Best Games Like Among Us For PC. The online multiplayer game Among Us is planned for 4 to 10 players. The position of Imposter is allocated to 1 to 3 players, depending on the setup. The surviving ones, on the other hand, attempt to complete separate assignments and sleuth the traitors out until they are picked off one by one.

In this list, in one way or another, we’ll highlight a range of titles similar to Among Us.

Although all of them come under the social deduction genre of games, we’ve also added a handful of other party games and one strange simulation game that could easily occur inside the Among Us universe. Be sure to come back while we plan to refresh this page of new games in the future. Games Like Among Us For PC.

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Games Like Among Us

Project Winter

Project Winter is one of the best social deduction games ever to come out in recent years. It sees 8 players collapsing into a frozen wilderness where each other is all they have. Survivors have to work together in order to escape, often breaking up into pairs to help accumulate supplies and rebuild shelter.

Like Among Us, by casting hidden traitors into the mix, the game shakes things up. The role of the traitor is to sabotage the escape of the party thereby preventing suspicion. They will themselves murder other survivors, spread lies to build confusion, or simply let it be worked out by mother nature.

How much challenges the game throws at the survivors is so wonderful about Project Winter. Players have to think about dangerous weather, aggressive animals, and the risk of being voted out by the party, in addition to traitors. Best Games Like Among Us For PC.

Unfortunate Spacemen

Then look no further than Unfortunate Spacemen if you’re on the market for another social deduction game that lets you and your mates play as colourful spacemen. This survival shooter, free to play, sees up to 16 players planning a galactic escape across multiple alien biomes.

As Among Us, however, not every player is who they think they are. In order to ascertain who the creature is, the party will have to keep an eye out for any unusual activity while still fighting waves of alien insects. The addition of combat provides another layer of strategy that can be taken advantage of by both the crew and the imposter.

A map collection is where the game has Among Us defeated, with 15 exclusive locations such as Arctic outposts, deserted space stations, futuristic hyper-trains, and ancient dig sites. Unfortunate Spacemen features a storey mode that, along with a survival mode with more challenging opponents, can be played solo or cooperatively.


Barotrauma is a challenging 2D co-op survival horror game in which separate jobs on a space submarine are completed by a party of 2-16 players. The game takes place in a dystopian future where mankind fled to Jupiter’s Moon Europa only to find beneath its frozen exterior a vicious aquatic ecosystem.

Acting together, when they embrace and carry out duties, teams will have to do everything in their power to keep the submarine operating. A special task ranging from Ship Captain to Medic to Engineer is assigned to each crew member and they will have to perform their duties to the best of their ability.

A hidden traitor, who would attempt to thwart the crew ‘s efforts at any turn, is further complicating matters. In Among Us, it’s still tough enough to try to sleuth the imposter out, so you can imagine how high the stakes get when you chuck water leakage, broken ship hulls, to horrific sea monsters out of space. Best Games Like Among Us For PC.


Guess you are planning to switch to another ‘traitor simulator’ that mostly plays out like Among Us. Under that scenario, Deception is undoubtedly worth finding out. In it, a squad of players wake up in spooky procedurally generated maps to discover themselves.

They would have to perform a number of activities together in order to advance to the next location before they finally flee. By now, you know the drill: secretly infected creatures charged with destroying innocent players are a portion of the party. Where Deception takes it up a notch is the diversity of gameplay.

Players have several instruments, traps, and weapons at their disposal, in addition to completing challenges to reveal new locations. Innocent players will have to keep an eye out for blood bags littered around each map since the infected need to eat blood to turn into the beast.

Secret Neighbor

Set inside the world of Hello Neighbor, Hidden Neighbor is a multiplayer survival horror game that has a group of teens attempting to break into the home of their frightening neighbour searching for proof to show they are keeping a child hostage in their basement.

The aim is to enter the basement of the neighbour, which can be reached in the house only by finding several keys. The twist is actually the neighbour in disguise, one of the 6 children. By either sabotaging the task or destroying any player, their role is to prevent the children from getting to the basement.

