Now everyone has a smartphone which we capture photos. But picture capture from the phone needs editing. We have to use apps to edit over photo So today I’m gonna tell you the five best applications for photo editing. These Photo Editing Apps are available on Google Play Store and Appstore so you can download these apps easily.

1.snap seed

Best Photo Editing Apps | Photo Editing Apps for Android and ios

Snap Seed is my personal favourite editing application as it is very simple to use and it is a complete photo-editing application for Android device as it offers you a great collection of editing tools like selection healing perspective tonal contrast double exposure white balance tuning image vignette and many more apart from that you will get some inbuilt research like portrait smooth for accentuating faded glow and many more and the best feature what I like about the Snapseed is that it offers you a very advanced level selective tools so you can easily adjust until any selection from any image.

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2.Adobe Photoshop Express

Best Photo Editing Apps | Photo Editing Apps for Android and ios

The second application on the list of best photo editing apps is Adobe Photoshop Express and this application is not like the Photoshop. You get from Adobe on PC computers but it is such a powerful photo editor for mobile device in terms of image tuning filters and overlays you get a great variety of filters in this application also you get a default cropping size according to your purpose the best feature I like about this application is the splash orange filter which gives a very premium look to your photos and also you get a great variety of overlays in this application.

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The third application on the list of best photo editing apps is Lightroom and again it is from Adobe and this application is a must-have application for all the photographer’s as it is one of the best application for colour grading your photos using this application is not that hard but on the application we already get a very simple and clean version of the software with very manual controls and apart from that you also get some presets in this application which can colour grade your photos automatically with a single click.

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4.pixel art express

The fourth application on the list is pixel art express and this is very old editing application and this was the first editing application I ever used on a mobile device, not pixel art has improved a lot and it there is also a complete photo-editing application but I preferred Snapseed instead of pixel art for tuning the image because it is much easy to do things on Snapseed if you compare it with doing the same thing on pixel art is also the filters you get on pixel art are not that much natural so I use pixel art only for adding some overlays as it offers you a great collection of overlays and trust me guys the ship Achill overlays gives your photos a pretty cool look. editor Pro

Best Photo Editing Apps | Photo Editing Apps for Android and ios

The fifth and the last application on the list of best photo editing apps are photo editor Pro and it is by in short inclusive and it is a very modern photo editing application and we’re using this application you can easily edit any photo and you get a great collection of filters light effects overlays and also you can increase your muscles your body you could just enhance your body this application is basically for those who use a lot of editing who loves funky kind of editing and also you can add tattoos using this app you get many more features in this application.

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So, guys, these were the Best Photo Editing Apps.