Free Pokemon Games. At the moment, the Pokémon series is in rude shape, with the Detective Pikachu movie at the box office faring well and the Sword and Shield RPG games on the horizon looming tantalizingly.

But if you’ve seen the movie already and can’t wait for the games to come out, you may want to turn your mind to some alternate experiences with Pokémon. For eg, how about some free Pokémon games?

For a freebie, you can’t complain, after all. You’ve come to the right place if you can’t afford a video game or just like taking part in some inexpensive fun. A smartphone with enough storage space to house any new apps is what you need. And the Pokémon franchise has much to sell if you can fulfil those two criteria.

There are also two more Pokémon smartphone games to be published shortly in addition to the games we are about to list: Pokémon Rumble Rush is being worked on by Ambrella, while DeNA developers are beavering away on a different upcoming title. Once those games are published, we’ll have to give this article an update. Free Pokemon Games.

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Free Pokemon Games

Pokemon TCG Online

Free Pokemon Games

The first Free Pokemon Games is Pokemon TCG Online. In 2011, Pokémon TCG Online, the interactive edition of Pokémon: The Trading Card Game, appeared on the scene as a browser-only experience before releasing it as an iPad and Android app. The game created by Dire Wolf Digital has plenty to give both professional card game players and beginners who just want to have a go.

You can search the “secret key” that comes with each pack to connect your actual belongings to your digital deck if you are creating a real-life set of cards, making TCG Online a perfect place to learn strategies. Check out the “Trainer Challenge” mode that allows you to select from pre-made decks to play against the PC if you don’t have any actual cards and still want to dive in.

Pokemon Go

Free Pokemon Games

Next Free Pokemon Games is Pokemon Go. Still going high, Pokémon Go is well worth picking up almost three years after its world-wide-conquering debut. A lot of kinks have been ironed out since those early days, with those painful crashes now being a thing of the past. And as an extra bonus, over the years, heaps of additional updates have been added too.

As well as discovering and capturing Pokémon, you can now even swap with your chums, give presents, and take part in battles and raids with the option of Virtual Reality graphics. Since the launch, lots of more Pokémon have also been introduced to the series, and there are daily activities and competitions to keep you involved.

Pokemon Quest

Free Pokemon Games

Pokémon Quest is an action-adventure game created by Game Freak (who also runs the key RPG franchise), which mixes the Pokémon you know and love with a cute, Minecraft-esque visual style. On mobile and Nintendo Switch, it’s available, it’s free to start, and it can get very addictive.

This title tasks the player with finding environments, establishing a base camp, befriending Pokémon, and taking part in quick, tap-happy fights, set in a previously unmentioned locale named Tumblecube Island and featuring familiar critters from the Pokémon Red and Blue games. Game Freak may not have the scope of those huge RPG encounters for which it is popular, but it’s always a fun way to spend a few hours.

Pokemon Duel

Free Pokemon Games

Pokémon Duel was released in Japan in 2016 and elsewhere in 2017, pitting players in a digital board game against each other or against the PC). It’s inspired by and created by Heroz’s Pokémon Trading Figure Game and you can grab it on iOS and Android smartphone devices for free.

The game is performed by two events, every of whom chooses six Pokémon characters to battle with. The purpose is to get from one facet of the board to the opposite without getting the squad washed out alongside the way in which in fights. The sport has been downloaded over 40 million instances so that you should not be wanting folks to battle towards it.

Pokemon Camp

Free Pokemon Games

Next Free Pokemon Games is Pokemon Camp. Pokémon Camp is available on iOS and Android smartphones, targeted at younger kids, and it comes from The Pokémon Company to direct us. With its super easy graphics and not-too-demanding activities, it’s a perfect way to introduce kids to the wonders of Pokémon, particularly if they’re too young to hop into Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee.

Young trainers are invited to go to Pokémon Camp, where they will be guided by NPC characters known as “camp guides” by tasks like Poké Ball Throw and Locate the Pokémon. The game options Solar and Moon Pokémon from the unique technology and the Aloan zone, serving to gamers to assemble cute pins as they go.