As well as using a number of gadgets and traps to track down the kids, the Neighbor player can choose from many grades. The game is best, like Among Us, when everyone is suspicious and unable to trust each other, leading to crazy allegations and unforeseeable moments. Games Like Among Us.

Enemy On Board

Next up, we have Enemy On Board, another social deduction game free to play that casts two players as alien imposters who have to ambush the team. The purpose of the crewmates is to live long enough to suspend the traitors and keep the space station running.

The game has several classes to play, each with various skills and advantages that can be helpful in a number of circumstances. As Among Us, the Crew is limited to only using Voice Comms during those processes , allowing the Imposters enough time to strategize.

Enemy On Board also stresses combat, providing different weapons and traps for Crewmates to protect themselves. If a Crew is coordinated enough, they can eventually transform into a Cyborg powerful enough to take on the alien imposters.

Pummel Party

Although it’s not a social deduction game practically, Pummel Party has plenty of possibilities to mess over your mates and stir up trouble. The game has up to 4 players traversing risky maps, landing on multiple spaces that can yield a range of weapons, power-ups, and traps, best summed up as ‘Mario Party on steroids.’

Players will gather coins, plant booby traps, and attack opponents using different weapons during the board game process. The aim is to come out triumphant by smashing each opportunity you receive from your enemies, even during thrilling mini-games that bring some kind of twist to classic party game tropes.

You can play ‘every man for themselves’ or decide to gang up on whoever’s currently in the lead. Pummel Party also features an optional mini-game mode that skips all the board game sections, allowing you and your group to jump right into the action. Best Games Like Among Us For PC.

Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers is one of the oldest games on this series, an action-packed beat-em-up that has aged surprisingly well by today’s standards. A vibrant 2D hand-drawn art style identical to Among Us also happens to appear.

Created by The Behemoth, the game has you hacking and slicing your way to the top with your friends while you rescue a princess and defend the pride of your kingdom. While the main campaign can be played cooperatively, a free PvP mode for all and team fighting is also available.

Here, as a goal exercise, you can use your mates and test out over 40 different weapons in the Castle Crashers arsenal. If you and your Crew have been playing Among Us for a while, it may do you some good to change things up with a palette cleanser that looks like it could have easily been played on New Grounds back in the day.

Viscera Cleanup Detail

Did you ever think what happened to the dead crewmates’ bodies in Among Us? Well, you can actually come up with a response now. Viscera Cleanup Detailmay not be like Among Us in terms of the actual gameplay but shares a similar ‘ dark humour ‘sound and starship atmosphere.

Inside it, you assume the role of a doorman delegated to clean it up a few other amusingly-awful messes at space stations. To help you in your mission, the game offers different equipment and cleaning materials likes mops, brooms, and buckets in addition to more ‘out-there’ solutions such as a laser gun used to patch bullet holes.

As most rooms are packed with dismembered corpses and alien guts that can cling to your shoes and make even bigger messes, be prepared to roll up your sleeves. Your success is checked at the end of each stage, and failing to meet your quota can see you launched out into deep space. Games Like Among Us For PC.

Werewolves Within

Just like Among Us, Werewolves Within is a social deduction VR game and it’s available on PS4 too. It didn’t get a good response from the gaming world, but with its innovative gameplay, many are going back to Werewolves Within late. In a team of 5 to 8 players, you will play and everyone is given a secret role.

The game is very fast-paced and throws you into the mix of being a good guy as well as a traitor. The game is set in Gallowston, a mediaeval village where werewolves are wreaking havoc. To save the townspeople, you and your teammates are transported to the mediaeval period.

You can be a villager trying to rescue innocent people in one game, but you can become a turncoat in another. Finding the secret werewolf and killing the player to win the game is the trick. Simply put, Werewolves Inside is a heavy social deduction game like Among Us and this is an appropriate game for you if you enjoy playing VR games on PS4. Games Like Among Us For PC.