Today we are gonna talk on a very serious matter and it’s about the fake accounts on Instagram most of the people facing this problem that someone created my fake account and they’re promoting bad things from my ID also they use their pictures in the form of post and stories just like a genuine profile so today we will learn that how to find and deactivate those fake accounts within minutes on Instagram also I will tell you a few tips by which you can identify a fake account easily if any girl is fooling you. How to Identify and Deactivate Fake Instagram Account?

Deactivate Fake Account on Instagram.

So whenever you find any fake account of yours on Instagram first go to that profile and then screenshot that profile and this is Wayne short will be used later after that click on the three dots and click on report option and then select it’s a spam most of the people only do this and trust me guys it never work only with this and remember all of these things you have to do with your own account means the original account holder whose fake account is created now after completing the first process go to your profile and then go to Instagram settings there you will see an option named help in the lower section just click on that and then click on report spam or abuse option then it will redirect you to a web page and you have to select any web browser that is installed on your smartphone on that new web page you will get multiple options there you will have to select on account holder option after that click on the first option that is if someone has taken my forum on Instagram then what should I do after that you will see an option named fill this form just click on that and then the person whose fake account is created will have to fill the form of impersonation there you will get multiple option like someone has created an account for my business expose of bener friend or someone created to claim something what I represent and many more options there you will have to select your keys after that you will have to click on yes my name is being used option and then you will have to fill your full name your email address the name listed in that account your reporting means the name used in that fake account and the username – that is used in that fake reported account after that you will have to take your any identity proof and the owner of the ID means you will have to give a picture in which you are holding your own ID proof in your hand and then upload this picture in jpg format and apart from that photo also send clear picture of your ID proof and the screenshot of the figure so that means you have to upload 3 picture

first, your photo holding your ID proof

then the clear photo of your ID proof

and the third one is the screenshot of the fake account

you can upload multiple pictures in the form and you can also mention all the problems in the additional information option then click on the submit button and then within an hour or two us the fake account will be suspended on Instagram due to the case of impersonation.

A lot of guys just report the account and tell others to report – by mentioning a story and be messaging you that please report the second one but just because of this only works if that account is showing some illegal or spam content so this was all about the Deactivation of fake account.

How to Identify a Fake Account on Instagram.

Now if you want to identify any account on Instagram that is fake or genuine because it happens a lot of times when you make new friends on Instagram you always get a question in mind that this ID fake or genuine so there is not any online checker bot service that checks for fake account on Instagram but there are few points what my suggestion what I noticed and it works most of the time for identification of an Instagram account the

The first point is that the fake account will be an open account most of the time sometimes private – it is not a hundred per cent sure that the fake account will be an open account.

Second is that their following will be very high even more than followers sometimes and most of the time their following will be in thousands.

The third thing is that just check for the first post date of that fake account and the recent post date if the difference between 40 to 50 ports is just 10 to 15 days then hundred per cent it is a fake account because genuine account holders hardly post to post a day and the fake account holders upload number of posts even in a single day for making it looks like real account.

And the final way of identifying a fake account and it is a ninja technique by me for identifying any fake girls account and that is just going to their post and see the comments and if it is filled with boys comments only and there is no friendship or sarcastic comment which friends do and if there is no reply to any of those comments accept thank you then it is a fake account for sure. So these were some personal suggestion from my side for identifying any fake account on Instagram and also you guys know about the deactivation method of any fake account on Instagram. How to Identify and Deactivate Fake Instagram Account?