Best GBA Games. A handheld video game system developed by Nintendo as the long-awaited follower of the Game Boy Shade in Japan on March 21, 2001, is the best game boy advance (GBA). Throughout the sixth generation, the best game boy advance Games was introduced and also brought a new revolution in the gaming industry.

If you have currently been looking for some of the most common and memorable old school video games for your GameBoy Advance console with a blend of real-life sports experiences, rational challenges, and fast-time activity events, then you have actually arrived at the right spot. In today’s digital world, discovering the leading best game boy advance is a laborious job when there are tonnes of fantastic options.

We have actually put together a checklist of all-time best GBA games in any category currently out there to make the quest a little easier. In this post, we will certainly review the best GBA games you’ve ever played.

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Best GBA Games


Best GBA Games

The first Best GBA Games is Donkey Kong. One of the best arcade games of all time was the greatest Game Boy game as well. While Game Boy Donkey Kong was actually a reissue of a 1981 coin-op title, it wouldn’t be worth making a lot of fuss over it.

This game is much more than a mere remake; it is a huge reinvention of the old favorite arcade, incorporating dozens upon dozens of phases of the puzzle platform that embrace elements from the entire past of Mario.

Donkey Kong also acts as a complete embodiment of the absolute life of the Game Boy. It is a look back at Nintendo’s own history that paved the way for its potential at the same time: it was here that Mario first experienced the chain-jumps and handstands that would become a part of his arsenal in Super Mario 64 a few years later.

It is both a great handheld game (with 100 stand-alone levels of bite-size) and a genius console title (thanks to its full embrace of the Super Game Boy peripheral that allowed it to be played on Super NES).

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

Best GBA Games

Next Best GBA Games is Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Without comprising of Pokemon play, you will not mention the very best GBA ready Nintendo consoles. With more than 16 million systems sold worldwide, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Edition are also very popular best game boy advancements of all time.

These are the original entries in the 3rd generation (also considered the “innovative generation”) titles of the Nintendo Pokemon video game franchise. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire appear in the Hoenn Island where you need to select either Torchic, Mudkip, or Treecko to preserve Professor Birch.

As the best game boy advances, in order to save the climate of Hoenn, you must take a stand against the wicked Group Lava (Ruby) or Group Aqua (Sapphire).

Both versions of Ruby and Sapphire have the same objectives and missions, save for a few minor improvements in the battles and Pokemon training.

Golden Sunlight

Best GBA Games

Golden Sun is a parlour game developed by Camelot and released for the best development of game boys by Nintendo. It is the very first computer game in the great sequence of Golden Sunshine, known for the unusual elements of the game, such as making use of special ‘Djinn’ that can be used to battle enemies.

The plot of the video game adheres to a band of magically tuned Adepts whose mission is to safeguard Weyard’s globe from Alchemy’s potentially ruining strength.


Is there a game called Game Boy Camera? It’s just an accessory, a small compact camera capable of snapping and storing about 20 low-resolution photographs to the built-in memory. No, not in the purest sense. You could also print them out on the Nintendo thermal printer sold alongside the camera.

But it wasn’t merely an accessory; Nintendo infused the company’s lifelong passion of playing on the ultimate Game Boy toy. So a standard camera app isn’t used by Game Boy Camera; it starts from an RPG-style menu featuring strange cartoon people.

A horrifying face emerges when you pick “RUN” from the menu instead of “SHOOT” and asks, “WHAT ARE YOU RUNNING FROM??” “You should draw on them and decorate them with illustrated frames until you take pictures. A send-up of the Game Boy shooter Solar Striker is also on the bike.

Golden Sunlight: The Lost Age

Next Best GBA Games is Golden Sunlight. Golden Sun: The Lost Age is the 2nd instalment in the collection of Golden Sunshine, which takes place shortly after the initial part, but aims to focus on the villains’ expectations.

The Forgotten Era puts the character in the roles of the magic-tuned “adepts” of the previous games and even his allies as they attempt to return the skill of alchemy to the wide world of Weyard as a follow-up to the Golden Sunshine.


There are two faces in the Zelda series: the rock-solid, genre-defining face of adventure, and the strange face of things. Somewhere in between the two, Link’s Awakening hovers.

The top-down Zelda formula makes a number of interesting improvements, not least of which makes Link’s sword an optional piece of equipment; he can trade it out for other weapons, a shield that can actively be used as a protective weapon, and even a magical feather that enables him to leap.