Pokemon Shuffle

Free Pokemon Games

Pokemon Shuffle was born on the Nintendo 3DS as a freebie, and now you can even have it on the smartphone. It’s sort of a Pokémon version of Candy Crush where in order to beat them, you need to balance three or four of the cute blighters.

The game is built in the freemium mould, which means that before you have to wait for more lives or pay cash cash to get them sooner, you only have a limited number of attempts. Then you’ll want to make every step count, and nobody wants to sit or pay for stuff.

Magikarp Jump

Free Pokemon Games

Perhaps the silliest free Pokémon game of the lot, Magikarp Hop places a slice of unexpected joy in the spotlight of the least useful Pokémon of all time. All your Magikarp can do is leap (hence the title), but to make it jump higher, you can also train it and feed it.

This allows for a fun and quick gaming experience that tasks you with clicking at different points on the screen to help your Magikarp achieve higher heights in its journey. Keep your eyes open for other Pokémon guest appearances who want to help you out and don’t forget that every Magikarp has to look forward to a pretty cool evolution. Happy to jump!

Pokemon Advanced Adventure

Free Pokemon Games

This is an improved version of every Pokemon game you’ve ever played, thus the Advanced Adventure name. Gary is the competitor you face, and he is a psychopathic lord of the world who is greedy for blood as well.

The game is a variation of the Pokemon: Leaf Green GBA variant.
There are eighty other wicked subordinates to get over, aside from Gary, the prime villain. The excellent back story of your character, who for a week is told to have eaten nothing but dirt at the time.

Pokemon Prism

Another fantastic game to give you the experience of Pokemon is this. It is a revamped version of the famous Pokemon Gold game.

The game’s characteristics are strongly inspired by the first few generations of the game series. With its side-scrolling explorations, along with mini-game elements, the game is a little bizarre. The game world is in a cave where the user has to battle the Pallet Rangers.

Pokemon AshGray

A must-play by any Pokemon enthusiast is Pokemon Ashgrey. It was hacked with amazing precision from the famous Pokemon FireRed that would accompany the show’s pilot season.

It’s a really fun way to view the Pokemon episodes that were shown on tv.
With different instruments such as rafts and hatchets, some fascinating features such as the Pokemon moves that involve Surfs and Cuts are performed. The game fits the manga’s initial plot very exactly.

Pokemon Quartz

The next Free Pokemon Games is Pokemon Quartz. One of the best Pokemon games that you can lay your hands-on when it comes to creativity is Pokemon Quartz.

Interestingly enough, certain Pokemon characters that are entirely made up have been developed in the game. Almost all the characters found in this game, although they were modeled in the Pokemon style, are original characters. The game is very entertaining with a mixed consistency, and a perfect way to get addicted to something.

Pokemon Dark Rising

There is an increased level of difficulty in this Pokemon game and there are few other titles that can match when it comes to the game’s complexity.

Even before making it to the battlefield from the gym, 99 legendaries must be squared off. Unlike most other Pokemon titles, the game with all Dragon-type starts is refreshingly new. The plot is still very dark and complicated, with an integral part of it being mind games.

Pokemon Fusion Generation

This is a Pokemon game that has hybrids that dissolves all the boundaries of Pokemon. In order to make things more exciting, the Pokémon were given monstrous characteristics.

The game requires the players to catch. Often you could also come across two creatures that are merged into one. In the title, there is also an Easter egg that leads to a basement where a variety of fun objects and quests are located.

Pokemon Snakewood

The next Free Pokemon Games is Pokemon Snakewood. Again this is a Pokemon game that has taken quite a different path than some. The trainers that you have to fight are all zombies in this dark novel.
The game, however, includes enough satire in places about the apocalypse.
The most fascinating aspect is that the game’s backdrop is an apocalypse.

Those are the best Pokemon games you can download free of charge. With somewhat tweak right here and there, these video games are the right locations to reside these Pokemon viewing days yet again.

