So what were the Best Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Games we’ve heard you ask? Oh, surely you’ve come to the right place. The Switch truly is the perfect multiplayer system due to a mix of its compact nature and the savvy Joy-Con style of Nintendo. And we’re sticking by it, whether you like to play a friend’s game in the same space or on the other side of the world.

It is not only perfectly crafted, it also contains some of the company’s finest multiplayer titles, all of which are first party. Racing sports, shooters, warriors, sandboxes, and some wonderfully imaginative choices are available. Essentially, regardless matter what kind of game you normally enjoy, there’s something for you here Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Games.

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Best Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Games


The hugely successful social deduction game Among Us has now made the transition to Nintendo Switch, where one of the hottest games on the site is rapidly becoming. You will work as a group to decide which player among you, hopefully until you are all killed, is the murderer. It’s a great party game and, considering its basic gameplay, it stays remarkably fresh for a long time.


Instead, swap action and drama to collect fruit from trees and converse with your neighbors? Animal Crossing: You have New Horizons covered.

But specifically for multiplayer recommendations, you come to this list, and New Horizons is perfect for that too. No matter how close, or far, you are, you can do it all with friends.


Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Games

With Weapons, a quick-paced, long-armed battler that plays as well with motion controls as it does without, Nintendo redesigned the fighting game.

In Arms, there is a wide range of multiplayer choices, including couch co-op and online modes.


Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Games

Is this really the best game in the world? Any way, due to its range of innovative and competitive modes, it is still huge, and features endless amounts of fun.

In reality, these days, Fortnite is as much a social space as it is a game, with movie nights, hangout spaces, and more attention-getting competition.


Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Games

With graphics pulled right out of the creepiest period cartoon ever seen, this fiendishly complicated adventure will make even Dark Souls fans run home screaming to their mom.

Too complex for you? Oh, why not play with a pal during the whole adventure? Yeah, this is an alternative.


Perhaps the least pretentious video game ever made is Diablo 3. It doesn’t hold an ounce of bullshit. It’s not about how important the acts are, how epic their story is, or how rich their universes are. His plot campaign, in which you embark on a quest to seal away the lords of hell, is simply an introduction to a list of things that the game wants you to repeat, basically indefinitely, with far less context: slaying hordes of zombies, picking up loot, and finding out which pair of pants can help you blow up corpses quicker. Diablo 3 is so devoid of nonsense that, used to the theatrics of contemporary video games as you are, you might bounce straight off it.


The best kart racing game Nintendo has made in a long time is Mario Kart 8. Although adding new ones, it strikes a delicate balance in refining old theories. Obviously, the stunning graphics and jazzy orchestrated music reinforce the presentation, but with this one you get much more than just looks-although I spent a lot of time gawking at the specifics in slow motion, what really kept me coming back was the quick and furious speed of racing with friends both locally and online.

No idea who you play with or how you play, it’s only a matter of time before Mario Kart is whipped out by one of you. In local or online multiplayer, it’s as sweet as that.


In Mario Tennis Aces, playing a match is like concurrently challenging someone to an arm wrestle and a staring contest. It is as important as ever to muscle the opponent around the court with clever shot selection and good baseline placement during a rally, but it is the layer of game-inspired battle mechanics added on top that brings unblinking suspense and planning to every point you play.

As a consequence, with an underdeveloped single-player mode and minor customization possibilities, Mario Tennis Aces offers up some of the most polished and satisfying gameplay in the series to date, but passes the chance to make the most of it.


In this long-running survival sandbox, show off your imagination. Would you want to live among the undead? Constructing a home of your own? A roller coaster ride? In Minecraft, you can do anything.

The best portion? And your friends, you can do it all online or offline. Not only is it one of the best multiplayer games, it’s one of the greatest games of all time.


A familiar loop follows the sequel to one of my favorite indie games of 2016: a team of chefs cut food, prepare food, and serve finished dishes to invaders to defend Onion Kingdom, this time from the Unbread zombie army of bread. It does not alter the formula of the first game drastically and therefore maintains the same pick-up-and-play mantra to the point that my mom, who normally does not play sports, has no problems jumping in. But this time, and thanks to them and some wildly imaginative kitchens, diverse recipes, and online accessibility, there are more fascinating variables in the mix.


True professional sports missing? The Rocket League is, interestingly enough, the nearest you can digitally come to sports with friends.

Now it’s free-to-play as well, so there’s just no entry limit. You don’t really need to play with your buddies on Nintendo Switch Online any more.


Tetris and Puyo Puyo Fan? Ok, why not any of those? That’s the premise behind this mash-up, which, for our dollars, also provides the best understanding of any Turn so far.

This is another classic sofa co-up that’s going to keep you occupied for hours. Naturally, depending on where your friends are based, you can still play online too.


The Snipperclips key: Together, cut it out! It lies in chopping into pieces your own characters to fit the colorful, lighthearted obstacles it throws at you. The idea, extended to a set of strange yet engaging targets, repeatedly leads to the clever and sometimes funny use of the core mechanic of this puzzler. And with a group of friends, those goals are well worth tackling.

Providing two sets of puzzles, one for up to two players and one set for up to four Snipperclips, simply throws you a refreshing way into each question. The only details it contains is a name and certain pieces of each other can be overlapped and broken off by the fundamentals of its snipping mechanic characters.


Only a couple of years ago, the concept of a Nintendo multiplayer shooter would have been nuts, but Splatoon is exactly what you would think it would be.

In this gunman, you spray paint, not bullets, which aren’t really about shooting. It’s sort like a turf battle, to see which side will by the end of a match paint more of the world.


It would play an awful lot like Warframe if Diablo was a sniper. Much like the action RPG from which it derives influence, it’s all about looting.

While with blades you can hack and cut your way around, it is also a fine third-person game in its own right, and with your buddies you can play any of it.

So that’s the list of 15 Best Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Games if you play any other Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Games so let us know in the comments.