This article topic is particularly interesting. Because there are a lot of best photo editing apps out there on the Play Store. Almost every person use smartphone now and smartphones cameras also capture high-quality photos. After capturing the photo you edit it for some effects or etc. And I thought why not write an article on some of the Best Photo Editing App for Android that you should download. Also, read Best Camera Apps for Android

Best Photo Editing App for Android

Best Photo Editing App for Android


The first Best Photo Editing App for Android on this list is the grainy camera. Essentially this is an application that is a mix of both a camera and an editing application. As the name suggests it basically gives you different filters. Where you can configure the different dust effects as well as the light leaks. And the Vini heading and the frames and all of that good stuff. Now if you’re looking for a camera or an editing application. Where you can edit your pictures in a retro style in the film analog way so as to speak in a very light manner.

Then you can definitely check this application out it also has a really good collection of different filters that you can check out from the filter section and a lot of them have this really cool vintage vibe that borrows from the Fujifilm and the older cameras out there.

It’s a really cool application and you can obviously use it as a camera after record. And click pictures directly from the app itself and then edit it in the lab.


Next Best Photo Editing App for Android is VSCO. Essentially if this is the holy all-mighty grail for all of you Instagram bloggers and influencers out there. This application is particularly famous because it’s used to edit a lot of different Instagram pictures and the collection of filters and the different settings that it has which allows you to configure several parts of your image.

Such as the clarity the opacity the exposure split toning adding grains to it adding different filters to it and making it look really really cool is also a very good part of this application.

Now one of the main things apart from the editing of this application is the fact. That the VSCO community is essentially a very big place for photographers. And basically anyone who uses these applications to upload different pictures that they’ve either clicked from the camera in the Vsco cam itself or have edited it somewhat inside VSCO.

It’s a really really cool application and I think if your sole purpose for clipping pictures on your phone is to make them look aesthetic and incredibly moody looking for Instagram. This is the application to go for so definitely check it out. Because VSCO is the Best Photo Editing App for Android.


Next up on this list of Best Photo Editing App for Android is after light. This is sort of a hybrid between the first two applications so if you want other grainy effects as well as different filters as well as the ability to alter different sections of your photos such as the brightness the exposure the contrast well then this is a perfect blend between VSCO and the first one that is grainy camera.

This is after light and essentially it’s a very very simple photo-editing application. That categorizes everything that you can do including adding text to your pictures. Changing the colors making several adjustments for the light. As well as adding different frames and different filters from the app itself. You can also save it in a variety of different resolutions and all in all it’s just a really really great application so definitely check it out.


Next app on this list of Best Photo Editing App for Android we’ve got Snapseed by the guys over at Google. Now adjusting everything from the brightness to the contrast of the saturation and the shadows. Basically all the light elements in your photo to having a wide of different selective editing options such as clarity grainy film Electrolux vintage grunge black and right head force portrait mode isolating the background selective edits all these things which will probably take an R long to explain every single point that this app allows you to do is available on Snapseed. It’s one of those editing applications that are super professional and something that you need to try out on your own and mess around with to get some incredibly crazy results. definitely check it out it’s also free.


Next ap on this list of Best Photo Editing App for Android is Lightroom. Lightroom from the guys over at Adobe it’s the mobile version so it’s called Lightroom mobile. Essentially this is the place where I edit every single picture that I take whether it’s from my phone or from my camera. I don’t really have to introduce Lightroom to most of you guys. But just to give you guys a basic overview essentially the industry great for editing pictures. At least as far as the media industry is concerned happens on Lightroom. And this is one of the most professional if not the most professional applications out there for photo editing.

Everything from removing chromatic aberrations to correcting your cameras distortion depending upon. Which camera you have selected it to down using your favorite Lightroom presets. As well as selective editing by adding radial filters and selective filters and all of that. This is a photo editing application that I think all of you should personally download. If it is the only application you pick up from this list of Best Photo Editing App for Android.

So that’s Gaming Plus Tech list of Best Photo Editing App for Android. I hope you like this list and sure it’s helpful to you.