Best Simulation Games for iOS. Games for simulation are easy to reject out of hand. A genre which is all about trying to pretend to do real-life things is not as attention-grabbing as an elevated-fantasy adventure or action RPG.

So don’t let realism confuse you: some of the most charming games on the market are locked behind this boring-sounding genre, offering players anything from a soothing escape in the countryside to a high-speed , high-stress customer service job in the capital.

Personally, I’m a big fan of idle simulation games that encourage me to veg out while listening to music, but there are plenty of other choices to fit your favourite style of play. To further grow your smartphone gaming selection, I’ve compiled the top 12 simulation games for iOS for this gaming roundup. Best Simulation Games for iOS.

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Best Simulation Games for iOS

Don’t Trip!

A self-defined “silly walking simulator” is the first simulation game in our roundup.

Trip, don’t! It’s a cool and amusing simulator where the thumbs of players become their in-game feet, and to get from one place to the next, they must clear a wide range of obstacles. Simple sound? Again, remember. Trip, don’t! It is shockingly difficult, not least because it is just as terrible in the game to walk on Legos as it is in real life!

By turning their unit left and right and “stepping” down with their thumbs, players control their feet. The principle is to walk rapidly but slowly, avoiding all from drops to dog faeces to vacuum cleaners. In order to accessorise their fancy footwork, complete quests and save action replays to share their stupid walking with friends, players can unlock fifty different kinds of shoes. Best Simulation Games for iOS.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a building and management simulator in which the aspects of the Fallout series that do not feature in the main games, including life inside the Vaults, are lived out by players. For the protection and well-being of their occupants, players take on the role of Vault Overseer, and must repair and protect their Vaults.

Most of the gameplay, as the Vault Overseer, requires making security changes to the Vaults. When offered a combination of protection and comfort, dwellers are happy, so players must do what they can to maintain this balance. In order to locate materials for later Vault upgrades, they will send Dwellers out into the wilderness, delegate jobs that will maximise production and Vault performance for a better chance of survival, and even meddle with the love lives of their Dwellers to create more productive offspring.

There’s no sure-fire way to treat a Vault, and you have plenty of flexibility to try techniques and discover the mechanics. Then what are you going to wait for? Set up your little refuge and take care of it, shielding your dwellers from the radioactive wasteland. Trust us — you’re going to have a blast for sure. Best Simulation Games for iOS.

Penguin Isle

Penguin Isle is a collection and pet simulation game, much like Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector (which appears later in this roundup), which revolves around gathering a number of penguins and other Arctic animals. Plays create environments for their penguins and connect with them, loving the soothing sounds of the ocean as they extend their island and invite more mates.

The gameplay of Penguin Isle is pretty basic, revolving around tapping and purchasing new updates to communicate with penguins. That means players can continuously enlarge their island with just the click of a button and create a more fun and dynamic habitat.

Roller Coaster Tycoon® Classic

The best attributes of the Roller Coaster Tycoon ® and Roller Coaster Tycoon ® 2 are paired with the Roller Coaster Tycoon ® Classic. It accepts new players while providing existing fans of the franchise with an enjoyable and familiar experience.

In RCTC, players can build and run theme parks that question gravity, combining the thrill of customised roller coasters with company simulations as they climb to the top.

For mobile devices, Roller Coaster Tycoon ® Classic is streamlined, making it easy to navigate the interface features on the go. By constructing pre-made coasters or creating their own using piece-by-piece construction software, players extend their parks, adding crazy rides to a dynamic environment. In order to enhance user services, other park features will be added, creating more money for more enhancements. Best Simulation Games for iOS.

Goat Simulator

One of the most ludicrous games on the market is Goat Simulator, which simultaneously embodies all the best stuff about simulation sports while deliberately insulting the genre. Even its own production team doesn’t take it seriously, accepting the countless errors as part of the experience and ads, notably that as many items as possible are ruined by the main attraction.

The title does not exactly tell it all, unlike most simulation games. The Goat Simulator goes beyond and above the standards of players, empowering them to carry out their most damaging goat dreams. The mechanics of the game’s ragdoll and movable items make for a number of moves, which are scored using a skater-like system. In an environment not constrained by real-life goat encounters, players looking for an innovative outlet should seriously consider trying this one out.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

Neko Atsume: One of our previous mobile game shakedowns featured Kitty Collector, but the game is enough of a joy to include it again. This pet simulation game and hybrid set shows the value of basic smartphone games. Everything that’s needed? Collect as many distinctive kitties as possible!

The method of compilation is relatively straightforward. To draw more kitties, players can only improve their gardens, adding more food and toys to help their increasing clowder. With the inclusion of particular pieces, special themed cats may be collected, adding adorable pop culture references into the mix.

The game is free-to – play and infinite, so players can continue catching girls as long as they want. This adorable little game really ends up being a fairly realistic pet cat simulator, because the cats all have a mind of their own and can turn up as long as players keep feeding them. Best Simulation Games for iOS.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Pocket Camp is an excellent, downsized option if you’re a fan of the Animal Crossing franchise but have not had a chance to open up New Horizons. Players will build their own miniature campground in this smartphone game and invite lots of friendly, funky animal campers to enjoy it.

Pocket Camp plays more or less like other titles in Animal Crossing, with players winning items through different competitions and tasks to upgrade their camper, location, and cabin. Events include fishing competitions, garden games, scavenger hunts, and activities that are seasonally themed. Players will also make friends with the animals and invite them back for a photo shoot at their campsite!

Overall, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a nice, soothing game that offers all the excitement of the franchise without the additional burden of running an entire city or island. Absolutely worth finding out!


Terraria is a procedurally-generated sandbox that provides players looking to escape the real world with hours of exploration, fighting, and building. Terraria delivers a tonne of various simulation features at the moment of exciting gameplay, including a range of tasks for players to try.

Recent improvements have allowed the mobile port of Terraria to greatly grow, bringing new world sizes, biomes, monsters, objects, game modes, and more. All this offers PC gamers a similar experience to mobile matches. The game now has new controls and an upgraded gui that enables players to modify their layout as desired. Overall, this is a fun handheld romp!

Stardew Valley

In these game roundups, I have discussed Stardew Valley a lot, but I stand by each of my suggestions. It’s a fun, soothing, and adorable little game that blends all the best elements of simulations of life, farm simulations, and RPGs into a single box of pixel-art.

In Stardew Valley, on the quiet outskirts of Pelican City, players inherit a run-down plot of land and must spend the next four years in-game building and improving their property. Players are able to restore their property and the rest of Pelican Town to their former glory through hard work and imagination.
Via a series of in-game events, including fishing, mining, and foraging, enhancements are activated. The smartphone port of Stardew Valley features touchscreen-specific controls such as auto-select and auto-attack that streamline gameplay, as well as numerous other game enhancements. Best Simulation Games for iOS.

Papa’s Freezeria To Go!

Freezeria Papa To Go! In the heat of summer, it is a fun business simulation game that drops players into the hectic action of manning and operating a popular oceanfront ice cream store. Plays need to collect, make, and distribute sundae orders from their customers, update and enhance their list of products and marketplace as they go.

With the inclusion of dynamic touchscreen buttons, the game’s multitasking aspects are rendered simpler. With a tap of their thumb, players will switch between sundae stations, and each station contains a separate collection of tasks and commands to keep the gameplay diverse and enjoyable. Freezeria Papa To Go! It is also specially designed to work with smaller handheld screens, which ensures that, as the game title implies, any part of the gameplay is simplified to work on the go! Best Simulation Games for iOS,.