Best Browsers for Android. Browsers on Android have come a long way over the past couple of years and they now offer an almost desktop-like experience complete with extensions and customizability. So there are some of the best browsers for android. All browsers are the coolest and most unique. And no we are not going to include Chrome, Firefox, and opera because all of you already know about them.

Best Android Browsers

Kiwi Browser

Best Browsers for Android - Top 7 Best Android Browsers

First app on this list of Best Android Browsers is Kiwi Browser. While chrome did make the cut for this list. I’ve got a different chromium-based browser for you it’s called Kiwi and it’s a fast and secure browser. That builds upon what Chrome has to offer and brings in some pretty neat features into the mix. For instance, if you have a phone with a large display you can move the browser’s address bar to the bottom and if you land on a website that has all its buttons at the top. Which is usually the case you can tap on the hand icon to bring everything down.

The browser also features a customizable night mode which I’m sure a lot of you will appreciate. It also has the ability to completely disable Google AMP and support for background playback. The coolest thing about kiwi, however, is that it includes support for Chrome extensions. With the browser you can get access to all your favorite extensions right on your phone and downloading an extension is as simple as visiting the Chrome Web Store and clicking on the add to Chrome button. If you’re a Chrome user I urge you to check out Kiwi Browser and I’m sure it will elevate your browsing experience by a significant margin.


Brave Browser

Best Browsers for Android - Top 5 Best Android Browsers

Next up we have in over list of Best Browsers for Android is a brave browser. Which is another great chromium-based option you can try out? Much like kiwi the browser also has a great set of features including cracking protection a third-party cookie blocker a script blocker and more. It even has a bunch of great customization options using which you can change everything from your default search engine to the position browser’s toolbar.

However, it doesn’t have a night mode option. But what really sets breve apart from the other browsers on this list is its rewards feature. While some browsers focus on blocking all ads brave hands over the controls to the user. With the browser, you get the option to see ads and if you do you are rewarded in virtual currency what’s even better than the browser comes with an auto contribute feature that gives you the option to support your favorite content creators but the rewards you generate.



Now if you are not too keen on making money by looking at ads and would much rather do something that has a larger more meaningful impact then you should definitely check out Ecosia. It’s another great chromium based browser that looks like a vanilla version of Chrome with not much in terms of additional features. But if you use the browser’s default search engine you can help plant trees around the world.

Ecosia uses part of its profits to find reforestation projects and since its launch, it has planted over fifty-six million trees worldwide. Every time you conduct the search you will see a tiny tree icon next to the search bar showing how many searches you have conducted using the browser on an average it takes about 45 searches to plant a tree and it’s probably one of the easiest ways you can do your part for the environment.


Cake Browser

Best Browsers for Android

Next up we have in over list of best browsers for android is cake browser. Which offers a unique browsing experience that’s not only fast but also quite convenient. When you search for anything on the cake browser it automatically loads up the first search result instead of showing you all the results like rest of the browsers and it’s not just the first result the browser loads up all of the search results simultaneously and you just need to swipe left to check out the next result.

Cake browser also has a group of search features that allows you to directly look up the results from a group of websites, for instance, let’s say I want to buy a mechanical keyboard I just have to type in mechanical keyboard in the search bar and click on the shopping cart icon and the browser will bring up a great selection of listings from sites like eBay, Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart.


Chameleon browser

The next browser that is on this list of Best Android Browsers is chameleon browser. You can also call this browser a floating browser. Any app you are running such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, this floating browser will be on your screen all the time so you can search easily. You can resize this browser and move it anywhere on the screen so it can’t disturb your Phone experience.


Dual Browser

The next browser that is Dual Browser. You can search by opening two tabs on the same screen using this browser. For example, in one tab you did a youtube search and google in another tab.


OH Web Browser

Best Browsers for Android

Last Best Android Browsers. One handy browser of course as its name suggests the browser is designed for easier one-handed use and it’s the perfect choice if you have a phone with a massive display. All of the UI elements in the browser is located close to the bottom of the display which means that you can do pretty much everything with just your thumb and in case you’re on a website that has its buttons on the top you can just have on the hand icon to automatically bring them down.

But that’s not all the one handy browser is also pretty great for those who are serious about privacy as it doesn’t need access to any unnecessary permissions along with that the browser also comes with an ad blocker a PDF converter and support for gesture-based navigation making it more or less a complete package. that’s about it this rounds up our list of the Best Browsers for Android.