Games Like Civilization. It is likely that you have desired more and are consciously searching for games like Civilisation if you have had the chance to enjoy this wonderful saga.

You will find in this top those video games that are very close to that series either because of their storyline, gameplay, visuals, history or maybe because of their characters.

Although Civilization has been the top pick for those wanting to tap into the genre of strategy, there are plenty of alternatives that want something different for lifetime Civ fans.

In this list, we will suggest the best games to try out in 2020, such as Civilisation. Be sure to come back while we proceed in the future to refresh this page of fresh games.

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Games Like Civilization

Total War

Games Like Civilization

The first game on our list of Games Like Civilization is Total War. The TOTAL WAR series is for you if you’ve ever tried to take care of the Trojan army or lead the forces of the fiercest and most brutal Viking warriors.

Whether in ancient Rome or the Scandinavian grasslands, the tale is carried to the great virtual level. Complete War makes for an unrivalled combat view. Strike tactics, regroups, ambushes, absolutely everything is at your command; the complete control of the troops is at your hands.

It has a system of diplomacy and negotiating with neighbouring kingdoms that makes for a great experience of governance. While society is more centred on the inside, more busy with your people’s progress, you know here that you can constantly get to the centre of the matter: huge real-time battles in which armies collide.

But that’s not all, since there are a huge number of expansions in Total War that allow the player to relive historical events as distinct as they are the French wars under Napoleon and the Chinese armies’ conquests.

Kingdoms Reborn

Games Like Civilization

Kingdoms Reborn, released on Steam Early Access, is a mediaeval town builder inspired by the likes of Banished, Anno, and Civilization. It offers challenging gameplay for resource management complemented by robust skills and trees for upgrading.

You will manage the daily lives of your people, send them to work, ensure that they eat and get enough rest to be productive members of society. To establish its open world, the game uses procedural generation and offers seven distinct biomes with unique flora and fauna.

Along with the single-player, you may work collectively or compete with buddies in an included multiplayer mode. Though it nonetheless has a technique to go by way of options (there are not any army models as of now the developer has offered a powerful sufficient foundation for it to be price trying out in its present type.


Games Like Civilization

Next Games Like Civilization is Stellaris. The excellent installment of Stellaris arrives for those lovers of futuristic and science fiction video games.

Stellaris is a video game developed and published by Paradox Interactive for 4X Grand Strategy. The game focuses on the exploration of space, the management of an empire, diplomacy and war with other interplanetary civilizations.

In the year 2200, it is a great real-time strategy game set in space. Amongst other things, players control spaceships and research ships. Combat is more focused on planning and strategy than on the fight itself. Diplomatic options, such as alliances and trade agreements with other races, are also present.

Exploring and colonizing space is the start of any game, while later game activities focus on diplomacy and the rule of an empire. Crises can occur with implications across the galaxy towards the end of a game. The universe hinges on your choices. Are you prepared? ..

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War

Sigma Theory may not look very much like Civilization, but it focuses on 4X gameplay that is streamlined. In it, you act as a nation fighting for futuristic technology with others while trying to maintain diplomacy.

To do so you must send out secret agents to collect intelligence and sometimes forge alliances with the very nations you are trying to overcome. This gives the game a constant feeling of ‘push and pull’ that creates exciting and emerging gameplay.

Like Civ, the game attempts to boil many of its systems and concepts into more digestible tips that can be understood by the average player. That being stated, till you are making ‘9000 IQ’ performs in Sigma Concept, it will take a lot of practice.

Alpha Centauri

Next Games Like Civilization is Alpha Centauri. Sid Meier created Alpha Centauri, and this time they sought to extend the original idea of civilization to the age of space. That resulted in a completely different experience for the player, with Civilization’s gameplay similarities. A dynamic and well-developed storyline characterizes the game.

The factions are usually not separated by their ethnicity, however by their philosophy or their means of seeing life, and that can affect how they’ll operate on the planet. These factions might kind friendship treaties or alliances, however they may most likely find yourself competing with one another. They every have very outlined profiles

It is about terraforming an inhospitable atmosphere, making a civilization that is able to do no matter it takes… With its imagination and prescient of the longer term, Alpha Centauri was forward of its time and will face human issues. So I always know they should make authorities choices to maintain area empires between them.

Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War

The Warhammer games have continued, like Civilization, to stand the test of time and are known as a staple strategy game. While there are plenty of entries that stand out with its complex 4X layout, Gladius inches its way closer to Civ.

The refined battle of the Warhammer games and streamlined resource gathering are what you end up with. The one disadvantage is that enjoying the sport diplomatically is troublesome, with a number of conditions that require you to retaliate or trigger violence.

This may make 4X veterans less enticing, but it is great for novices who want to dip their toes into the genre. Something which aside, when it comes to strategizing and building your army, Gladius offers a tonne of flexibility. A wide range of fighting forces, including rare animals that can be equipped to fight for you, can be mixed.


Freeciv is a Civilization-inspired, turn-based strategy video game. It is a computer game with a Completely FREE licence, making it available to all.

What makes it so striking is the personalization of nearly ALL of the game. You can change sounds, graphics, and rules to taste. As a new user of this sort of video game, it is an excellent choice because it has no complexity or prior experience in the genre, as may be any other game of this top does.

