Best Free Strategy Games For PC. PC and the Strategy games are made for one another. The scope and sophistication inherent in their architecture can be completely fleshed out into vast, sprawling environments with the precision of a mouse and the strength of a decent graphics card, providing thousands, perhaps hundreds of hours of entertainment.

These are a couple of our favorite strategy video games that you could play for free on the PC in the present day. We’re together with promising Early Entry titles, technique titles past the same old battle technique video games, and extra. Best Free Strategy Games For PC.

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Best Free Strategy Games For PC

League of Legends

The first game on over list of Best Free Strategy Games For PC is League of Legends. The MOBA (short for multiplayer online battle arena) genre, born out of a Warcraft 3 mod back in 2005, has dominated the F2P PC gaming scene in recent years, with titles such as Heroes of Newerth, Heroes of the Storm, and DOTA 2 flooding by the handful onto our desktops.

The League of Legends’ premise at the start is plain. On a battlefield that includes three lanes, two teams of five players combat one other. Impartial monsters, or “minions,” feed every lane periodically, and gamers attempt to kill as many as they will whereas on an identical time making an attempt to kill each other. You can gain gold to shop for stat-increasing items and XP as bots die to level up and improve their core skills.

Lightning-fast reflexes mix with a relentless motion to supply an adrenaline-fueled journey that entertains from beginning to end. The ability curve can punish newbies, but before launching into a full-on 5v5 on Summoner’s Rift, LoL’s tutorial and co-op structure make it simple for players of all ages and backgrounds to ease into stuff.

Starcraft II

With other series such as Command and Conquer and Age of Empires preceding it by nearly half a decade by the time it came out in 1998, Starcraft wasn’t the first of its kind. However, for the next 10 years, it was the king of the RTS genre, with flawless mechanics and a rich meta-game that continued to expand through updates and expansions.

We now have StarCraft II: Liberty Wings, which went free-to-play late in 2017. You can download Starcraft II today with a free account and dive right into the action, though it will still cost you the Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void expansions.

There are three armies and three game modes you can select from, and you can play as many A.I. Matches before you take on real-life rivals, like you need to. Starcraft II is mostly 1v1, unlike games like LoL where you have friends that can scream at new players for doing it wrong, so the only one you’ll disappoint is yourself. Best Free Strategy Games For PC.


There was a meteoric increase in popularity for Hearthstone, reaching over 100 million total players in 2018. It now has a small, loyal fanbase of players all seeking to reach the Legend rank each month, and new card classes and game modes such as the popular Battlegrounds mode are still being introduced.

The game, like Magic The Gathering, is comparable to many other CCGs in the same genre. Using one of 10 different classes (Mage, Shaman, Druid, and more), you create a deck of 30 cards that you feel will have the greatest chance of defeating your opponents.

Hearthstone takes all the strongest aspects of tabletop CCGs and puts them into a massive number generator to see what pops out on the other side, equal parts of devastating despair and jubilant victory. As a result of the game is digital, lots of the card results might be randomized, which means no two matches ever play out precisely the identical because the final.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Next game on our list of Best Free Strategy Games For PC is Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. Gwent, the strategy card game originally contained in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is the new CCG to challenge Hearthstone ‘s throne. Gwent faces players off in a best-of-three game in which they can play as many cards as they want each round, unlike the mana-driven, one-round rulesets seen in Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering: Arena, but must keep some back in order to win the later rounds.

Originally available on Xbox One and PS4, only PCs, iOS, and Android are now actively updated. Choose from five deck factions that each support different styles and strategies of play: Monsters, Nilfgaard, Northern Realms, Scoia’tael, and Skellige.

You’ll unlock some new playing cards and leaders with single-player challenges along with your starter decks, however the easiest way to enhance your decks (with out paying) is to play in opposition to opponents.

For newcomers, Gwent is very difficult because you need to win to unlock new cards in order to get more money, so you can start playing against people with stronger decks than you. Bear in mind, however, that even if you don’t win a game, you get ore for winning around, so you’ll be able to grind to raised deck high quality even if you’re on a shedding streak.

Crusader Kings II

The bottom game is free, although it’s going to value you a couple of hundred {dollars} for all of the DLC until you look forward to a sale. These DLCs present Islam, Rome, India , Japan, and lots of, many extra, with new nations, empires, and intervals of historical past, but it surely’s positively price enjoying the unique marketing campaign.

Thanks to the difficulty of the mechanics and the diverse ways you can send your family home, a single campaign can send you 50 hours to finish. You can choose the scope of your ambitions, unlike most games with a clear goal, such as “conquer the rest of the world” or even “keep your country safe.”