Pokemon Revolution Online

Pokémon Revolt Online is at the top of the heap when it comes to fan-made Pokémon MMORPG games. All in this game is tailored to feel like an actual Pokémon game, from the sprite specifics to the soundtrack. The game also incorporates outstanding atmospheric graphics that shift with the weather and time.

In itself the base game is amazing, but every month, Pokémon Revolution Online still constantly introduces new content. Of course, for free. While exploring the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh regions, you have the choice of entering or forming your own guild.

This game offers hours of fun overall. The map is big, and it really is a massive multiplayer game. Not just that, much like an actual MMO, you can enter guilds and engage in player-versus-player (PvP) battles. Pokémon Revolution is certainly one of the best multiplayer Pokémon games—if not the best.


Next Free Pokemon Games is PokeMMO.The aptly called PokeMMO takes the Pokémon series into the new age as another top candidate for the finest fan-made Pokémon MMO out there.

Of course, it has everything a Pokémon fan would want a massive Pokémon library, big map, interactive graphics, stunning sprite animations, and so on. In Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, you can also create bases reminiscent of the hidden base element.

I loved this facet of those Pokémon games and I’m happy to see it in a Pokémon MMO. Anytime you choose to work on a foundation, it’s way easier than emulating old Pokémon games on your Android.

Better still it’s famous and polished massively. You’ll need to access, download, and unzip the Pokémon FireRed ROM to instal this game. Further graphic and multimedia content can be generated by other optional ROM installations. For a rundown on how to get PokeMMO to work on your PC, head to the developer’s instructions.

Pokemon World Online

As far as Pokémon MMOs are concerned, Pokémon World Online (PWO) is an old-timer. It’s still one of the best Pokémon games online, considering its age. In my view, it’s also one of the most in-depth in terms of statistical statistics and function availability for Pokémon.

PWO is a standalone installation, making it a little more interactive than alternatives depending on the browser. That also allows for a special smoothness and finish that, relative to the other, more common versions of the same kind, makes it feel like a serious Pokémon MMO.

The fact that the UI is largely adjustable is also interesting. Instead of a complicated setting, you can appeal to your needs with the game design and concentrate on the combat rather than the environment. With more measured gameplay, this is a common Pokémon feeling, likely to thrill both old and new Pokémon players for hours.

Pokemon Planet

The next Free Pokemon Games is Pokemon Planet. Not only is Pokémon World interesting, but it’s also impressive. There are huge playfields and Pokémon libraries, and the game is faithful to the Pokémon series. It’s not necessary for you to download it, making it one of the best free browser games.

A multiplayer event called Clan Wars [Broken URL Removed] is also being organised by Pokémon World, where players from various clans—which you can launch and join—battle each other at unique times during the week.

You may play with associates, or you possibly can take the solo highway. Though this sport doesn’t present something in the best way of a single-player storey mode, it’s a nice on-line browser-based setting and provides loads of objects and Pokémon to maintain even essentially the most devoted Pokémon followers amused.

Pokemon MMO 3D

The emphasis of Pokémon MMO 3D concerns combat animation rather than environment simulation, but every time I log in, I’m always fascinated by it. Remember, this on behalf {of professional} builders isn’t some official endeavour. They’re followers who make fantasies come to life.

Pokémon MMO 3D has no story to offer. However, what it does deliver is just what users would want from a 3D version of Pokémon: in a 3D world, you can summon and combat Pokémon. Better of all, each the consumer interface and Pokémon vary are actively being labored on by the builders.


PokéOne is the newest addition to the series of Pokémon multiplayer games. So far this game is really promising—-it might also overtake any of the above games as the best Pokémon MMO. PokéOne comes from the developers of Pokémon Revolution Online, and it shows. This awesome take on Pokémon 0 offers enjoyable tournaments and games, and helps you to chat with other coaches as well.

The production team wants to work on PokéOne, but you can’t begin to see all sorts of Pokémon yet. Right now with remarkable 3D graphics, you can navigate the Johto and Kanto areas.

So that’s the list of Free Pokemon Games if you play any other Free Pokemon Games so let us know in the comments.