In this article, I will show you some best FPS games for android. Today I will tell you about the games in which you will shoot and snipe your target from a longe distance. You can also run these games on your low-end Android device. You can play these games online and offline.

Best FPS Games for Android

Call of duty Mobile

Number one game on this list of best fps games for android is Call of Duty mobile. Over the years there have been numerous copycats trying to bring that Call of Duty to feel to mobile devices well the original is nowhere. Developed by Tencent and published by Activision. Call of Duty mobile doesn’t just borrow the aesthetic and level design from the legendary Call of Duty series it manages to capture the high-octane gameplay as well. You can jump in a classic domination Search and Destroy team deathmatch or frontline match or you can play in battle royale mode.

Call of Duty is quickly becoming the most downloaded fps on mobile. So you have no trouble finding a match within seconds. There is no controller support at the time of writing this article but Activision has said that it might add it in the future for the time being rest assured that the touch controls are as smooth and intuitive as they can be.

Shadow gun legends

Number two on this list of best fps games for android is shadow gun legends. Shadow gun is an FPS franchise specifically for mobile. Shadow gun Legends is an always-online massively multiplayer looter shooter. There are tons of missions to complete various side quests to pick up a plethora of loot to find and even a PvP mode where you can show off your tweets and a new gun by aiming it at someone’s head.

Essentially is the looter shooter itch scratcher for mobile these statics remind us of destiny a lot the gameplay is smooth and the game does support controllers but you can play just fine with touch controls as well.

Next up we have in over list of best fps games for android is world war heroes. This game kind of reminds us of battlefield 1 with his choice of setting and also it’s a soundtrack. People who have mixed opinions on his PvP multiplayer because the time to kill is extremely slow enemies usually soak up a full clip before they died. You can also find various armored pickups around the map to make sure your extra beefy at all times. We can say we’re friends of the monetization choices in this game consumable items such as grenades and medicals have limited users.

And if you run out you either need to buy more or just suck it up and play the game without them. Nevertheless, it’s a free download and you’re given plenty of consumables to start with. So if you prefer shooters where you have time to react when someone starts shooting you from the back give this one a go.

Modern ops

Number four game on this list of best FPS games for android is modern ops. This game has a sort of Counter-Strike ish feel to it. It’s a nice shooter with smooth controls and a good player population. But it also starts you off with a limited supply of nades and meds which you have to buy if you want to restock.

Most of the time you find yourself in simple team deathmatch games nothing objective-based or fancy. So it’s a quick and easy way to get some frags in when you have a few minutes to spare.

Modern combat versus

Number five we have on this list of best fps games for android is modern combat versus. Modern combat is a staple FPS franchise for mobile before Activision finally published their version of the original modern combat was the Call of Duty mobile experience to go to.

This latest installment has a futuristic aesthetic and includes the concept of having different character classes. With their own set of skills be it to raise a shield around your allies or be a super-fast rushing class.

This game supports controllers so if you refuse to play a Call of Duty mobile with touch controls because to play modern combat. While you wait for Activision to include its own controller support. Its monetization model will let you experience more of the characters faster. If you put money in but you can still enjoy the game if you spend no money on it.

World war polygon

The next game on this list of best FPS games for android is world war polygon. This shooter is mainly designed around a single-player experience it lets you play through a story campaign and events of the Second World War. The game aesthetic is made up of colorful polygon graphics and it’s not very hard to play. So it’s a nice little title to blow some steam well. The game does have a PvP mode but our experience with it has been pretty bad so we wouldn’t recommend you download it for the deathmatch mode. Not to be outdone by its multiplayer-focused competitors this game has loot crate’s items and skills to collect.

Dead Effect 2

Number seven on this list of best fps games for android is we have dead effect 2. A single-player FPS set on a depressing space station in the distant future. This game gives us a lot of doom and dead space vibes though it’s not as scary you basically need to fight your way through a horde of zombies and escape the infested space station it can’t be that hard right. The game plays great with satisfying gunplay and smooth animations it also supports controllers.

After Pulse

Number eight we have in over list of best shooting games for android is Afterpulse. Afterpulse was among the first shooter games to try and offer console great graphics and gameplay on the phone. Nowadays it has evolved nicely and has a robust community so you easily find other players to match up against. It’s a third-person shooter for a change and the controls for both aiming and shooting a quite precise with the right amount of auto-aim there to help you find the touch input. There are of course plenty of loot crates to buy with real-world money but the title was enjoyable without spending a dime as well.


Number nine we have on this list of best shooting games for android is Respawnables. This game has a worker too Nash aesthetic reminded us of the good old Team Fortress 2. There are no character classes to be found here though he simply unlocks new weapons and gadgets. As you grind day and day out there also a ton of cosmetics to dresser characters in. The game supports a controller so you don’t need to wrestle with the touch controls to get those precise headshots. Every once in awhile there are missions or special events that spice things up a bit and help you earn more in-game cash.

Danger Close

Number 10 on this list of best FPS games for android is Danger close. Another shooter with a cartoonish aesthetic Danger Close is pretty simple to play. Just need to aim at Anatomy and your character will auto-fire. The animations and controls are very smooth and accurate combined with a pretty tame tempo this game is quite okay to play even without the controller.

You’ve got three game modes to pick from the good old team deathmatch a quick skirmish mode. Where it’s every man for himself or the newly added battle royale where it’s every man for himself on a bigger map.

Setting up your character for success is key you’ve got plenty of perks different guns or various items to unlock. Through the weapon, the shop doesn’t worry too much about pay to win. The guns are level locked so there’s no chance for someone to jump in the game and immediately buy the most powerful items. Its the list of Best FPS shooting games for android. Also, read Best offline games for android.