Shield your one stretch of land from one nonsecular or political risk to the subsequent over centuries, or attempt to conquer the nation or continent and recognize the complexities that go together with the whole rule. According to your preferences, you can watch house affairs and succession, threat intelligence networks and armies, perform diplomacy (or kill your enemies), opt to support specific faiths or orthodoxies, and so on.

Magic the Gathering: Arena

Magic the Gathering: Arena takes the classic, beloved card game and moves it to your PC in our CCG F2P strategy trifecta, where you can get a decent amount of starter cards for free, which will cost you a decent piece of cash in the real world. Of course, in order to get the rare, legendary, and mythics that will make your decks competitive, you will have to either grind for gems or pay for them.

Magic presents the versatility of a game that’s been around for decades, unlike other card games that require you create decks around individual factions.

If you choose to create single-mana decks, multi-or even all-color decks, based on creature hordes or direct damage, unique types of creatures that buff each other, countering the spells of opponents to make them unprotected, sacrificing your weak cards to destroy their powerful ones, you can really create your decks in any way that sounds enjoyable to you, rather than there being a right or wrong way to destroy them. Magic the Gathering: Arena is also the Best Free Strategy Games For PC.

Bloons TD Battles

Bloons was originally a free flash game series that people played in their browsers for thousands of hours, and this free online spin-off, Bloons TD Wars, has grown to an official single-player Steam release (Bloons TD 6). Don’t let the cartoonish graphics confuse you: in order to withstand the barrage of balloons a seasoned player can send your way, you’ll need some deep tactics.

Defensive Mode is very similar to the traditional gameplay of Bloons, through which you strategically place monkey towers that pop bloons, gradual them down, or buff different surrounding towers, besides that you just try to outlast your enemy.

You need to actively send bloons to attack your opponent while defending against their attacks with the Assault or Battle Arena mode. In order to unlock Medallions, which you then use to unlock higher tier towers and tower upgrades, you must win games.


Next up we have on our list of Best Free Strategy Games For PC. Any fan of the classic RTS Complete Destruction should give this spiritual successor a try immediately. Based on an open-source RTS engine that mimics TA game mechanics, Zero-K is a “end of the world” mech strategy title. It includes 70-plus solo or co-op play missions, skirmishes, and horde survival mode that gives you plenty of experience before you hop into the multiplayer.

You begin the core gameplay with a single mech commander, which you must protect at all costs. From there, to form your robot army and march on your enemy, you create any number of 100-plus unit forms. What is particularly interesting is the fighting focused on physics and the ability to terraform the world.

You can make your units arc missiles over it to strike opponents if a mountain lies in your way, or simply drill through it to meet enemies. When an enemy approaches from one way in front of you, block off the road so they can’t reach you. The competitive prospects are massive.

Dune Legacy

Revisit one of the first ever RTS games, remastered, when you’re waiting for the latest Dune film. Dune Legacy is an open-source remaster of the 1992 game Dune II, available for PC, MacOS , and Linux. With HD graphics, modern control features such as right-clicking and selecting multiple units, and new additions such as multiplayer, map editing, and limited modding, the game has been updated.

Since 2016, the game has been stalled at v0.96.4, so it’s safe to say that a “final” release may no longer be in the works. But when you will get this to work in your PC, you may see the place the RTS video games first began. You’ll be able to select to hitch the marketing campaign as Home Harkonnen, Atreides, or Ordos, or because the Fremen, Sardaukar, or mercenaries.

Sid Meier’s Civilization I and II

The last game on our list of Best Free Strategy Games For PC is Sid Meier’s Civilization I and II. MyAbandonware is an actual treasure trove of over 15,000 traditional PC video games, most of that are not obtainable on the market and might due to this fact be downloaded legally. So as to add hyperlinks to any previous video games which might be nonetheless on sale, the location groups up with traditional recreation distributors,

however you will see greater than 2,000 video games below the Technique style tag, most of that are free to seize. Video games that you will have loved and forgotten about could also be there years in the past, ready to be revisited.

We picked a pair with lots of history from all the games around. Sid Meier’s Civilization started the conventional franchise that still remains in Civilization VI today, and the equation is the same for each game. Begin as an ancient civilization and progress to new or space-exploring eras, progressing the technologies and territories of your world while combating other nations.

Its gameplay is reasonably simple and its A.I. However, blatantly cheats to beat you, we recommend that you try Civ I for nostalgia and invest some of your effort into it.

So that’s its guys these are the list of Best Free Strategy Games For PC. If you know any other game so let us know in the comment section.