Best Horror Games for PS4. Despite telling some of the most interesting stories in video gaming, horror games don’t really share the limelight with big AAA titles. The PS4 also delivers a treasure chest of spooks and scares, while you can find more horror games on the PC. Here are our favorite horror PS4 titles, from Bloodborne to Within.

All of the following titles are actually walking simulator games with no mechanics along the way. In this article, I will cover some best PS4 horror games so without any further ado let’s begin.

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The first game of this list of Best Horror Games for PS4 is Observer. With its detailed cybernetic setting, a mind-boggling plot that has two separate endings, and a cast that contains Blade Runner alum Rutger Hauer, the game is made all the more well-rounded.

Daniel Lazarski is directed to the tenant building slums of Class C, after a vague phone call from his long-lost son, where a strange murder case involving a severed head, a gang of anti-corporate terrorists, and a threatening cybernetic creature unfolds.

Daniel is the most well-equipped person to solve the case as an Observer of the Fifth Polish Republic. He can spot a number of types of proof faster than the human eye utilizing his trusty software program and bio sight implants. Plus, his further Dream Eater skills enable him to plug in to discover their experiences of each survivor or witness.


The horror video game exemplifies both Outlast and Outlast II. The character does not have a shield in both versions, like all of the better survival games, and must view the environment through a video camera, paying homage to the cult classic Blair Witch.

The sequel just revitalised the plot through a helicopter crash victim and his attempt to rescue his wife from a threatening backwoods cult, despite the first game having a relatively over-the-top tale about a psych ward and an MK Ultra cover-up. It’s the perfect time to delve into these immersive found-footage masterpieces with an upcoming VR experience on the way, dubbed The Outlast Trials.

Get Even

Get Even is a storytelling staple of survival horror gaming, left undervalued and overlooked by the past. Although the game uses an overwhelming number of jump scares in the playthrough, they are used in a manner that evokes the storey ‘s core premise: contradictory memories and memory problems.

It’s obvious from the very beginning of the game that not everything Cole Black perceives is genuine on the table. A phone with different viewpoints, such as infrared and surface detection, as well as a silent pistol, is given for the player.

Get Also is about options and consequences. They continue to uncover the darker secrets and terrifying truths surrounding his narrative as players delve further into Cole Black’s memories. Although it may have been published back in 2017, with an original storyline and eternal concepts about how our decisions eventually mold who we are, Get Even still exemplifies video game horror, which can never be changed in the center.

Moons of Madness

Moons of Madness is the perfect blend of SOMA and Event Horizon for cosmic horror enthusiasts. A masterpiece of interactive Lovecraftian horror was created by Rock Pocket and Dreamloop Games, sending players to the crimson planet like a troubled astronaut named Shane Newehart.

The story takes place in Funcom’s The Secret World fictional universe, with the Orochi Group of the aforementioned recreation taking part in a serious position in Moons of Insanity. Whereas IGN could have given it a low 5/10 assessment rating, this expertise of cosmic horror remains to be worthy of the various lengthy hours of ever-descending madness it offers so eloquently. Moons of Madness is also the Best Horror Games for PS4.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

The Grim Descent, revered not only as one of the better PS4 horror titles, but one of the best horror games of all time, sends players down a road of twisting and gruelling madness. As the name suggests, Amnesia tells the storey of an amnesiac called Daniel, who, after remembering how he got there, woke up in a castle. The further he saunters into the bowels of Castle Brennenburg, the more he starts to unravel his mind.

Despite the survival horror setting of the game, players have no other alternative but to hide from numerous enemy species, including the now-iconic Gatherers. As so expertly proven by the game’s sanity meter, these ghosts are not the only horror hiding in the dark, calling attention to the ever-descending hysteria Daniel is privy to as the plot progresses. Amnesia has been a staple of the horror genre, just as Outlast.