This journey often takes place totally within an island’s walls, a strange place populated by unusual characters and a certain logic of dreams. Yet the game also set several standards: the first Zelda game to feature a complicated trade chain subquest was Link’s Awakening and the first in the series to make musical instruments a main component of the quest.

Last Dream Techniques Advance

Next Best GBA Games is Last Dream Techniques Advanced. And if you’re not a fan of the best advancement for game boys, this strategy-based RPG would definitely make you one after that.

Established and published in a small town named Ivalice by Square Enix (formerly called Square), known for its three-dimensional isometric area fights.

You need to bring together a group of boxers known as a “clan” in this GBA job role game, and even build battle strategies with the technical experience ahead of you.


For the Game Boy hardware in America, Nintendo included Tetris, and for good reason: It basically sold the machine entirely of its own. Tetris works as well for a fast fix of amusement with a simplistic interface that cascades into mind-gripping compulsion as it does for a long commitment.

Tetris on Game Boy really ended up being a better game than its NES predecessors, considering its lack of colour. Nintendo and Bulletproof gave it multiplayer connection capability, brilliant music that showed off the packed-in earbuds of the console, and a graphic interface that didn’t require colour to function.

Despite the fact that there are flashier iterations of the game that combine things such as augmented reality and mass-scale online multiplayer, Game Boy Tetris remains the ultimate Tetris experience for many people.

Beyblade: G-Revolution

Next Best GBA Games is Beyblade G Revolutions. If you’re a fan of the Beyblades spinning tops, then this last season of the Beyblade original anime collection will be the best GBA ready for you. The collection centers on a squad of boys who organize squads who use Beyblades to fight each other in tournaments.

The last episode of the famous Beyblade series concludes with Tyson and Kai having one last fight as well.

Beyblade: With exceptionally outlined and well-modeled Beyblades, G-Revolution attributes amazing graphics that will put any gamer right in the center of a war.


The trilogy of Final Fantasy Legend is not exactly Final Fantasy, but neither is it that far from. Crafted by Akitoshi Kawazu, the most idiosyncratic director of Squaresoft, Legend and its sequels took some of the odd designs that existed and ran with them in the unpopular Final Fantasy II for Famicom.

Set in strange worlds, like technologically impossible spaces and lands beset by banana-smuggling gangs, these adventures allow players to create their own teams of distinct races, ranging from combat-capable humans to monsters capable of evolving into more or less!) powerful creatures by devouring the flesh of defeated opponents.

With repeated use, weapons break, magic casters learn and unlearn spells randomly, and you can use a chainsaw to kill God Himself (who, in fairness, is kind of a jerk here).

The Legend series stands out as the first portable RPG series in the world, and its writers took advantage of the fact that to do their own crazy thing, they painted on a different canvas.

Summon Night: Swordcraft Story

Next Best GBA Games is Summon Night. For the Nintendo Game Boy Advance console, Summon Evening: Swordcraft Story is an action-RPG created by Banpresto.

The game contains the environment of the 10-day novel, where players have to navigate across Western hidden lands as well as the Labyrinth Dungeon. Usually, Daily ends with boss combat or a competition within dungeons.

You will definitely need to search out an odd globe of magic as well as mystery in addition to your quest, so you can forge swords, knives, spears, as well as much more in order to become the most powerful craft lord.


The title applies only obliquely to the fact that this is a proper sequel to and extension of the classic Balloon Battle NES black box. In particular, Balloon Kid takes the engrossing Balloon Trip bonus mode, a kind of completely air-set proto-endless-runner idea, and turns it into a proper adventure featuring typical levels, mysteries, and bosses.

Balloon Kid adds fresh play elements, including the option to let go of the balloons that hold heroine Alice aloft to sprint and hop in the typical type of platform action, while adding a lot of unexpectedly engrossing tactics to the mix. In the Game Boy library, it’s easily one of the best hidden gems.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Kingdom Hearts: Series of Experiences is a direct result of the original Kingdom Hearts, co-developed for the best advance system for game boys by Square Enix and Jupiter in 2004.

Experiences is an all-new adventure parlor game that takes place in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Times and about a year before Kingdom Hearts II.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy agree with the video game when they explore a magical fortress while dealing with a band of villains. Kingdom Hearts is undoubtedly one of the most successful GBA games to feature full-motion video clip (FMV) Kingdom Hearts is undoubtedly one of the most effective GBA games that can keep you on the edge of your seat for hrs.


