Today I bring you seven Best Free Android Apps. These Apps are Free and you must try these Best Apps.

List of Top 7 Best Free Android Apps.

  1. Keypress call for Whatsapp
  2. Dad Jokes
  3. Dope walls
  4. Dribble
  5. 12 Minutes
  6. Rainbow 
  7. Tech News

Keypress call for Whatsapp

The first app in the list of Best Free Android Apps is the keypress call Accept if you’re a frequent WhatsApp user where you frequently get your calls and messages then this app is really handy you can program your physical buttons present on your device to perform different actions you can also have the app auto-reply when you decline a call now it’s configured you can answer a decline of voice call or a video call by pressing a key it is so convenient to have your device unlock just with a simple key press I got so used to answering calls using this shortcut that I keep pressing the keys even when receiving cellular calls or calls from other apps I wish they could support other voice calling and video calling app soon try it.

Dad Jokes

The second App on this list is dad jokes if you are familiar with the dad jokes that are so popular around the internet this app will bring the best dad jokes and will surely make you laugh the jokes here are really clever and relevant I had a great time using this app in my lazy times.

Dope walls

The third one is dope walls our pick for wallpaper app this time is dope walls as the name implies this app will bring the dopest wallpapers for your devices you can choose from different categories which literally lets you find what you want all the images are high resolution and fantastic one cool thing about this wallpaper app is that this app also offers desktop wallpapers and square wallpapers just in case you want to use the images on your Instagram.

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The next one on over list of Best Free Android Apps is Dribble if you’re into graphics designing or if you want to explore graphic designs from various popular artists for inspiration and ideas this is perhaps a great app not only graphics but you also get to see different UI designs website designs and a lot more you can use this app to explore creations from graphic designers all around the world and if you’re a designer yourself you can also upload your creations to this app if you want to express your talent this app is a great platform for graphic designers and people looking for them.

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12 Minutes

Next App on our list is 12 minutes this app is great for reading mini ebooks or listening to audiobooks initially you can choose from categories of books you want to read then you’ll have books as per your preference on your feed you can add them to your library or download for offline access I love how it shows the progress of your reading under each book you can choose from either listening to the audiobook or reading the e-book each mini-book has the time of around 12 minutes so it has its name accordingly I personally use this app for audiobook it helps me at bedtime just so to limit distractions and simultaneously helping me learn a lot of new things on different subjects.

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The next one on this list of Best Free Android Apps is rainbow this is a reminder app but with a ninja-style it has an assistant style UI where you can chat to rainbow to remind you about different things or choose from the default reminder templates quite cool and unique you can also ask the ninja to tell you a joke and various other fun stuff it is a fun reminder app.

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Tech News

The last one is tech news since this app is a one-stop solution for all the tech news and rumours so it is a must-have app for all the tech enthusiasts this app has all the top portals like Engadget verge TechCrunch etc at one single place with a very simple to use UI so you can see the news and articles and go through details if you find something interesting so this is it I hope you like this list of  7 best and free android apps.