On a daily basis, we use Apps made by Google such as Gmail, Google maps, Hangout and lots more. But in this article, I will show you some Best Google Apps which you must download on your phone. Apart from the usual apps from Google, there are few apps that are really useful and he doesn’t come pre-install on your phone. In this article, I will show you some best google apps which you download on your phone for free.

Best Google Apps

Google Expeditions

Are you fond of traveling but if you are fond of traveling but have no money then there is no problem Google has an app called Expeditions? With this app, you can virtually go anywhere. In this app, you will see everything in 3d whether you want to visit NASA or visit a historical place or you want to go to space. All this you can do with the help of this app.

Google Datally

The next app on this list of Best Google Apps is Datally. If you use a lot of mobile data and you want to control your internet data then this app is for you. In this app, you have the option of data saver mode by enabling it your internet data will save and fewer data will be used. The second best feature of this app is you can see the usage of your internet such as you can see how much data your apps are using. You can also set a data limit so when you use more data this app will send you a notification. This app also has a guest mode by using this you can set a limit like you can set the Only 100mb should be used for the next 2 hours.

Files Go

The next app we have in over list of Best Google Apps is Files Go. There are lots of file managers available these days but files go by far the best app to manage your phone. You can free up space on your phone, find files and can also share files easily with others without the need for internet connection which is similar to the share it app. In this app, the files are auto categorized such as videos, photos, apps, and documents overall files go is a wonderful app made by google and must downloadable app for every android phone.

Android Auto

The next app on this list of best google apps is Android Auto. We all use google maps on a daily basis for navigation these days. We have one more app from google which is an android auto. This app is more simplified with the large buttons and powerful voice. The app is designed to make it easier to use another app from your phone while your driving. Apart from the navigation feature, you can see incoming calls with large connect and reject buttons.

It can read out any message for you while you are using this app. You can also use OK Google command to Set the next destination and also for calling. This app also supports music from Spotify and google play music. So if you drive a lot and use google maps. So do check this one and it will make your life very easy while driving.

Photo Scan

The last app on this list of best google apps is Photo Scan. As a name suggest photo scan is a photo scanner app from google. This app allows you to save and print photos by using the phone camera. With the photo scan app, you can capture your favorite photo easily. Once your photo is saved to your phone then you can backup your photos with google photos app. So this is my list of best google apps I hope you like these apps.