Dark Souls 3 Mods. In the gaming landscape, video games like Dark Souls are scarce to find. Few games can combine a mysterious world with phenomenal levels and the way software can design the world.

The sense of difficulty drives home the locations and lore that are well-made. So although players explore the worlds that From Soft has created and mastered the combat systems of the game, playing through its PvE content becomes less and less exciting.

The ability to alter any part of the game is available to fans thanks to modders.

Here are the 10 Dark Souls 3 Mods that make the game even better if you’d like to battle bosses throughout every zone then you’ll need to see crabs because you’re crazy for every texture.

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Dark Souls 3 Mods

Blessed Gesture

Dark Souls 3 Mods

The first Dark Souls 3 Mods is Blessed Gesture. Although it was tempting to place the JoJo Script at the very top of this list, what can only be described as a technical marvel for the ages is easily edged out.

The Blessed Gesture mod transforms the rather tame Bow gesture into Scrubs’ Poison Dance… But many people don’t know that because it’s more commonly referred to as Fortnite’s popular dance meme.

The ultimate effect, as you might have already guessed, is horrific and mesmerizing in equal parts.


Dark Souls 3 Mods

Arguably, Cinder is the largest Dark Souls 3 mod ever released. It not only improves certain smaller items, such as longevity and object losses, but it also redoes the whole game’s progression.

Cinder primarily attempts to incorporate the interconnected nature of the universe seen in the original Dark Souls and, to some extent, Dark Souls 2. The mod accomplishes this by inserting or modifying items to allow easy movement between areas in the world.

It’s not the cleanest approach, but it helps a single playthrough to feel truly new and stops the original game from suffering from railroading advancement.

In the game, also introduces new weapons, armor, and spells. Nothing will top Cinder if you want to enjoy a brand new version of Dark Souls 3.

JoJo Script

Dark Souls 3 Mods

The next Dark Souls 3 Mods is JoJo Script. In their own right, all these Task Mods may be impressive, but they’ve got nothing on this one. A player can transform the entire Dark Souls III game into a JoJo guide by activating this mode.

More precisely, the player character becomes a Stand person who uses the spirits of NPCs to use attacks on their behalf on a particular map. Although this mod is certainly amusing to witness, the technological ability that went into forming this project in the first place and balancing it for later areas in the game must be praised.

Wex Dust

One of the cornerstones of Dark Souls PvP activity is invading enemy players, but it leaves many items to be desired. Primarily, it’s clunky and unintuitive to enter a match against a fellow participant.

In their Wex Dust mod, a modder attempted to resolve this by adding a new item called Wex Dust. When you are at the Firelink Shrine, this item helps you to invade opponents from everywhere in the world making invasions that much easier to pull off.

In addition, the dust item can try every invasion to locate new positions to avoid exhaustion from seeing the same area. This mod is so cool that it’s a shock this idea didn’t come up with from Tech.

Skeleton Swap

Next Best Dark Souls 3 Mods is Skeleton Swap. The Skeleton Swap function, which lets the main character switch out their model skeleton with that of any other NPC in the game, is one of the more bizarre effects that come bundled with Challenge Mods.

The end product, as you may have guessed, can be very hilarious… And at times upsetting.


However if you don’t want to use default graphics, you should play with the awesome iGP11 mod with the look of the DS3. At the hands are post-processing effects and texture substitutions.

You would be able to configure field width, motion blur, anisotropic filtering, and so much more. Once the effects appear the way you like by swapping them with others you can further change the textures the game uses.

Upscale textures that you prefer or with Nicolas Cage to replace them all. No matter the purpose, for Dark Souls 3 and the series as a whole, iGP11 is a turning stone for visual fidelity.

Speed Modifier

Next Dark Souls 3 Mods is Speed ModifIt can be loads of fun to use the size modifier to become small… Until you walk a few steps and understand how painfully slow your character is moving.

That’s where the speed modifier plays its role, enabling you, regardless of your size, to zip past enemies in a flash.

In every sense of the word, watching your character become Flash’s Lothric equivalent is certainly a treat to witness.

Cinematic FX Lexar’s

Next Dark Souls 3 Mod is Cinematic FX Lexar’s. The ability of ENBs, unique modifications that apply post-processing effects to the game to dramatically boost or modify the look of the game, would be familiar to Skyrim modders.

In Dark Souls 3, Lexar’s Cinematic FX does something similar, changing colors and accentuating those effects the game uses.

From more exotic locations, Godrays are more pronounced and bright colors pop more than ever before. This is the best mod you can use if you want Dark Souls 3 to get a fresh coat of paint.

Size Modifier

A size modifier is a next effect present in this mod, which behaves just as one would assume. As this seemingly basic influence applies all the way to your movement speed and even your hitbox, the modding prowess on show here is very remarkable.

Would you like to become as tiny as an ant and nibble at your enemies while they refuse to hurt you? So much of that is possible. The need to be a giant instead… Since your expanded hitbox makes you an easy target, and you do nothing at all? You should still do it!

Item Randomizer & Auto-Equip

This mod will be enjoyed by fans of rogue-like video games. Item Randomizer and Auto-Equip does as the title says: any item in the game is random now and new gear is auto-equipped.

After the first boss, you could get a shattered sword or you could get a devil axe. If you don’t like that function, the auto-equip component is optional, but the item randomizer is the true star of the show.