Home Sweet Home

Next up we have on our list of Best Horror Games for PS4 is Home Sweet Home. Home Sweet Home is an atmospheric horror adventure that uses myths and legends as its guiding mode of fear, brought to life by Thai folklore. The plot follows Tim on a search to locate his wife, who, after a shocking discovery, has abruptly disappeared. As Tim ventures further into the mystery that likewise haunted his mom, so too will he become trapped and forgotten in a tangled web of angry ghosts.

Home Sweet Home, mostly due to its indie tag, is mostly underrated, but this is just what makes it so superb. The infused bit of Thai mystery expands the knowledge. The only downside to the game is that the playtime is incredibly limited. Even, a horror masterpiece has been produced by Yggdrazil Party, one that also spawned a sequel, which is sadly only available on Steam.

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

The omission of a grim and tortured environment is what sets Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture apart from all the rest of the best PS4 horror titles. Instead, these ideas are brought to life further such that players can be adventuring in the game through the abandoned residents of the small English town. The plot follows the wake of a rapture-like case, akin to HBO’s The Leftovers video game version.

To advance through the story, the player must communicate with multiple items and spinning balls of light by discovering what brought about the disappearance of an entire city. The range of dark and unsettling stories learned from the enormous discovery only intensifies the reality of being utterly and fully alone, even though it can lean more towards adventure and art-house gaming over horror.


SOMA is a testament to the influence of horror games, much like Outlast and Amnesia before it. It’s surely not a game for the faint at heart with elements that harken to consciousness and humanity. Simon Jarrett must not only discover the motives for his being there, but also for his own life, after waking up in an underwater hospital.

In order to advance through the completely bonkers tale, the player relies only on stealth and puzzle-solving, which will eventually render players speechless in its crushing climax. What made SOMA such an instant hit was not just the expertly constructed gameplay and storyline, but also a great marketing strategy that offered the perfect dose of perspective and suspense to prospective players. Soma is our favorite Best Horror Games for PS4.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within and its sequel, designed by Shinji Mikami and published by Bethesda, are survival horrors that do away with the traditional next-person viewpoint. As an alternative, the gamers are graced by the fluid actions of Sebastian Castellanos, the Krimson Metropolis Police’s lead investigator.

The inspector, along with his police counterparts, Juli Kidman and Joseph Oda, slips unwittingly into an otherworldly realm following a regular investigation of a gruesome mass shooting, not unlike Silent Hill’s own Otherworld. It is here that Sebastian is split from his team and must find a way to flee the demonic world, not just to get back to them.

The Evil Inside and its sequel have generated praise for a number of in-game ideas, including its horror genre creativity and meshing plot with gameplay to keep fans focused on the action.


Within is meant for younger viewers, but with the infusion of puzzle platforming it also expounds on the horror experience. It comes from Limbo’s makers, yet another puzzle platformer that draws on horror conventions to enliven the game and bring a new spin to the genre. Within, in a dystopian setting, players control a young child, solving puzzles to advance through the different levels and areas connected with this limbo-like reality.

The expertly designed horror puzzle game by Playdead is a well-rounded project that pays off, not only earning acclaim but also a number of hypotheses about the essence of its plot. Who’s that boy? Where is he travelling to and from exactly? The open-ended aspect of the storey of Within just uplifts the feeling.

Those Who Remain

Slated for its PS4 release on May 15, All That Remain is almost like Silent Hill’s spiritual successor. Camel 101 ‘s game is a breathtaking new way to explore immersive horror, considering its grounded fantasy mechanics alongside the dark and foggy environment that surrounds it.

As revealed in a Polygon characteristic, Bruno and Ricardo Castro, creators, and brothers of Camel 101, clearly observe that These Who Stay just isn’t particularly a horror recreation, however quite a psychologically nerve-racking and atmospheric journey orchestrated because of the driving theme with implications.

Those Who Remain ‘s storey tracks the search by Edward Turner into the whereabouts of a missing woman. The case takes him to Dormont, a dark and, at first, seemingly barren Washington place. Depravities of uncertain magnitude guard over the protagonist in the city at any turn. In the minds of its developers, it might not be a horror film.

So that’s it these are the list of Best Horror Games for PS4 if you know any other game let us know in comment section.