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List of Free Battle Royale Games

  • z1 battle royale
First on our list of free battle royale games is z1 battle royale. If we ignore the current state of Daybreak’s h1z1 games we can still appreciate the original battle royale that started it all. This beautifully competitive MMO from the non-studio was the first be our game before BR even existed the guy behind player announced battlegrounds was once part of this very title this is a standalone entry from the original h1z1 experience. Z1 battle royale stayed true to its roots by maintaining its king of the hill formula. It still has that classic feel look and gameplay that everyone fell in love with until the cash-grabbing started. The game’s microtransactions are overwhelming and cheaters bombed the servers even up to now the game is receiving massive flak due to these issues it’s a bittersweet start to our list and it receives a play score of 6.12.
  • Battle Right Royale

Sum locks top-down mobile game was great but they decided to keep it even more relevant to the modern age, mixing their mobile mechanics with battle royale team up with friends and prepare yourself for a power play of magical proportions. Enter their arena and choose from its selection of crazy and powerful heroes, as usual, gather your squad and be the last man standing as you engage in a skill shot based action against other players. Unlike the newbie our titles with fancy twists battle royale don’t have any it simply fuses their tried and tested top-down game played with the tension of BRS. However to increase its challenge the arena is filled with potions and spells for you and your squad to gain the upper hand it may not be revolutionary but at least they got inside the BR trend in time it receives a rating of 6.23.

  • Realm Royale

It’s no surprise when game companies pivot from their games as original objectives paladins were supposed to be the overwatch contender it was until they realized Blizzard had the upper hand so they had to change their core gameplay. This spin-off of high res is hero shooter paladins was such an expected move trying to enter the BR craze is every game company’s wet dream right now combining paladin’s hero shooter mechanics and every battle royale formula players can enter an arena and survive against 100 other players and become the last man standing. Select from high res is called for a selection of adorable heroes and use their unique abilities to turn the tide of battle. What differentiates realm royale from most the ARS is its crafting features similar to fortnight’s building this game can let you create some snazzy new weapons to deal some massive tactical or physical advantage it receives a score of 6.31.

  • Fortnight Battle Royale

At number seven on over list of Free, Battle Royale Games is Fortnight Battle Royale. The one behind it all epics quick rise to fame was because of this plot twist. Originally a survival game where players defend their turf from a horde of diabolical extraterrestrial threats it suddenly pivoted to this battle royale craze when epic realized it wasn’t making enough sales this small change to the games primary gameplay gave birth to a pop culture phenomenon. Epic games this fortnight was the beginning of the BR genre drop from the battle bus and get ready to become the last man standing among its 100 contenders. With your team of four, it’s not just about shooting what separates fortnight from the other BRS is the ability to build. Similar to their original fortnight game players build walls and stairs and other stuff to strategically adapt to the face of battle this game might have received some controversy along the way but there’s no doubt about its popularity it receives a play score of 7.36.

Ring of Elysium

Number six is Ring of Elysium, unlike most BR titles Ring of Elysium actually has a kind of narrative to its large scale battles. Depending on the seasons quite literally Roe seasons are separated by their Maps weather conditions moving on from their snow-capped adventures in their first season roe recent second season presents us with the trials and tribulations of the tropics. Fight your way through the volcanic ash against 59 players and into the safety of their rescue helicopter. Mobility is also a huge part of Roe gameplay along with choosing your own spawn points you may also choose between hang gliders BM X’s and grapples as your starter gadgets for the perilous road to survival. Getting criticism for it’s on polished gameplay and poor optimizations it has a rating of 7.4.

Cuisine Royale

On number five in my list of Free Battle Royale Games is Cuisine Royale. Yes you caught that title right Cuisine Royale isn’t some fancy French Quarter Pounder it’s a battle royale game. But with kitchen materials. Released ahead of World War two and the mole game enlisted Blue Hole gave us a literal taste of the engines shooting action with this impressively crafted April Fool’s joke. Bungling its way to an early access release it’s not exactly at peak performance, its bare-bones optimizations and bland graphics settings might be an acquired taste. But there’s a lot of fun to be had in running around fields and trenches half-naked and equipped with all sorts of wacky kitchen items. Remaining pretty much the same as the usual be our title square up against 29 other competitors and me the last nine win the pizza. while it could use some more time in the oven it gets a provisional play score of 7.6.

Creative destruction

On the third place creative destruction, the battle royale genre seems to be in its own game of battle royale with copy sprouting and dying at a moment’s notice. A little unfair to put creative destruction under this umbrella but the comparisons between this game and epic games its own fortnight seems to be endless. Creative destruction has found a nice little niche within the world catering to first and foremost cartoon battle royale players on Steam. It has also risen up the charts for its potato computer-friendly specs and its lack of bloom and glider redeploys which are controversial features on the fortnight. Creative destruction also seems to have the fun a simple free-spirited competition but fortnight used to have for some it even burgers on easy with more weapon varieties than you could ever have used for. While it isn’t the most polished Battle Royale game out there it just might be the alternative you are looking for it has a rating of 7.9.

The Darwin project

On the second place is the Darwin project, well it comes to interesting stories scavenger Studios multiplayer survival game I might just take the cake. Bringing players to the wintery North Canadian Rockies stop into their dystopian post-apocalyptic our inside their reality game show to the death. A familiar concept for Hunger Games fans the Darwin project’s main focus is survival instead of just finding weapons and armour you’ll have to craft your way to victory in real-time. It’s a constant balancing act between vigilance and creation and just to make an awesome premise more interesting each match also has a spectating director player whose job it is to spice up the competition by giving heels and abilities to whoever player they choose wrapped up in the now-familiar cartoon visuals the Darwin project is both intense and unapologetically playful still in early access it has a rating of 8.

Apex legends

Finally on the first place of over list of Free Battle Royale Games is apex legends. Apex lucky entry to the battle royale bandwagon was unexpected but welcome. This titan fall spinoff takes you to a ragtag group of characters pitted in a sadistic hunger game like a tournament. Gather your squad of three and begin the hunt as you choose from its a wide variety of characters it shares the same hero based strategy from blizzards overwatch but putting more focus on its survival aspects, become the legend as you remain as the last one standing from an arena of 60 people whether you want to take it slow or aggressively the choice is up to you pick up that perfect weapon charge that ultimate ability and engage in a blazing firefight that’s enough to supercharge you until the next unlucky squad comes in your way. Its play score is 8.58. This is the list of Free Battle Royale Games.