Thanks to this mod, every playthrough is so different, allowing you to get overpowered guns early in the game or get bad gear for most of the game. This mod is really going to test your ability.

Barrel Souls

Next Dark Souls 3 Mods is Barrel Souls. All results from one very common mod called Challenge Mods, that can be triggered at one’s behest, are the next entries on this chart. While all these effects may be grouped under one mod, we feel like it would be a disservice to the sheer litany of hilarious effects that this mod will allow.

Barrel Souls, which essentially camouflages any enemy to make them look in the game as random items, is the first in this long line of results. Suffice it to say, it would be quite a pleasure to watch the absolute chaos that may emerge as a result… At least, until a player gets tired of being defeated for the tenth time by a tombstone.


StraySouls is the mod for you if you enjoy the complexity Dark Souls offers but want an even bigger challenge. In the entire game, StraySouls randomises opponents, even allowing several enemies to spawn at the same place.

In Dark Souls 3, the enemy diversity is astonishing, so you’ll see a multitude of enemies to face in previous regions, changing your plan to defeat them. Even bosses or NPCs can have these enemies!

At the start of the campaign, you can battle the Curse-Rotten Greatwood in a narrow corridor or encounter the life-sapping enemies of the Irythll Dungeon.

Around the same time, it’s challenging and surprisingly enjoyable, bringing back the feeling of suspense and terror that made the original games so well.

Custom Death Messages

Next Dark Souls 3 Mods is Custom Death Messages. Compared to the sheer amount of personalized death notes as your character kicks the bucket, though the bonfire messages have been left largely unused.

There’s no limit to the vast amount of ways you can find an infuriating moment more lighthearted and tolerable, from a witty post thanking the former President of the United States to a bunch of profanity-laden texts.

Draw Distance Increased – ULTIMATE

The most stunning title in the series is Dark Souls 3, and there’s not much of a case against that. Many visual quirks present in the third episode, however, leave a great deal to be desired.

Majorly, as players get close to them, distant objects do not seem to make correctly. Draw Distance Increased is a mod that attempts to solve this issue, without a high-performance expense, making the game world feel much more detailed and interactive.

When you walk by them, you no longer have to see textures pop in on surrounding objects! This plugin is incompatible with playing online, so make sure that you are in offline mode before playing with this mod.

Custom Bonfire Messages

The messages that surface on the screen when in Dark Souls you die or light a bonfire have become the stuff of legends. And, naturally enough just to make these messages as funny as possible, modders took it upon themselves.

For the most part, while there are always a few chuckle-inducing improvements you might make, the bonfire messages have not been absolutely butchered. This one in general is bound to evoke more from players than a hearty guffaw.

Lothric Unfiltered

Next Dark Souls 3 Mods is Lotric Unfiltered. In video games today, philtres are a familiar sight, adjusting colour saturation or hue tones to elicit a certain emotion or vibe in a region. Not whether you like them, they are everywhere in today’s sports.

To delete them, those who dislike these philtres should instal Lothric Unfiltered. The abundant volumes of fog in The Ringed City DLC or the sudden philtre that happens to the elevator from Irythll to Anor Londo are examples of eliminated philtres.

Adidas Tracksuit

Dark Souls III utterly nails the gothic fantasy atmosphere, immersing you in a world that in every sense of the word is well-realized, planned, and created. So, it’s a given that modders will render anything so ridiculous that this immersion is totally lost.

Join the Adidas Tracksuit concept, which turns the Covert Coat and Mirrah Pants models into a pair of Adidas Tracksuits that look out of place so hopelessly that you can’t help but chuckle.

Enable Classic Poise

Next Dark Souls 3 Mods is Enable Classic Poise. In Dark Souls 3, fans were perplexed at the inclusion of poise as a status, largely because it appeared not to work. Players, regardless of poise ranking, will continually stagger when struck with some arm.

The group was told by From Software that it was operating as planned, which made some members furious. It works, however only impacting you while you are in an attack animation. Enable Classic Poise changes this though, like Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2, make poise work.

Poise has always been active in such sports, helping you to ignore hit staggers in heavier, more bulky armor. It’s strange that this feature is not in the base game, but it makes it much cooler for tanker builds than before.

Prepare To Dank Edition

Next Dark Souls 3 Mods is Prepare to Dank Edition. Essentially, the installation of this mod turns the title screen into a total travesty, incorporating any dank feature one might expect from the internet’s darkest corners. All right, maybe it’s not that bad, maybe it’s still pretty hilarious, no matter what.

First Person Cam

The last Dark Souls 3 Mods is First Person cam. A frequent saying of “git gud,” is the Dark Souls culture, which is a satirical spoof of traditional advice by beginner players to simply understand the game better.

Download the First Person Cam mod if you want to move this to a whole different degree. This mod switches the camera from a third-person viewpoint to a first-person viewpoint, so that you can only see your hands and arms.

Good luck attempting to dodge or accurately target spells or arrows in time. It’s perfect for taking photographs or playing in a creative way, but it’s pretty obvious that first-person animations have never been considered in the balance of this game. However, if you’re a masochist, nothing will get any worse than this.

So that’s are the list of some Best Dark Souls 3 Mods these mods will definitely increase your gameplay experience. If you are using any other Dark Souls 3 Mods so let us know in the comments.