This is an example of how to do things well and very right, another NES-to-Game Boy conversion. Capcom completely reworked the source material to suit the Game Boy’s reduced size, bringing out the outstanding physics and controls of the classic NES game to allow players to swing triumphantly without compromising around the tiny screen.

The remake also retools a lot of the original levels to edit the dead-end sections that did not work entirely and maintain a brisker pace through the action. It also introduces material, including a rousing new final stage that brings the grappling abilities of players to the test.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Legend

Next Best GBA Games is Mario & Luigi. Superstar Legend is one of AlphaDream and Nintendo’s best game boy advancements, developed and published in 2003 respectively. Unlike other parlor games, the plot of Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga centers on simultaneously controlling Mario and Luigi.

The game begins with two dominant witches, Cackletta and Fawful, who swipe the voice of Princess Peach. Today, with their old villain Bowser, Mario and Lugi have to take a world trip to the bordering monarchy to get back Princess Peach’s voice.


A number of Game Boy Mega Man carts were made by Capcom, but the first four consisted entirely of hacked-together stages taken from the NES titles. The corporation did not run out of current content to mine until the fifth and final Game Boy Mega Man and developed something new.

Due to the handheld’s cramped dimensions and slow electronics, Mega Man 5 does not yet measure up to the franchise’s all-time greats. However, as portable action platformers go it is difficult to beat this imaginative rendition of an 8-bit standard (which takes Mega Man on a ride across the solar system to battle planet-themed bosses).

The late release, poor print run, and outstanding popularity of the game make for an exceptionally expensive pick-up, but it is also happily available for a pittance on the 3DS Virtual Console.

Discovering Nemo

Your role in this undersea adventure is to reunite Nemo and his father Marlin by completing the different levels as well. You have the choice of selecting the characteristics of Nemo, Dory, or Marlin movie lead actors, and as the video game continues, you can witness all the enjoyable moments from snippets of the movie’s plot.

So if you haven’t enjoyed Discovering Nemo, then you have a chance to watch the movie through this awesome GBA game.


Compared to most of the works chronicled here, Heiankyo Alien is a fairly simplified word, but it deserves a note for its historic importance. A PC classic released all the way back in 1979 was the original version of Heiankyo Alien, and it only ever saw an arcade adaptation at the time; the first home release was this Game Boy reissue.

The missing link between Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Lode Racer, and a lot of other games from the early 80s, where players dodge monsters in a maze and try to catch the marauders by digging holes in the dirt, is a main word.

On top of it, Heiankyo Alien for Game Boy is one of the very first proper remakes of gaming: the cart also features a remixed mode with revised graphics and new gameplay mechanics, in addition to including a straight conversion of the decade-old arcade game.

That sort of thing these days is old hat, but in the Game Boy era, you didn’t see a lot of developers treating retro apps with such respect.

Metroid Blend

Next Best GBA Games is Metroid Blend. Metroid Combination, released by Nintendo in 2002, is among the world’s most successful action-adventure titles. Combination is known for its system catching, jumping, and even brain-testing dilemma aspects, like older games from the Metroid series.

It follows the same storey as the original Metroid games, fighting your way with aliens in the zone, taking on X parasites, solving tactical issues, and finishing the objective of figuring out at the end.


Like Child Dracula, Gargoyle’s Quest dared to place players in a feared villain’s shoes (figuratively speaking)-the Red Arremer from Ghosts’ N Goblins in this scenario. Capcom’s programmers took a drastically different approach to gameplay for this spin-off when casting players as the most vexing monster of the series.

Though Gargoyle’s Quest sticks to the Ghosts’ N Goblins side-scrolling platformer style, it functions more as an action RPG. Like his opponent Arthur, Protagonist Firebrand begins weak and underpowered, but unlike Arthur, over the course of the action he increases in strength: his health metre expands, his attack options increase, he develops his flight ability, and he even acquires skills that help him to manoeuvre the world more easily.

Gargoyle’s Quest remains a highlight of the Game Boy library, a little short and essentially reasonably straightforward if you can resolve the crushingly challenging introductory level.

So that’s the list of 20 Best GBA Games of all times I hope you like this post if you play any other Best GBA Games so let us know in the comments.

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