If you are a Windows 10,7 or 8 users then this will definitely enhance your Windows experience I’ll share some of the Free Windows software that I personally use. These are some of the best Windows applications.


Free Software for Windows | 7 Free Software for Windows

First one on the list of Free Software for Windows is Discord. If gaming is an important part of your life then this Discord will definitely impress you well this Discord is a communication-based Windows app that’s popular among the entire gaming community using this card you can effortlessly communicate with other gamers across the globe this Discord allows users to share images and video files furthermore you can communicate with other gamers in a chat channel using text messages or audio and video calls this Discord also supports a plethora of ports which enhance the overall communication experience and these BOTS also eliminate the need to exit from the Discord server for basic tasks.

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Free Software for Windows | 7 Free Software for Windows

The second one is windirstat do you think that your PC has slowed down over the past few months well one possible reason behind the gradual decrease in your computer’s performance can be the lack of space on your computer’s hard disk if you want to analyze your disk usage and clean up your hard disk then you should straight off wait for download windirstat this free and open-source tool showcases your disk usage using graphical presentation and even helps you delete unwanted stuff windirstat smartly separates different files based on their extensions overall it’s a great Windows tool that can provide significant improvement to your computer’s performance.

Download windirstat 

Free Download Manager

Free Software for Windows | 7 Free Software for Windows

We all suffer from poor download speeds on Mesa web browser like Google Chrome and that’s when a download manager comes into play well internet download manager is by far the most feature-rich download manager that said IDM is a paid software and if you have been scouting for a free IDM alternative then free download manager might impress you this popular download manager does exactly as its name suggests it allows users to flawlessly download huge files additionally the clean and easy to navigate UI of free download manager makes the entire downloading process a breeze overall free download manager is a great alternative to IDM and it simply gets the job done.

Download Free Download Manager

VLC media player

Free Software for Windows | 7 Free Software for Windows

Next up we have on the list of Free Software for Windows is VLC media player this free and open-source media player supports every major media format additionally you can even playback content from DVDs audio CDs and V CDs since VLC is a cross-platform application you can easily switch between your smartphone and PC for streaming content overall VLC is a reliable media player that has stood the test of time.

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The next one is flux if a major part of your day spend in front of a computer screen then flux can prove to be a helpful Windows program flux is a useful computer program that exhausts your displays color temperature according to your location and time of the day the adjusted colour temperature reduces the strain on eyes overall flux is a great Windows program for those who are concerned about the eyesight as for downsides flux is not useful for people who edit photos and videos or do any sort of colour precision work.

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But warden

Next is bit warden. But warden is another useful Windows 10 app that can be used to manage passwords for different websites and apps in one place fit for them automatically stores and syncs your sensitive data across all your devices hence you can easily access your passwords on a computer on a smartphone and even on major web browsers with warden safeguards your sensitive data bite option, unlike other password managers Bitwarden, is open-source software so if one notice any annoying advertisement overall bit warden is a great program for safeguarding passwords and the services associated with those passwords. Free Software for Windows.

Download But warden


The last one in the list of Free Software for Windows is fused. fused is a feature-rich photo editing app for Windows 10 that can be used to produce stellar results as the name of this photo editing app suggests it can be used to fuse and blend photos and videos using fused you can easily create double exposure photos which generally requires professional photoshop skills fuze boasts many professional-grade photo editing tools and features like blending modes color adjustment tools masking and much more lastly you can easily export all of your edited images to the camera roll.

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