And the purpose is easy, to build your kingdom, to expand it to lead it in wars, and to take possession of the entire map.

Endless Legend

Next Games Like Civilization is Endless Legend. When it comes to demanding 4X gaming with plenty of depth and variation, Amplitude is almost unparalleled, particularly in the case of Endless Legend. It is quite far from Humanity, thematically, offering magical kingdoms and fantastical entities that can be ordered.

You play in it as one of the factions trying to undermine and rise to control the new dictatorship in place. Sneak your armies into the realm and create a follow-up before the leaders become wise to your strategy is the only way to do so.

Based on the party, units are given special stats and activities. You should note, though that fighting in Endless Legend is not carried out by the player directly. Instead at the start of a war, you pick your plan and watch it play out, which does not work well with any player.

Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV has a lot in common with Humanity, gameplay-wise. It allows you to formulate tactics in advance to stop the adversary from getting a foothold. In addition, the characters are well detailed, and the battles are sufficiently diverse to keep you involved.

For the reason that sport is about overcoming historic imbalances, whereas additionally caring on your personal folks, you will need to work tirelessly to maintain different international locations in line. The marketing campaign may be very lengthy, permitting you loads of time to familiarize yourself with its techniques and work out how you can outsmart the AI.

Its size is a little more zoomed in than Civ and also allows you not to give general instructions but to micromanage units. Additionally, compared with more recent strategy updates such as Civilization VI, the graphics are somewhat obsolete.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Next Games Like Civilization is Age of Wonders: Planetfall. Whereas the Age of Wonders sequence is probably not as fashionable as Civ, it has all the time been a superb 4X various that shifts its focus from the historic occasions of Earth to an excessive fantasy setting in an area the place elves, orcs, and likes coexist peacefully and not-so-peacefully.

Each sequence implore an identical strategy from the bottom as much as the expansion of civilizations. There isn’t a scarcity of ways to discover, and as aggressively or passively as you need, you’re free to strategy issues. As well as, enemies possess completely different strengths and weaknesses that should be addressed accordingly.

With that stated, combating is the place Planetfall distinguishes itself from the Sid Meier sequence. Battles are extra frequent and are modeled primarily after the bottom battles of XCOM. It additionally sports activities better-looking graphics and sound design, relying on private style, than many Civ entries.


Scythe is a turn-based strategy game based on a physical tabletop game that transports you to an alternate version of the Europe of the 1920s left by WWI in shambles. In a quest to conquer territories and gain control over The Factory, you are tasked with leading one of five factions.

This coveted city-state is responsible for producing some of the most advanced weapons known to man, namely giant mechanisms known to dominate battles and have begun to shape the future of society. However as the remaining factions all have a stake in carving out their own empire, you’re not the only group vying for power.

Success involves exploring and invading new territories, as well as recruiting and training the finest soldiers, as in Civilization. Moreover, to ensure that you can compete with your enemies, you’ll need an army of combat mechanics and advanced machines.


Next Games Like Civilization is Gloomhaven. Gloomhaven, another physical board game adapted for a video game, is currently on Steam for Early Access. We decided to include it for any strategy players who also like RPG mechanics and dungeon crawling, although it is probably the most distinct game on this list compared to Civ.

The game takes place in a world of fantasy, plagued by pirates, demons, monsters, and more. As a consequence, individuals have shied away from leaving their homes for safety, and the economy is on its last leg. Enter you, the Guildmaster, the one who, in the process, will reconnect the world and make a tonne of cash.

You are tasked with the reopening of trade routes across the land and the extermination of any monsters that get in your way. There’s a huge choice of recruited mercenaries to unlock by shopping for new gear in your celebration with distinctive talents, upgrades, and advantages.


Humankind, a 4X strategy game that has you rewriting history by building unique civilizations focused on 60 historical periods beginning with the Bronze Age until the modern day, is the next project of Amplitude.

Through making difficult moral choices, responding to historical events, and spearheading technological breakthroughs, players will impact cultures. The game shares some clear parallels with Humanity, but the Sid Meier games appear to have a graphical leg up.

Although we’re in no rush to dethrone Civ as the go-to 4X game, it’s about time we had a fresh throw in their hat in the race after 30 years of dominating the strategy landscape. No news yet on the final release date, but with Sega’s financial assistance, you can predict the release of Humanity sometime next year.

Age of Empires IV

The last Games Like Civilization is Age of Empires IV. Era of Empires is considered one of the best long-running strategy series still alive, right up there with Civ. Although in the Stone and Iron Ages, the original centered on human history, subsequent installments have changed their attention to the Middle Ages, a theme that tends to continue in the next game.

Age of Empires IV will aim to recapture the charm of the first trilogy while providing fresh perspectives specific to the genre for both veterans and newcomers. In it, players are tasked with controlling the staff and military units of their society gradually transforming their tiny population into a mighty country.

It is anticipated that the game will have a long campaign that will see you advance through the ages while you accumulate money, wage battle with rivals, and unlock new technology. It’s uncertain when fans will get their hands on Age of Empires IV, but we’re sure that it will get the boost it deserves with Microsoft’s involvement.

So that’s the list of Games Like Civilization if you play any other Games Like Civilization so let us know in the comments.