Best Multiplayer VR Games For PC. One of the great benefits of VR gaming is the ability to play games in a shared digital space. It promotes a greater sense of connection between players than a regular multiplayer video game, since you are “physically” occupying the space. While there are many multiplayer VR games coming out daily, they may not have a huge audience. If you are looking for active and engaging multiplayer communities, here are a handful of games you should get.

Best Games For xCloud

Rec Room

You can’t move through the Game Room for the best bang for your buck. It has a lot of cool content for a totally free title. Players will play all manner of standard games, as well as an array of fantasy and sci-fi themed games, based on an actual rec room.

With a wide variety of clothing pieces that are kindly gifted to the players only for playing the game, player avatars are adjustable. Although a predominantly youthful demographic is the Rec Room crowd, it is well suited and fun for players of all ages. Best Multiplayer VR Games For PC.

Arizona Sunshine

For years, the zombie apocalypse has become an enormous part of pop culture, and VR gaming is no different. In the midst of an epidemic of zombies in the mountains, Arizona Sunlight, by Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Immersive, loses the players, leaving them to fend for themselves.

The platform supports planning and coordination to make it through the waves of zombies. In addition to the regular zombie waves, a co-op storey mode that remembers Left 4 Dead can also be played by players.

Elven Assassin

Elven Assassin is a refreshing take on the tower defence genre where the role of elven archers is played by the players. With quick and intuitive controls, it is easy to pick up the game and go. Defend beast streams, including trolls, goblins, and giants from the fortress. Your bow and an infinite number of arrows are all that you have at your side. While it can be played as a single player, with a full squad of four to help you defend, it is much more fun. Best Multiplayer VR Games For PC.


Through the use of tactical methods not commonly used in the first-person shooter genre, Onward sets itself away from other titles. Players often have tablets and drones at their hands, in addition to the normal arsenal of arms and knives. Players use this extra equipment to organise and coordinate their targets in order to complete the maps. On top of this, practical gun action such as stabilising and reloading is diligently replicated by Onward.


Pavlov has a very steep curve of learning, but that only makes playing all the more rewarding. In its heart, in the same vein as CounterStrike, it is a first-person shooter. The selection of exclusive weapons, many of which have been designed to function correctly, is what sets it apart from other shooter games.

This means that if a certain rifle is used by the player, it would load and function as it does in real life. Learning how each weapon works can take a while, but the game rewards the player for specialising in a single weapon.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Did you ever try to pilot a starship of your own? With Star Trek: Bridge Team, you and your friends will embark on a believable Starship Enterprise bridge simulation. Go out on missions and wage actual wars in space. Each player, even taking the helm as captain, takes on a different role. With cross-play with non-VR gamers, even though they don’t play VR, you can have anyone. Best Multiplayer VR Games For PC.

VR Chat

One of the go-to multiplayer VR games is VR Chat. As a sandbox app, along with custom avatars, users can create just about any content they want. Interact to bring socialising to the virtual world of people all over the world.

Although there are competitive avenues to be found here, they are not the big attraction, such as catching the flag and other competitions well suited to the idea. The social element is the real selling point of the experience, as you might expect. With just as much variety as you can imagine, that comes.

You could only meet another party of players from all over the world and shoot a breeze for a moment. Or maybe you’re going to set out on an expedition to discover unusual lands created by others. In one of the interactive theatres, you can also find a seat and watch a movie. As an alternate way to promote contact with other people, it is not so much a game. Much as the Matrix’s precursor used to be.

Eventually, to push Slack and Discord meetings to the next level, I ‘m sure we’ll see business-focused variants on this idea. Yet we’re going to have to deal with men masquerading as anime girls and anthropomorphic monsters for the time being. Best Multiplayer VR Games For PC.

Pavlov VR

Let’s be honest: The Counter-Strike is Pavlov VR. Barely even the stock maps attempt to conceal it. Pavlov VR becomes the must-experience multiplayer VR title of this gaming generation with the added bonus of maps ported directly from its aforementioned predecessor, alongside maps from other games such as Modern Warfare. A special and unusual thrill is exploring familiar maps and having all the same callouts that you know and love in VR.

Here’s the drill you know: teams of 5 (or more, depending on the server) face off in the ring, one side attempting to place a bomb, the other one trying to protect them. To keep the action exciting and competitive, there are also Team Deathmatch and Zombie modes. And bots, just in case you have to brush up on your talents. The bots act as the basis for the Zombie mode, a mostly cooperative affair in the same vein as the Zombie modes of Call of Duty.

With a time-tested gameplay loop, the icing on the cake is clearly the addition of VR to the mixture. Best Multiplayer VR Games For PC.