Best MMO Games. What MMO player has its own definition of what makes a fantastic MMO. Could it explore a sprawling open-world? Interacting and making new friends with other players? Or mining before the best loot in the game is obtained?

The best MMO games of 2021 have plenty to give to any kind of gamer, regardless of what brings you to the genre.

We’ll propose the best MMOs to play on your PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in this list.

We will have a mixture of MMOs from existing franchises such as Elder Scrolls and Final Fantasy, as well as long-running indie MMOs that will remain popular for decades to come. Here’s the list of Best MMO Games 2021.

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Best MMO Games

Black Desert Online

Best MMO Games

The first Best MMO Games is Black Desert Online. While it might be a little more grind-heavy than we’d like, with rewarding combo-based fighting and fluid career options, Black Desert Online makes up for some of the slog.

Depending on the area and services available, there are a number of disciplines to pick up, ranging from merchanting to fishing, mass manufacturing, and more.

BDO’s digital staff who can farm materials and develop over time, unlocking new abilities, are a wonderful feature we would like to see more MMOs introduce.

The PVP offerings in the game are just as diverse, with weekly guild wars pitting teams for unique prizes against each other.

PlanetSide 2

Though PlanetSide 2 may be far from its heyday, there was a time when it was considered one of the best MMO shooters around for free-to-play.

You play as a soldier charged with driving back opposing factions and taking influence of the planet Auraxis, located on a single linked universe embroiled in perpetual battle.

With some minor changes in population sizes and gameplay consistency, it plays mostly like a reimagination of the first PlanetSide.

And although player numbers are not as high as they once were, with the release of their Escalation update in 2020, PlanetSide 2 has quietly made a comeback.

Final Fantasy XIV

Best MMO Games

Next Best MMO Games is Final Fantasy XIV. Final Fantasy XIV manages to combine all three while also receiving regular updates, while most MMOs emphasize visuals, storytelling, or gameplay.

Shadowbringers, the most recent update, set the tone for a new plot that has players trying to fight the powers of light before the planet can be lost.

Further improvements have continued to extend the FFXIV narrative and world, while also adding new structures and activities such as fishing attacks, urban rehabilitation programs, and new versions of current raids and trials.

If you’re not the sort of player who likes crafting, the amount of detail and variation in the world of FFXIV can keep you entertained, though its endgame can be a little boring.

Star Trek Online

Best MMO Games 2021

Next Best MMO Games is Star Trek Online. It will profit for those who do not identify themselves as Star Trek nerds from checking out the MMO-take of Cryptic Studios on the property.

Star Trek Online, part shooter, part space-piloting adventure, provides a ton of gameplay versatility that is made much better by the sci-fi world in which it is set.

Based on the films and movies, you’ll meet spaceships, alien creatures, and space threats, along with lots of fan service as well.

The best thing is how beautifully it is done in-game, showing that any property will work with the correct approach as an MMO.

EVE Online

Best MMO Games

EVE Online is one of the most immersive experiences the genre has to deliver as far as space MMOs are concerned.

This can be due to the decision of the CCP creator to concentrate on only a few main components rather than attempting to build some great, all-encompassing MMO.

EVE Online guarantees that the group is centered every step of the way while being meticulous about how topics such as the player-driven in-game economy are handled.

From major space battles to political ties between companies and alliances, there is a complexity to just about every part of the game.

Guild Wars 2

By viewing the genre from a fresh viewpoint, Guild Wars 2 aims to differentiate itself from MMO giants like World of Warcraft.

The game is free to play for the purpose of a subscription model which contains a surprising amount of content without any extra costs.

The universe is built to feel alive and will respond in meaningful ways to your decisions. This can vary from worldwide graphic improvements to extra quests associated with a single action.

In several aspects, with all the features and community-based experiences of an MMO, this allows Guild Wars 2 play much like a single-player RPG.


With vivid voxel-based graphics reminiscent of games like Roblox and Minecraft, Trove is a rare sandbox-MMO hybrid.

You can create your own home called a ‘cornerstone’ and fill it with different decorations, crafting stations, and portals, but it does not provide as many in-game development options as any of those titles.

In addition to fun soon to tell perks such as ridable mounts and increased player customization, the game features an incredible range of character classes to level up and develop mastery over.

If you consider Trove to be free to play, as far as MMOs are concerned, the amount of content you get by default is rather overwhelming.

Phantasy Star Online 2

While Phantasy Star Online 2 has been available in Asia since 2012, it didn’t make its way to the West until 2020, when Microsoft signed an agreement with Sega to introduce the MMO to PCs and consoles.

The game has an extremely broad playerbase, colorful sci-fi environments to visit, and action-packed combat to please.

Although it can be challenging for new players to make sense of the in-depth mythology and convoluted ongoing plot of the game, until all falls into place, every MMO has some sort of challenge to get through.

At the time, you could only play PSO2 on a PC or Xbox One outside of Asia, but expect it to change in the coming months as PS4 and Switch both officially support the game.


There’s something to be said for an MMO published in 2001 that can still attract millions of players to this day, whether you’re a fan of new or old school RuneScape.

This can be due to the enduring nature of RuneScape as well as to consistent changes that bring new changes in content and quality of life.

The game takes an open-ended approach to the framework of its mission and ultimate development, encouraging you to concentrate on the things that you love most.

This offers a lot of versatility to develop characters with hyper-specific talents or to stretch yourself thin through different specializations.

World of Warcraft

It seems like no matter how hard a new game attempts to rob the shine of World of Warcraft, Blizzard’s long-running MMO is never enough to be broken.

It is fair to say WoW is not going anywhere anytime soon after solidifying its position in the cultural gaming zeitgeist along with the deep pockets of its maker.

Blizzard still finds a different way to pull players back in, from constant patches that introduce new content to major expansions that add new regions, class-specific challenges, and daily quests.

The best thing is that it may not take as long as many of the other MMOs on this list, taking as little or as much investment as you choose.

If we have forgotten to include your favorite Best MMO Games, feel free to listen and let us know in the comments. And eventually, make sure to come back while we continue in the future to refresh this page of new games.