Animal Crossing is Virtual Villagers. It is not limited to just Nintendo, and players love to try the Virtual Villages series because of the availability of wide platforms.

You can pick all of the games here, including A New House, The Missing Ones, The Hidden City, etc.

The gaming gives you, or some others, a tribe. You need to take care of them and lead them on the rough island to survive.

In your tribe, there will be changes in the climate and illnesses, and you have to cure them all. Gradually, by discovering it, you discover the mysteries and the island, and you manage to protect life there.

Little Dragon Café

Next up, we’ve got a life sim from Harvest Moon maker, Yasuhiro Wada. When you set out to discover the truth behind your mother’s enigmatic condition, Little Dragon Café casts you as being one of two twins, Rin and Ren.

Around the same time, along with operating a family-owned café, you’re charged with caring for a dragon egg scheduled to hatch any day now.

When it comes to gaming, there’s a lot of variety, with the bulk of Little Dragon Café spent cooking mini-games, exploring the great outdoors, and talking with NPCs.

You can unlock new recipes outside of the main story to add to the café’s menu and watch your baby dragon evolve to become a fire-breathing horror of joy on which you can ride.

Gemini Lost

Next Games Like Animal Crossing is Gemini Lost. It’s a really pretty spot that seems enigmatic as this strange land is just bright to you and your friends.

Here you discover a little list of yourself and you don’t know how to get back there. The game comes with another one in the same category as the Animal Crossing alternatives.

The aim of the gameplay is to pick up the missions, finish them, and eventually make your way back.

These quests involve multiple activities, such as the creation of society, the gathering of resources, and the maintenance of your culture.

When designing the infrastructure and removing whatever gets in the way, you still need to keep people comfortable.


Ooblets is a new twist on life sims that feels like a mashup of the whole genre “greatest hits”. You have Animal Crossing’s complex social dynamics, Harvest Moon’s field management, and a sprinkling of Pokémon-inspired turn-based dance battles for a touch of RPG pzazz.

A one-of-a-kind life sim with cute graphics and a lot of variety is the end product. You assert authority over a customizable character living in a world where people and lovely animals known as “ooblets” coexist.

Ooblets come in all shapes and sizes and will join the party after some encouragement and accompany you everywhere you go. Consequently, to produce new organisms that can sprout in your greenhouse, you should mix traits from various ooblets.

Happy Street

Next Games Like Animal Crossing is Happy Street. Who would not want to play with Happy Street’s adorable little creatures? The response seems yes, because it’s just an app that takes seconds to load, but gives you hours of fantastic play.

With a large amount of extra events, the gameplay is all about making your very own vibrant and adorable village. It really is going to be an addictive one on this list.

You are Billy, an explorer of foxes who seeks to build and develop the culture. You also build other systems like shops that are a source of your revenue and the money gained allows you to grow the village in this way.

Mineko’s Night Market

Next Games Like Animal Crossing is Mineko’s Night Market. The Night Market of Mineko is an adorable Animal Crossing-inspired adventure game featuring colourful landscapes and more cats than you’ve ever dreamed of.

On a beautiful Japanese-inspired island situated close to the base of a mountain, you play as a curious girl who is still getting used to her new home.

The game has you attempting to unravel the island’s many mysteries with a focus on plot and discovery, including a mythological Sun Cat called Abe, who’s rumoured to actually exist.

You are charged with running a store, crafting items, and taking care of still more cats while you are not unraveling cat-god-related mysteries. The game was originally set for release in 2019 but has since been postponed until 2020.

Hokko Life

Finally, we’ve got another unabashed clone of Animal Crossing called Hokko Life.

The upcoming game, described as a “cosy life-sim,” has your character transported to a new town named Hokko, where animals not only walk and talk, but are also urgently in need of a favour.

Naturally, for the sake of fellowship, we are able to pitch in and do our bit. Here are all your important activities for Animal Crossing: fishing, catching bugs, gardening, interior decorating, you name it.

But still the game introduces some refinements that AC fans have been craving for years, such as more possibilities for furniture customization.

While the game is predicted to decline in the same year as New Horizons, someone who does not yet own a Turn will be tempted by the fact that it reaches the PC crowd.

So that’s the list of 20 Best Games Like Animal Crossing if you play any other Games Like Animal Crossing so let us know in the comments.